Toy Boy

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Hayley: ‘Samuel, come.’

He made his way down the three story bungalow with a towel around him to the living room where the group of four ladies were. He was a toy boy, or better known as sugar boy, paid for by her. Being just 24, he did not have to work thanks to his ‘job’, which was purely to accompany and make sure every need of his mistress was met. Haley on the other hand, had too much money on hand from her investments with various banks and had made a tidy sum enough to last her for the rest of her life, living in luxury and the high life of ‘tai tais’.

Taking his seat next to her, she undid his towel and started to stroke his 6 incher. The rest of the ladies continued singing on the Bose system while Samuel worked his fingers under her robe, around her breasts to her nipples. As she sipped the glass of wine, her body was enjoying the sensual service by her boy.

Allina: ‘He isn’t that big, why not get a bigger one? More value for money no?’

Hayley: ‘Nah, he is fine. Hardworking, and thrifty. I like him.’

Heaving a sigh of relief, he was glad he kept his job for another day. His hand had made its way between her legs and was teasing her clit.

Hayley: ‘Oh yeah Roxanne, didn’t you say you want a kid but your impotent hubby couldn’t give you one?’

Roxanne was a MLLF in her 30s, but looked nothing her age. A successful woman with a substantial wealth, she was in the circle of spa and shopping friends. Her husband was a hardworking lad, but was too egoistic to get treatment for his malfunctioned tool. They still had sex, and although he cummed raw in her every time, she knew she would not get pregnant but gave up on convincing him that there would not be any child coming.

Roxanne: ‘Yeah. He’s too proud to admit.’

Hayley: ‘Why not give him a ‘shot’? And let your husband feel good that he gave you a child? After all, I think Sam look good enough.’

That was one reason why Hayley kept him, he was tall, mature and smart, basically a package of good genes.

Roxanne: ‘Hmm.. Why not right?’

She pulled the shoulder straps off her maxi dress and stood up to bare it all. Her nubra unhooked easily from the front and her thongs came off with just a tug at the drawstring by her hips. Her figure was good, wholesome with all the meat in the right places. Not exactly a slim hot figure, but it would definitely attract guys in their mid-terms.

Hayley: ‘Go, help Roxanne out.’

Roxanne smiled and opened her arms for Samuel to bury himself in, where her succulent boobs welcomed. He sucked on the peaks alternatively and it did not take long for her to get all flushed and excited.

Roxanne: ‘Oh god, young men are the most energetic and eager.’

He went on his knees between her legs and buried his face in her shaven slit, which was just getting a little moist. The three other ladies continued singing and the pair went on with work. His tongue skilfully flicked up and down on her clit, giving it a suck once in a while to enlarge it. His fingers wet from Hayley’s pussy slid into her hole easily and the tightness woke Sam up. It was as good as a virgin’s, with a tinge of rosy pink against her fair skin.

Roxanne: ‘I’ll let you do the work alright?’

Samuel: ‘My pleasure is yours. You want to watch them sing?’

She shook her head and he helped her to lie on the sofa, using the armrest as head support. He laid atop of her and pushed his manhood in, which was always standing. It was the only one requirement he had to abide by when in Hayley’s house. He had to be erected at all times. Free flow of Viagra would be provided and he would pop one every 5 hours or so.

His size filled Roxanne up and she moaned quite loudly, interrupting the singing. Looking at her shy expression with her hands over her mouth, there was no way to hide her rolling eyes. Samuel began thrusting his dick into her and groaned as her vagina stretched with his size. It was wet in the right spots and amount, not wasting a single drip outside of her. He was struggling to hold it in, but her expression and cries of pleas made him worry about losing control.

All he could hear was ‘oh my god‘, ‘deeper‘, ‘don’t stop‘, ‘faster‘, while the upbeat of the music gave a rhythm to his pace. As she slowly lose her mind, she stopped Samuel by his abs and sat up.

Samuel: ‘Are you alright?’

Roxanne: ‘Yeah. I wanna change position. Raise my right leg.’

He did as told and penetrated her once again, while resting his cold butt on her left thigh. He was in her sideways, while she took a drink.

Hayley: ‘Oh Sam! Wait wait.’

She disappeared into the kitchen and came out with a small bottle of popper. She opened it and placed it beside Roxanne’s nose. The extra kick gave the wine she had been drinking a multiplier effect and her mind just went blank, staring at Samuel soulless as he banged her hard. As he kept going, his penis continuously stimulated her unique G-spot location and her legs kept pressing against his butt as the orgasms arrived one after next.

A good ten minutes or so of her physical abuse, Samuel felt himself cumming and whispered into Roxanne’s ear.

Samuel (whispering): ‘I’m cumming, and I can tell a lot of it is coming. Ready?’

He increased his speed and one of the girls placed the microphone at her mouth, echoing the moans and ahhhs, throughout the house. He then took a breath of popper and went faster for a few seconds, before pausing for another while as his warm cum filled her pussy with quality baby-making serum.

By then, Roxanne was sober and felt every wave of his ejaculation. She had to keep as much in as she could.

Roxanne: ‘Sam.. Pull it out as you continue shooting.’

He did as asked and he lined the tunnel of her vagina with cum, till he was out. She closed her legs and pressed them tightly together while relaxing her body. She wouldn’t waste his effort a single bit. Slowly, she drifted into sleep on the sofa and Adam cleaned her up. With some help, she wore her dress back and was carried into a guest room in the house.

The three ladies sat around the living room and chatted as the night closed passed 12. Samuel was with them too, resuming his work with Hayley’s pussy under the bathrobe. Satisfied boy, but another pussy was watching him as well.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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