Lending him to Natalie

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A quick shower later, he went to Natalie’s room and lay by her side.

Natalie: ‘Done with the girls?’

Samuel: ‘Yupp. But I still have some energy left for a massage.’

He went under her blanket and rubbed some oil over her feet, which he worked his way up her thighs and to her boobs. She was the daughter of a millionaire, who had not the least bit of time for his daughter. So often he found her drunk with a random guy that he had no choice but to entrust her to Hayley to take care.

His fingers pressed on the various accupoints to release the stress built up by a rocky family relationship, and school. Although she was in a local university, there was no need for her to work that hard as the natural intelligence came along with her beauty. Standing at 170, not many guys would be able to break into her strong-willed mind.

Lifting her legs by the knees, he placed his tongue on her pussy and licked dutifully for 5 minutes, till she was almost sleeping. Sucking her nipples like a baby, he slid his fingers into her to wake her up and in no time, her legs was locking his hand, trembling from the clitoral orgasm. She had the most sensitive body that loved to be touched at the clit, not inside. Because once inside, it would not take any effort to make her cum.

Natalie: ‘Could we do a 69?’

Samuel smiled and climbed over her, but not before she stopped him. He knew what she meant and lay on the bed, while she positioned her legs by her head. His tongue went back to work and her mouth gave him the most mind-blowing treat. Her mouth made a air-tight seal around his shaft and went up and down his shaft, swallowing his dick close to a deep throat. He liked how her gag reflex would give him an unwilling stimulation, but she could not do it for long as well.

A few minutes later, she could not help but got tired.

Samuel: ‘You want to have your rest now?’

Natalie: ‘Not really. Can you just fuck me in missionary till I fall asleep or you’ve cummed? Whichever first.’

Why not? Once again he lie on top of her, and began moving his hips in and out of her. Natalie grabbed the sheets and moaned like a cat mewing. Less than ten thrusts later, her legs wrapped around Samuel’s waist and her pussy closed in on him, choking his dick to an ache. Intending to hold up his side of the deal, he continued pounding her small body till she was close to more of a faint than asleep.

Giving her his final jolt of energy, he thrashed his meat stick into her and pulled it out right before he cummed. There was no cap between them. He went over to her face and she opened her mouth, smiling sweetly as his load spew for the third time. It was little considering how much he had already given to the three ladies before Natalie, but it was the most satisfying too.

She swallowed the night snack and sucked him for a bit to clean up the rest. Samuel then wiped her mouth clean and wherever on her body that got wet. Snuggling into his arms, Natalie dozed off before him and he spent most of the night looking at her beautiful face before drifting off to sleep close to morning.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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