Amnesia 2

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Ever since she was rape at the club, Jollene had developed a habit to wash herself extra thoroughly whenever she showered and being alone in the bathroom, she had all the time and privacy to clean herself up. Once she was done rinsing her hair, she would sit at the tub half filled with soap and water, and use the long shower head to masturbate herself. She would use it to fuck herself numb and then turn on the cold water tap and let the jet shoot into her pussy, flooding it and sent her juices gushing out with the water.

Through the duration of the few days, a sense of filth and emptiness was seeping into her heart. She found herself to be constantly seeking for attention to her dark side, and the horrendous thoughts of Mike raping her only turned her on instead of intimidating. She knew something was wrong with her then, but the constant satisfaction of her pussy did a good job distracting her from those callings.

Jollene was shopping with her mum one day when she saw Mike, who was with his girlfriend at that time. A sense of jealousy and fear immediately struck Jollene and she lost her mood all of the sudden. She left her mum to do her own shopping and followed the couple until she overtook them, bumping into Mike and went into the handicapped toilet where he could see.

Mike: ‘Hey sweetie, I need to go to the toilet. I think I’m having a stomach ache. Can you shop on your own first?’

Girlfriend: ‘I’ll just wait for you outside.’

She took out her iPad out and got busy while Mike made his way to the handicapped toilet, pushing the door lightly to find it unlocked. Jollene was in a corner, in case anyone else entered and she could be prepared. But once the right person entered the private space, she folded her opened her arms in anger and Mike went to her. She was wearing a white blouse which was quite translucent, making her red tube bra very obvious. Mike held her waist and kissed her while his hands ran under her denim skirt, to feel her soft ass in his palms.

Mike: ‘I missed you.’

Jollene: ‘Like real!’

She began to unbutton her blouse while he slipped his hands into her panties and giving her ass a few more squeezes. After her top was undone, her skirt was loosened as well and fell to her ankles with the pair of white panties. Mike took the chance to pull her tube down and sucked on her tiny nipples, until they were poking out hard. He continued to suck on them as though there would be milk coming out, driving her limbs out-of-control and even moaning a little.

Jollene then sat on the toilet cover which was down and pulled Mike’s jeans down, which was partially unzipped. Once it was down to his knees, he carried her up by her armpit and turned her around, intending to have things his way. Placing one knee on the seat cover, her other leg stood beside the bowl and her pussy was so pinkish in the dim lights. Mike bent down and licked on her slit hungrily, until juices began started coating the soft flaps around.

He stood back upright and placed his dick which has been missing her more than he did, deep into her in one stroke and making Jollene moaned twice before she cupped her hands over her mouth. He grabbed her waist firmly and pulled her backwards, ramming his huge dick into her tiny slot. It definitely felt better than the shower head, and she knew it would be the orgasmic ‘jet’ her body was looking forward to. She let him pound on her butt for a while before he increased his speed, which Jollene could not help but let her soft moans fill the cubicle.

It did not take long, neither could he let his girlfriend be waiting either. He further ramped up the tempo and he groaned before slowing down.

Mike (whispering): ‘I’m going to cum in you!’

His hands stopped pulled against Jollene’s waist and instead, he moved his hips quickly but shallower. The teasing got intense for him as only his little head was receiving the treatment. Less than a minute later, the thrusters ignited and his missile exploding in her, squeezing out his thick lumpy white goo at jet-speed at her G-spot. The pulses hit a seventh count and Jollene reached back for his hips, and pulled him close to her body, further sucking his dick empty with the slight suction in her pussy.

With some effort, he pushed himself off her and quickly put his jeans back on, before rushing towards the door, which he realised he forgot to lock when he entered earlier. He jerked the door open and left, which right after a man in his 50s entered in a hurry.

Looking at the girl whose knees were still on the cover, he turned around to see Mike leaving with his girlfriend. He gave a hopeless shake of his head and locked the door behind him. As Jollene was still trembling from the orgasm, she only turned to look the door when the lock clicked, there was no way the lock would secure itself. The man had began to unbuckle his belt and Jollene quickly sat on the toilet bowl, pulling her blouse back which one side had slipped off her shoulders.

Man: ‘Missy, don’t be in a hurry.’

He gave a strong slap across her face and held her throat, suffocating her to tears. Worn out from the quickie earlier, she had no strength to break free and she was held in front of his weather-worn complexion.

Man: ‘Get back in the position you were in.’

Jollene did not move an inch and he immediately pulled her arm, hurting her to tears. He threw her against a wall and used his feet to spread her legs apart – while standing. Pressing onto her body with his, he reached around her waist to her pussy to find it well lubricated and ready. Well, since she was prepared, he could skip the foreplay.

