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Going back to school after Nicole’s O levels was the most dreadful thing. She had to spray her brown tinted hair black, and put on the school’s uniform that she had grown out of. That set of white top and grey skirt was tight and short to a point, it looked more like roleplaying than uniform. As expected, she received all the staring or disapproving eyes, which could not be helped. Under her faded white blouse, she wore a pink bra that had a black Swarovski in the center of the little ribbon located between the two cups, and about 80% of her legs were exposed to the glaring sun.

She went into the school and those guys behind her had been checking her out, dressed in baggy pants and crumpled shirts. The day was quite a draggy one with speeches, and preparation talks for their next phase of education, that she knew had no escape from. Then arranged in rows according to their index numbers, she was the first few in her Normal Academic class to collect her results and could not walk away from the hall before her friends stopped her for photos.

Most of the day was spent chatting and comparing results. Nicole being a smart but lazy girl, she scored nine points and was the envy of the rest of her cohort. None had expected her to do so well, but she proved them wrong. Instead, she felt no excitement nor proudness of her results, as though she had expected it. Nonetheless, she was on her way home to get some sleep from the unusual early day.

Leaving her certificate on the dining table, she did not want to talk to her parents since they should be proud of her and probably give her the rest she wanted. In the empty house, there was nothing else to do, having gave up her online world, only a handful of friends were real to her. Being the lazy girl she was, she unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra from under, before pulling her panties off her hips as well, leaving her skirt on.

Having the whole house to herself was not an everyday privilege, and she was not going to waste the quietness as well. Pulling the centre of her skirt up to her unguarded privates, her hands went to it and spread her pussy lips, before her index finger started to rub on her sore clit. Well, it was sore cause she had masturbated herself to sleep last night, partly causing her tiredness from the lack of sleep.

Rubbing lightly on her sensitive part, she closed her eyes and imagined one of her crush, lying beside her and helping her get off. As she went on, her pussy got wetter and it was making her fingers slippery as well, something that would help very much if she wanted to go faster. Increasing her pace gradually, her pussy was also asking for some attention. Her mind cleared of the worrying results, she was relaxed and had pushed one of her fingers carefully in, reaching all the way and stroking at the outer part with the bumps.

That was the most calming spot to play with and she started moaning as well, in the emptiness of her house. Since there was no reasons to hold back, her pace got quicker, and her moans just echoed around in her house. Despite the little soreness below, she could not stop her fingers from going deeper and harder. With two of her fingers inside, her palm was hitting against her clit and it just made her felt higher.

In no time, the first wave of intense orgasm ran through her body and she had to stop all her movements so her convulsing body could go away. After her body calmed down, her fingers went back to the same places again, and the whole process of fingering went on again.

As the second orgasm approached, Nicole had another thought in her mind. What if I did not stop rubbing but just continue? She had to find out sooner or later. This time, she went slightly slower, but kept on touching herself non-stop. It was the build up to the small explosion in her head, and the anticipation was killing her.

Three minutes later, her fingers that was inside her and the one that was rubbing on her clit, began to tremble, and she knew it was about time. As she pressed on, the shivering got stronger. She knew she could stop and the orgasm would happen, but something in her wanted more. With a countdown ticking in her heart, the powerful wave of orgasm drew all her strength away but her mind was keeping her hands moving. Her fingers inside was immobilised as her pussy was contracting too tightly, she could not free herself nor her body wanted to let her go.

Her finger on the clit was still available and she kept teasing it, vibrating her index and middle finger on it, for as long as the convulsion lasted. However, the more she did it, her body got weaker and weaker, sending another orgasm into her that amplified the initial one. Her moans became cries of help and her finger that was working hard, had a mind of its own and just kept moving.

Nicole’s hand finally broke free from both her pussy and clit, but the violent thrashing of her body continued. As it slowly died down, twitches took over and it was as erratic as she could handle. She tried to sit up at one point, but the change in position stirred something and the shivers would return, sending her down on the bed. Another attempt to touch her clit to sooth the soreness, sent yet another series of twitching that threw her hands off.

It was such a strong effect that she could not ignore the pleasure she had felt. It was bombarding her mind with every possible emotions, and giving her body the maximum amount of pleasure it could handle. Despite her exhaustion and the inability to masturbate anymore that day, she felt a sense of satisfaction and happiness. It was unbelievable to her that an intimate afternoon to herself can change her mood to a much livelier one.

With the clock ticking hypnotically, Nicole fell asleep until her parents returned and she hopped out of bed still in her uniform, to tell her parents about her results. As happy as the family was, they changed their plans to eat at home and brought her out to a Japanese restaurant, with the icy cold Soba their daughter had missed eating.

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Photos can? Haha. There won’t be videos though. Just her worn panties and moans to let you guys fill in the rest with imagination.

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