Round of Applause

Remember the earlier entry with the short moaning clip? I am sure you guys do. Anyway, here is a formal introduction of Nicole, with information she provided through our email correspondence. She is 18 this year (2013), and just completed her O levels. Coming from a Normal Academic stream, I was very surprised when she achieved a 9 points. I know it is a usual stereotype that ought to get scolded for, but I think it was a job well done for her.

Like most students waiting to enter their next phase of study, I could not help but ask what was her plans for the next few months of holidays. And as our emails got longer and longer, I learnt more about her as well. Although she is the only child in her family, her parents did not spoil her but longed for her to be dependent on herself. Apart from looking for a job, she does have a blogshop that sells handmade trinkets. And from her busyness, I would think that her little business was doing well, but upon more digging, I found out that every item she took hours to make, was only sold for S$1 and thereabout, without any transportation or delivery charges. Whether or not it was worth her efforts, she did not really care, since it was something she was good at. It was passion that kept her working.

With the tight financial constraints, Nicole was nothing close to being a shopaholic, but a down to earth and humble girl. Working tirelessly to earn that bit of money for her clothes and occasional indulgence in Japanese food, icy cold Soba noodles and Sashimi dishes being her favourite.

Slowly, I had found myself to be more curious about her background in terms of boyfriends and the intimate details. She was a little shy about revealing those at first, but it was a matter of the right questions that got me my answers. She had two boyfriends up to this point in time, and is single as of now. Her naive and pure heart (just like every girl in the beginning), was marred by the worst experience I had ever heard. Both her ex-boyfriends started out loving and thoughtful, and as time went by, their hormones slowly took over the relationships.

Nicole is someone who would not mind giving her guy more than what he deserved if he treated her well. And with that innocent belief, her two ex-boyfriends took advantage and even resorted to violence to get what they wanted. Of course, at times, she managed to resist giving in to what they wanted (forced oral sex in particular), but escaped by making it up with a sloppy handjob, or breaking down to tears. When I heard of what she went through, I almost wanted to get someone to fix them up. Never in my life I can imagine someone doing such things to the nice young girl who just wanted to find true love. I understand that there are more than imaginable numbers of such incidents, but it does not feel any worse to hear it from someone who’ve been through it herself.

While the most recent guy was the most violent one, she stayed with him the longest. Can you imagine going through all those over and over again, hoping that he would change but get disappointed each time? I feel for her.

Now that everything is over, she is in a way shaped to be wary and protective against men, which is good, but should never had to be taught in that way. Despite the nightmares, she found solace in the comfort and peacefulness of her bed. A second life had been carved out of her nights and the intense yet soothing orgasms had caught up with her. With the freedom and lack of worries and sorrow, a growing addiction to self-pleasure claimed a part of her night life and showed her the other side of intimacy.

As much as she enjoyed the privacy of what she does to relax and escape this ever-moving society, the reality of money and its effect caught up with her. She had contacted me through my site before I asked her if she was interested. We had spoken for a while about my work, but nothing in specific. With a little faith, the playful and curious Nicole took up my offer to give this opportunity a shot, hoping to make that few dollars to help improve her lifestyle. After all, who is she to be denied of those tiny luxuries that every girl deserves?

Starting out with making her voice heard, I will be assisting to edit and host the clips on my site. Moving forward, I am looking to help her clear her stash of normal looking but treasured panties. Since she did not object to the possibility of selling her used panties, why not help the readers to fulfil their desires while giving Nicole a hand.

On my side, ideas are being challenged as a new method is in place to give buyers, more trust and faith in her sincerity. In time to come, you guys will know what I am talking about with the amount of content and media that comes with the tempting piece of lingerie. All I offer, is a chance for you to get closer to her.

I hope you guys will have a better understanding of Nicole from this entry. And perhaps drop her a coin or note to show your support for her openness. Oh. If that doesn’t convince you, at least show her that there are guys out there better than her two ex-boyfriends.

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Do you mean the handmade trinkets? It’s some kind of charm? Like those hung on phones. The most basic design would be priced at S$1.

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