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Allina: ‘You think he still got energy for me?’

Hayley: ‘Samuel?’

He looked at Allina and Hayley smiled after noticing his twitching dick. She passed him to her and turned to Fiona. Samuel went behind the armchair Allina was sitting on and took both her hands behind her head. Pulling the contraption under the seat, her hands was tied and was taken back. Struggling in vain, he proceeded to reach her ankles and secured it to the loop by the side. The more she tugged at the cuffs at her wrists, the pulley would spread her legs even wider.

Samuel: ‘Hayley told me what you preferred.’

He attacked her breasts, sucking and nibbling at her rare pink tips till she begged for him to stop. Safe word, the most important thing in bondage play.

Samuel (whispering): ‘The safe word is James.’

It was her husband’s name. As the thought of betraying him came close with the sudden change to her pleasure session, she was tormented mentally of being constantly reminded of him yet succumbing to the torture. With her legs wide apart, Samuel took a little briefcase and opened it to yet surprise her another time. It was a fucking machine, literally. The dildo attached was about the biggest she could accommodate, and there was a compartment at the side too, that made some metallic jingle when he moved it.

Taking a set of nipple clamps, he adjusted the strength and clipped it where it belonged, on the pair of pinkies of her breasts. With another small clip, he spread her pussy lips, exposing her labia and placed it right over her clit. Making sure she could feel the lack of protection of her most sensitive areas. Giving her nipple clamps a slight pull, Allina breathed sharply and Sam pushed the dildo on the machine into her.

The dolphin head design had an extra probe pressing directly on her clit, and once started, any women whom had experienced the treatment would be changed forever. The two ladies watching by the side smiled and chatted away, almost oblivious to her ordeal.

Samuel took a cock ring out of the side pocket on the machine and tied it around his dick, behind his balls and the shaft. Taking a couple of cushions, he placed it next to Hayley and helped her bend over. He lubed her slit and coated some over the condom which he put on.

Hayley: ‘Give the machine a test. Synchronise it.’

He clicked on the device around his cock and the machine vibrated with a gentle hum. The little device around his dick had established a wireless connection to the automatic dildo thrusting machine and it had been designed in a way it would move its extended (dildo-attached) arm whenever the gyroscope in the cock ring experience big or rapid movements. On the machine’s normal speed, Allina could handle it fine, since she had a collection of toys herself. But with a jerk of Samuel’s hips, the machine thrust into Allina and she yelped out-of-control. After confirming that the machine and the cock ring were working, he pushed his dick effortlessly into Hayley and before starting, gave her idle friend a iPod shuffle-like device. She went over to Allina’s nipple clamps and placed the earphones jack hanging from the chain dangling in the middle, connecting the two clips into the device. A click on ‘Play’ and it gave the wearer a small shock. It was fun watching her nipples erect in real-time.

Samuel began sliding his dick in and out of Hayley slowly and Allina watched them closely at her side while imagining herself getting fucked by her husband. He was someone who was afraid to experiment, and would never try bondage for fear of hurting his wife. So, it was at this place where she could truly enjoy being the inner slut.

The two of them went on to engage in sex while Allina received her dose of pleasure mentally with some physical aid. Her idle friend went up to her assigned room and did her stuff, leaving the three horny creatures to their own fun. The little blue pill that Samuel took worked very well and he managed to change a few positions with his mistress. It was just routine sex they were having, except this time, Allina was beside getting some wireless intimacy too. Samuel was basically fucking his mistress, Hayley while Allina also was given special treatment by the cold, steel box of horror. He had the luxury to be ‘fucking’ two girls with one dick.

Allina’s body got weak soon enough with the endless vibration on her clit and filling of her pussy with the forceful dildo in and out of her and it was time to change her position too. Samuel went over and turned her into doggie. It wasn’t that hard although the straps were still on. The cuffs could be twisted and the loops at her ankles had been moved to her knees. As the knee straps twisted, her knees were kept close due to the crisscrossing of the belt. Allina was kneeling on the armchair, while her arms rested on the head area. The dildo was replaced in her new position and this time, she could feel the size of it, along with the bumps and grooves.

Samuel resumed fucking Hayley till the second load of his cum was about to be wasted into the rubber. The dildo’s girth widened and Allina could totally feel Samuel cumming as well.

Allina: ‘Oh shit…’

Samuel kept going as his shaft pumped the liquid parcel into the rubber. The machine had a special function too, to also pump a pre-mixed fluid that was cum-like in texture, and this time, it was flooding Allina’s pussy inside out. She could totally feel her tummy expand as the dildo filled her up till it overflowed. The machine gradually slowed down with Samuel’s exhaustion and Hayley was lying chest down on the sofa catching her breath.

Being the only man around with responsibilities, he put the machine on ‘Slow’ mode and wiped Hayley dry. Tying her robe back around her, he carried her 45kg body to her bedroom on the second storey and tucked her into bed. After which, he went back to Allina and relieved her of the machine, giving her a lick down of her pussy’s tasteless liquid and undoing her constraints. He then too helped her back to Roxanne’s room and tucked her in as well.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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