Bushy Bash

There wasn’t a need for Jin to do anything once he was in Stella’s bedroom. She hopped into bed with him once she got into her panties, removing those pesky obstructions. It was normal for him to strip to his underwear at her place when there was no one around, so she could caress his body. Lying next to him in her bed, her hand moved to his balls and fondled them without being instructed. And Jin’s arm went across her chest to reach into her panties, teasing that wet pussy always ready for him. The strange thing about Jin was that he preferred her not to shave, and she did just that to save trouble.

His fingers rummaged through those bush to split those pink lips apart and stroke along the slit, deliberately using his fingernails to include a little hardness during his fingering. Stella was jerking him off according to his speed and the moans that went into his ears was simply too much to handle, forcing him to dig his fingers into her hole. As he picked up his speed, Stella got so turned on that her mind was telling her to quickly get him hard enough to have sex.

Getting on her fours, she went 69 over his head and took his dickhead into her lips, swirling her tongue around it to get it sensitive. For Jin, he had already spread her pussy lips to see the juicy cunt, that gave him a mission. One that he knew was possible. Raising his head with an extra pillow, he began rolling her clit between his fingers and alternating with his tongue that sucked at her love hole. He knew how much she enjoyed being teased without cumming, cause she had always been wilder in sex than just achieving orgasms.

Licking her hungrily, her pussy was gapping on its own as if it was awaiting something bigger.

Stella: ‘Can we fuck already?’
Jin: ‘Up to you?’

She turned herself around on top of him and squatted on one side, pulling her panties aside to let him in. Holding his dick upright, she bit her lips as it touched her opening, and then sliding herself down on it. Usually, girls would prefer it to be slow as it might hurt, but Stella was different. A sudden descend sent a chilling sensation across her spine and shocked Jin, every time. As soon as she was fully seated, she did not wait for her vagina to get used to his size and just rocked away, sliding her groin up and down his waist.

Here was where Jin did not feel that good. Not that she was doing it wrong, but he wasn’t allowed to do her in any other position. That little slut in her would ride him till he cum, and he wished she would just let him try something else. So, as usual, he laid still while kneading her boobs, toying with her nipples as she bounced away. At times, she would squeeze on him and watch him groan in agony. For a girl who was so sex-driven, he had no complaints about his life.

After the grind, she leaned backwards onto her arms and picked her hips up, only to slam down on him to get him really deep at her g-spot. He could only moan louder as his hips ached, but too horny to tell her so. She wouldn’t last long in that stance too, since she knew it was painful for him. About a few minutes later, she laid down on his chest and let him thrust upwards at her pussy. There was no need to remove her panties as they did not disconnect throughout the session.

Using his waist power to ram her, her breaths blowing into his neck was getting faster and her body was turning cold.

Jin (whispering): ‘Are you cumming?’
Stella (whispering): ‘Yeah. I want to cum with you.’
Jin (whispering): ‘Don’t worry. I am shooting too.’

He used what was left of him and shoved his dick faster, fucking her so hard that she had to pick herself up, and did a half-squat over his hips. As their final moment came, he held her waist down and did the last few shallow strokes, before his thick load exited right into her pussy. The tired girl sat on him as her body froze, feeling the vibration in her body getting stronger until it became a violent shiver. Jin felt his shooting dick being milked in an upward pulse and more cum came out of it, filling her pussy with more juicy goodness.

The next thing she knew, her cunt was streaming her own fluids and it went over his waist, onto the bed. He had never seen this side of her before and it was so arousing. That watery liquid had a smooth feel to it and she could no longer move while still seated.

Stella: ‘I’m so tired.’
Jin: ‘You always are. Come, just fall to my side.’

She let him help her lie down beside him and once again, his hand went to her soaked panties, reaching under to play with her damp forest. Getting a soothing massage to sleep was the best treat after sex and she did just that, drifting to lalaland with his fingers rubbing her clit, giving her a seamless climax right before she lost consciousness.

And that was how Jin fell in love with Stella, the girl who was addicted to sex and feeling cum inside her. He just laid by her side, watching her sleep soundly, and at the same time, resting so he could get it up just in time when she awaken. There’s at least another round to go for that day, part of their routine whenever they meet.

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