With both his hands, he grabbed the side of her hips and lifted her lower body off the ground and a distance back, then shoving her back towards the wall again, slamming the left side of her face hard. He held his dick that was bouncing out of his underwear, directing it into her and Jollene could only bite her own lips as his huge tool stretched her pussy, both wide and deep.

Grunting like a bear, the man held her still while thrusting his hips, slapping his thighs loudly against her ass while excess air was being forced out of her pussy. This man felt better than Mike and her shower head combined. His mushroom slid against her vaginal walls and the thick throbbing veins that covered his manhood densely was constantly rubbing her G-spot, making her legs weaker by the minute.

But every stroke he gave was much intense, he would pull out 95% of the length, and as her body took the moment to rest, he would push it right in to her deepest corners and stretch her pussy around his girth. The sensation kept repeating itself over and over again, until the man was about to cum. It felt like a lifetime to her even though it was merely a eight minutes.

He pulled his dick out of her and spun her around. Carrying her by her butt and she wrapped her hands around his neck,  legs around his waist. As she felt the wall close up behind her, her weak arms gave way and she immediately found herself sliding over his dick, sending the extreme surge of energy back into her and she grabbed tighter.

He wasn’t going to just make her go up and down, he placed both his arms on the wall and took a step back, letting the girl dangle like a pendulum from his neck. As he rocked his hips back and forth, her body rocked her pussy which swallowed his dick every time she swung towards him, and dick exiting while moving away. He let momentum did the work for a while, before he took a step closer to the wall. Pinning her back onto the wall, his hips went up and and down, fucking her sore pussy even harder and Jollene could not find anything but his shoulders to bite on.

He continued ramming his dick into her poor pussy until her next orgasm, which had gone too far by squeezing too hard. He pried her off his neck and turned her around. Carrying her small frame to the toilet bowl, she placed both her knees on the cover and was once again, pushed to bend over the water tank behind the bowl.

He held her hips and continued fucking her in doggie style, torturing her with high speed that lasted for as long as he could take and Jollene never to admit she enjoyed every minute of it. The man suddenly stopped and pulled his dick out. Thinking it was over, Jollene turned her head back in time to watch the man pull her waist, and rammed his dick hard into her, almost tearing her pussy at the deepest spot.

Warm cum then shot out of his end and filled her womb up, before the warmth travelled outwards along her vagina and dripped excessively out from where his dick was still in. The man did not pull out of her, but carried her by her waist and got her off the bowl. With one feet, he raised the cover and let Jollene took her time to position her knees over the thin edge. The seat cover was up and she had very little space to stabilise herself on.

The man carefully pulled his dick out of her until the mushroom of his dick was left inside. He then took a while to compose himself, before Jollene’s eyes widened and looked at him in confusion. A hot gush of pee shot into her and it streamed right into the bowl, with no single drop getting onto the man’s body nor anywhere on her body (except her pussy).

The urine kept going in, and out of her until he was done and for that long period of time, she knew he was holding his bladder for a long time. After the last few drops trickled into the bowl, he shoved his dick in and held it in.

Man (whispering): ‘Your turn.’

Jollene did not know what to do. She knew he would not let her go until she was done. So, she took a while to calm her mind down, telling herself it’s time to pee and it would be all over. She readjusted her knees to place both feet on the edges while holding onto his arms for support. The yellow liquid streamed loudly into the bowl and the man started thrusting his dick into her pussy slowly. The spray of her pee got stronger with the stimulation of her G-spot and when she was done, both her bladder and pussy was exhausted.

Man (whispering): ‘Good job.’

He pulled out of her, and picked her skirt up for her, before dressing himself. He went out of the toilet with her sling bag, and waited for Jollene who came out after hearing no footsteps from outside. The man handed her bag over, and passed her one of his name cards.

O Hyun. Renewable Dark Energy Co.

The man was one of the five pioneer of the dark energy technology Jollene read on the papers and a little Googling on her phone showed only one search result for the corporation. The company was a non-profit, supplying energy to 90% of the globe, but could not be publicly announced as the technology used would generate a lot of controversy. But now, she has his contact, and a little of his attention. Perhaps she should ditch her shower head and use a real head to cleanse herself – and the man seemed like the right person for her pleasing session.

She pulled her long hair to cover the slap marks on her face and concealed the bruises from his strong hands under her skirt, which she pulled higher to cover any exposed tummy. Her pussy was barely managing the double shot of cum which was leaking slowly onto her panties, turning her on with thoughts of that big long dick pumping sex into her.

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