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Lately, there are a lot of posts and focus brought to an 18 year old girl, who partnered with me to earn an income (through sales of panties and moans). This move has caused a mix of confusion and disappointment to the initial reading experience that most of you enjoyed on my site. The sudden influx of images, profit-driven motives, change in direction and perhaps the absence of an explanation might be the cause of it.

When I wrote this entry, I reflected on the various blogs that basically gave its visitors the middle finger when alternative opinions are expressed, and I definitely would not want to treat my faithful readers that way. So, here I am, explaining why I did what I did, and perhaps, it might earn some credit to have you guys checking my site frequently once again.

Ever since I started writing from 2009, it has been my priority to keep the site running for as long as within my capability. People have asked, why not use Blogspot or WordPress or Tumblr? Why pay for something that you can get free? Firstly, the ownership of a domain would help you guys to remember the URL easily, which now have became irrelevant due to the syncing of bookmarks across browsers. Secondly, I have access to a server space where I can host photos, videos and what not on. This provides the security and assurance that everything can be monitored to my best. Lastly, it is the flexibility and freedom to do what I think is best to make my work accessible and pleasing to your eyes, without any limitations set by the original blog hosting providers.

Now, is all these worth it? I would say, ‘Yes’. No doubt I have settled down on a possibly-permanent template, or as some of you might know as ‘skin’ for my blog, it is the limitless numbers of plugins (a.k.a. add-ons) I can use. Look at the pre-entry warning box, the seamless PayPal integration, the contact forms that allows you to get in touch with me with just a click. Perhaps one of the most memorable application I have used is the implementation of JW Player, allowing videos on my server to be embedded easily.

The idea to incorporate Nicole’s wishes to leverage on my site’s popularity and ease of access is almost an instant ‘Yes’ from me. As you guys have probably seen, the ‘Shopping’ page of my site has been there for the longest time, with items taking months to go out-of-stock. My dream was to never allow third party advertisements to intrude my site, meddling with the viewing experience. It has been going well so far, and I am glad it went my way.

When I first suggested for Nicole to sell her used lingerie on my site, it was an immediate eureka moment to finally have some proper photos on my site. Despite the purpose of the photos was to sell, it was something different! One that would help a girl, and when I say help, I am referring to the fact that I am looking to give her 100% of the contributions made from her panty sale and moans. One or two of you might have heard me saying that I did that to help fund the cost of running my site, but it has never been the case. I made that statement to justify my reasons to help her. Would you believe it if I said it is purely to get attention? Even if I do mean it?

As of this point in time, the sale of her panties will be discontinued, and I will embark on phase two of my plans to help her out financially. I am not considering the fact that negative remarks were made by people who did not want to pay for anything, instead, I assume they said those things due to the misalignment of my site’s purpose from the initial agenda.

Here, I apologise for any misunderstandings that I have caused, and will admit to the fate that I can only use the ‘Shopping’ segment to get fundings for the operation cost. For the longest time, I have not enjoyed any physical benefits of writing this website, nor have I used any money for myself, received from a kind donor, Jason. Everything goes to extending the bandwidth, domain and server renewal. Other people might blog whenever they like, but I blog to keep you guys cumming back for more, with no returns at all.

It might not sound big to you, but I feel good when you guys are happy being here with me. As a guy, I would be even more honoured when a girl cums from my stories. For those who have been supporting me in your own ways, I thank you for your understanding and belief in me. For those who have yet to see what I see, I hope this entry will change a little of your perception and impression of me. Once again, thank you for reading up to this point – especially when this is a non-erectable or wetting entry.

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