Estel was feeling a little drowsy after her class ended. It was the last lecture of the day and she would be meeting her new boyfriend, Justin, after that. As majority of the class left, Eunice and Sharon came over to her sides and helped her up, making their way to an emergency stairway exit for some vengeance. Estel was placed in a corner, Eunice took out her DSLR and started it up.

Estel: ‘What are you doing?’

Sharon: ‘This is what you get for stealing my boyfriend. And I think all the guys in the campus will enjoy these pictures.’

Estel was just too weak to defend herself, her books were left all over the floor and she could barely kept her eyes open. Being the mastermind, Sharon went over and pulled her dress off, leaving her in just her black thigh-length stockings. It wasn’t Estel’s fault that Justin picked her. Sharon was too attention seeking, and whenever she could not get him to spend more time with her, she would make him jealous by going out with other guys and uploading pictures to her Facebook profile. Which guy could stand such kind of girls? So he made the natural choice.

Estel exposed in her sweet berry coloured bra and matching panties were soon captured into Eunice’s camera. Her drugged expression, swaying of her head sub-consciously. Sharon knew Estel’s small body with an above average cup size would appeal to any guys’ taste, especially when she’s all tied up against her wishes. Her bra and panties were then cut away, baring her completely in disgrace. As Eunice continued to take photos in various positions, Sharon took the ball of raffia strings and tied her hands to the railings. Luckily or not, her pubs and underarms had been shaven smooth and it would certainly reduce the amount of sneering if the pictures were really made public. Spreading Estel’s legs apart, Sharon took out a double-headed silicon dildo and pushed the tip in and out of her, till her pussy was coated with her own lubricant.

Sharon: ‘Someone’s getting wet huh? Fucking slut.’

Eunice: ‘This HD clip is getting so good.’

Estel continued shaking her head to try use her hair to cover her face but it was styled so neatly that it wouldn’t shift even a bit. Sharon sat beside her and began fucking her limp body with the toy. Estel threw her head back against the railing and opened her mouth slightly. The drug was making her feel higher than normal, her body was responding to every thrust of the toy. It soon got to a point she just had to relieve the pleasure. Soft moans escaped and a small patch of juices had gathered enough to be dripping down the steps. Estel’s tears had been flowing in shame as well, unable to imagine what would happen if those pictures were leaked. Giving Estel’s nipple a pinch, she moaned louder and her legs tried to close in vain. Seconds later, Estel’s body shivered and her legs just clamped onto the toy while giving gasping a few short breath, more juices leaked out of her and it was a sweet smelling liquid too, that made Sharon even more jealous.

Sharon: ‘This slut could even climax in such a situation.’

A few more minutes of bullying her sore pussy with the dildo, Eunice signalled to Sharon about the lack of memory space in her camera. If only you guys could see the state Estel was in, I bet you would pity her. Her nude body was left in the corner while she tried to move after slowly regaining her energy. Her dress was intact, but her bra and underwear were all cut up into shreds. The two had packed and left the stairs by then, leaving Estel to fend for herself.

Thankfully, no one came by. And she had no choice but to make her way home without anything under her dress. Justin had no idea what happened to Estel, but Sharon had secretly approached Justin, to be her fuck buddy. Which guy would reject such a wild bitch? Estel is still with Justin, but she wasn’t the girl Justin’s dick respond to when it comes to sex.

Bullying has no age limit right? Make every move a wise move.

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