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The night at the club was getting bored as the two girls, Jollene and Min, had wanted to get a feel of how clubbing felt like. It did not take long before another two guys, who had their eyes on them, brought two extra shots of drink and went over to chat them up. Not aware that their drinks had been spiked, the girls drank their offer and was stumbling around, high from alcohol and the drugs. Quickly, they got too weak and had to stop.

Mike: ‘Why don’t we send you girls home? Since you’re too drunk to continue.’

Seemingly a good plan, they hopped into their car and fell asleep with one of the guys sitting at the back of the seven seater. Jack’s hands had already found their way up Min’s dress, and was working on getting her wet. After he was done getting her ready, he moved on to Jollene, which was already wet and had soaked her shorts through her panties.

Jack: ‘Fuck, this girl is already wet! Which one you want?’

Mike: ‘Let’s get them up to my place before we decide. Let’s pray no one sees us.’

They alighted and carried their achievements up to his place, which he rented since he was a regular in army and making a bit of income. With Min on the bed and Jollene on the mattress on the floor, the two guys were basically free to do anything to them.

Mike: ‘I’ll be getting Jollene.’

As Jollene was wearing a tube and shorts, he spent more time stripping her naked and the only respond she had was to turn around in her sleep. With everything off her body, Mike stripped himself naked as well and turned her sideways before plunging his dick into her wet pussy. Yes, it was the same Jollene who had been trained by the chastity belt and she could feel what was being done to her when his dick penetrated her pussy. Unable to gather any strength, she could only squeezed her pussy tight in resistance but Mike just took it in his stride, pleasuring himself with her tightness.

Mike: ‘She’s damn tight! She feels so good!’

Pounding away on her lifeless body, it was no different from fucking a corpse, but the drug did not totally knock them out, it merely weakened them but kept them aware of what was happening. As Jollene moaned instinctively, Mike went faster and switched her position to missionary to get her clit entertained as well.

Jack had been into Min since at the club, and it was easier to access her pussy under the dress. With the panties ripped away, he pushed his dick into her in missionary and was immediately happier when he felt an obstruction.

Jack: ‘Haha. Fucker! I’ve got a virgin!’

He pushed his way forcefully and Min screamed weakly as the slight pain was getting her sober. Faint calls for Jollene to rescue her was in vain, as his blood covered dick thrust in and out of her. Tears rolled down her face as she watched the guy between her opened legs, whom she barely knew, raped her. The sensation of pain was quickly diminished with pleasure and Min was moaning with Jollene as well.

Mike: ‘We’ve got two sluts huh?’

Jack: ‘Hell yeah!’

The two guys kept going at it, trying to put them in various positions as their dicks stayed connected to the girls’ bodies. A few minutes later, Jack exclaimed he was about to cum and Mike was feeling it too.

Mike: ‘Bro, you wanna swap?’

Shit was the only word heard from Jack as he creamed into Min’s pussy, filling her to the brim while he continued to ram his dick into her. ‘Lousy lah you’, Mike sneered at him while he pulled himself out and went over to Jollene’s mouth, and forced her jaws open before fucking her orally – until he cummed. Jollene could not spit it out due to the tiredness and had no choice but to swallow his disgusting load.

The two guys changed their positions with each other after Jack washed his dick clean of blood. Min, whose pussy was still covered in blood, was looking at Mike whom had no qualms about using her cum-filled pussy and felt his larger size tear her pussy even wider. This time, the guys took their time to fuck their respective ‘new’ partners as some time was needed before they regained their original form.

Jollene’s lips still had dried cum smeared and the taste of her previous guy was still distinctly in her tastebuds. But Jack was already inside her, she was laying flat on his body, while his hips moved his dick in and out of her cunt, loosened by the bigger Mike. Her saliva leaked uncontrollably and Jack kissed her the same, tonguing her concussed lips. She was helpless as she heard him whisper about how tight, slutty, cheap and fucked up she was.

Min clenched onto the pillow of the bed while being taken sideways, which Mike seemed to prefer his fucking to be done. Getting into doggie style was the worse for Min since she had to use her strength to push herself up if not suffer from suffocation. On top of that, the pain and pleasure would not go away even though he had been inside for a while. The poor girls were literally used, and thankfully, they did not plan to organise an orgy which would put them in risk of STDs.

While being pounded by Jack’s new found longer lasting dick, she could not do anything for her friend who was sobbing and crying for help. After a long thirty minutes, the two guys changed over again and Min gradually stopped crying. Mike’s blood covered dick went into Jollene and he went at his high speed, grabbing her body with his might. She knew he was about to cum, highly probably inside her.

Jack could not hold on any longer and pulled out of Min, got off the bed and went over to her mouth. He then forced the blood covered dick between her lips and fucked her mouth, choking and gagging her in the process, until he cummed right down her throat. The drug had gone into the final stage and had totally knocked Min out to a point she stopped choking and he could continue fucking her mouth a while longer.

Mike’s ejaculation came later and Jollene had no choice but felt his load filled into her womb to the max. He stayed pumping to make sure none of his precious sperms were wasted. Bastard Jack came over to Jollene and once again put his dick coated (with blood, cum, saliva and her pussy jucie) into her mouth, ordering her to suck and lick it clean. Jollene did not do what he asked, but nonetheless he used her mouth to clean most of the mess.

Mike: ‘My turn now.’

He went to Jollene’s mouth, and used her to clean himself up too. The two boys then left the room and noises from the TV came on. She had held on longer than Min, but the exhaustion was too much to take and she fell asleep as well.

The next morning, the two girls found themselves outside Jollene’s place, by the doorstep, without their bra and panties. Jollene only had her top on, which luckily was long enough to cover her bottoms to an extent. She woke up first and quickly helped Min into her place. The two girls finally sobered up and could only hug each other and cry as they tried to remember what happened and realised there was no way to locate the two sick bastards again.

Min (sobbing): ‘I’m never going to club again.’

Part 1 | Part 2

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