Figment, Fragment

When you came into my life, I couldn’t believe how someone could be so similar to exist. Not that you like everything I like or have the same habits, but at a frequency you can understand me when I go quiet or have the lights out in my eyes. We spoke about everything we felt and gone through, but never dwelled too deep into what we did.

The times we drank together, the crazier side of you surfaced to meet mine. Silly innuendoes, hurling vulgarities, sarcastic personal attacks, you could take as much as I could throw. We knew exactly what to reply to everything we said, and the long walks along the coast was filled with silence we understood.

Everything was moving forward so fast to a point it got really scary, as if the end was just in front of us. I know good things don’t last, but certainly, not that soon. You poured your heart out after we stopped on a bridge, and I suspected you were letting your guard down when you trusted me so soon.

Still, I never intended to make use of you nor hurt you, giving you all I had to make sure you have someone when you needed anything. Somehow, you felt I got too close when I offered help no one would, running errands deemed to be too tedious for a simple friendship.

Then one day, you went silent. You still did what you needed to do in my presence, but the distance between us couldn’t be any further apart even though we were standing right next to each other.

It was then, I realised. You didn’t come into my life. I came into yours, upon your calling. Basically, I would not exist at all if not for your desire to see someone who can take your stress away. The pressure you have been under caused me to appear, sort of like a safety mechanism before the snapping point. And now that you have gathered yourself, this fragment is left to fade on its own.

One day, I will no longer be here. And that day will come once your mind knows you no longer need me around.

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