This was an event the camp always organize probably every three to four months, right before the sergeant trainees start their course. It was more of an open house by the army to expose JC and secondary school students to a soldier’s life. Being stuck inside could only meant activation for that, as a tour guide. To be frank, my job scope was only to bring the kids to various checkpoints and let the facilitator take over, showing them whatever.

I was bringing one group of JC students to the Leader’s hall, by that time, my mind was looking forward to booking out than just eye candies. They were in white top and green bottom. Not sure which school they were from though. Soon, the last guy was in and I walked off to get a drink after I reported the strength to a sergeant. Just two minutes out of the place, a girl tapped on my shoulder and I turned around, staring at a petite girl about 160 tall, with a sling back across her shoulder.

Girl: ‘Umm.. may I ask where is the toilet?’

That’s a very good question. I thought for a while before replying her, because usually these camps hardly have females, and even if there were, it would be only a couple of companies hosting them.

Me: ‘Alpha.’

Girl: ‘Ehh?’

Me: ‘Oh. Sorry. If I remembered correctly, alpha company has female cadets once. I’ll walk you over?’

Girl: ‘Thanks.’

As the walk is quite a ridiculous one, we had to walk a distance around the cluster since we can’t cut through the parade grounds. Of course, she introduced herself and I didn’t have to, I was basically labelled like every other green man. Her name is Hui Qi, mid-back length hair, quite a girl who behaves. I could usually tell from their school skirt, no? Upon reaching, I went to the few floors above while she checked the lower levels.


Me: ‘Uhh. So sorry. I think it’s Delta. I know it’s one of the company at the ends.’

Huiqi: ‘It’s okay la. Haha. Let’s walk.’

We walked over and sure enough, the whole place was quiet for everyone was in the hall. After we reached, I went up to the second floor and there it was. She hopped in and popped her head back out.

Huiqi: ‘Help me stand guard here can?’

Me: ‘Yeah sure. I was going to do that anyway.’

There was no way anyone can have fun in camp. In fact, that thought never came into my mind at all. I treated this place more of a ‘prison’ than camp. As I sat at the stairs nearby, I could hear her peeing and even her adjusting her clothes. Finally, the water flowing draining from the sink and I got up. Ready to send her back to the hall.

Huiqi: ‘Are these the rooms you sleep in?’

She turned right towards the bunks instead of the stairs down. Oh well, since the talk is probably some ‘bullshit’ like always. I brought her on a little tour and we ended up in the unlocked Annex room, or what was known as Recreation room. The aircon was blasting strongly and being in there was totally awesome compare to the hot glaring sun.

Huiqi: ‘How long will the talk last?’

Me: ‘According to schedule.. about two and a half more hours.’

Huiqi: ‘Hehe. Then we can stay here and relax.’

She sat on the couch and took out her phone to play. Well, how can I say no to be ‘officially’ occupied and not asked back to COY line to do ‘sai kang’ (shit work). I sat beside her and we continued talking, I was really paying attention to her, her sweet voice actually, ranting about her work, CCA, and how the guy she liked, cheated on her.

Soon, she got a little teary and I did what guys would do, I placed my hands around her shoulders and pulled her close to me. The room was pretty safe then, with the blinds pulled. We hugged and I made the do-or-get-charged move, kissing her pink succulent lips. It wasn’t much of a tongue fight, but a gentle peck that lasted for some time. Our bodies turned to face each other and both my hands met at her first button.

*cling clang* (sounds of padlock securing)

Oh shit, the room was locked from outside and we stared at each other in shock. Knowing there is only two ways left, one is to keep the fire burning, two would be to ask for help immediately. We relaxed and continued kissing, occasionally touching tongue tip to tongue tip. My fingers undid her top and separated the shirt wide enough to reveal a hot pink strapless bra. It was quite risky to remove any more clothing then as we had to be on the ball if anyone was to barge in. Back to her bra, it was even laced around the edges. Without breaking our lip-lock, I ran my fingers from the back to the front looking for the lock. Her bosoms were so full and fair that I couldn’t resist but gave them a gentle squeeze. I guessed right about the strapless and undid her bra from the front, letting the two soft cups bounce into the open air. I pushed her body backwards and she adjusted herself comfortably on the sofa, while I glide my face down her toned abs. My hands were running up her legs, anticipating some shorts or panties anywhere around her butt.

It wasn’t a surprise after all when I couldn’t find any, except for a width about two finger bone of spandex. Thongs maybe? This little lady was definitely more than meets the eye. I hooked the sides with my finger and swiftly pulled it downwards, shooting off her ankles, strewn on the floor, ignored. She knew how to handle me in such a situation (on a couch) though, she pulled my thighs, asking me to kneel over her waist as she unbuttoned my trousers, using only the wide pee hole for action. It was sexy to see her biting her lips as she put her hand in and went further into my boxers to pull my little brother out. Somewhat afraid of the hairy monster.

By then, her ‘extraction’ had caused my dick to be in sedia (attention) position poking out of the pants. Quite a sight I remember, that pink among the green. She pulled up her skirt till I could see her wax slit, like a coin slot, clean and totally delicious.

Huiqi: ‘Why are you staring at it? Tempting?’

Me: ‘How did you.. know what was I thinking?’

Huiqi: ‘It’s that smoothie that triggered your thoughts, I could have guessed.’

She gave a smile and I went down south to examine it closely, it was like baby smooth, even the pores were too small to be noticed. My fingers were then pressing into her slit to give her a little warm up. It was wet before I laid touch on it, and that massage just further improved the lubrication between her labia and the area around.

Huiqi: ‘You can lick it if you want to. My ex didn’t like the idea though.’

Without giving her a reply, I peeled her pussy lips open and attacked her clit, small and pretty, wet and glistering with her natural moist. Her moans echoed loudly and she cupped her hands over her mouth, while lifting her hips up for me to access, sucking and tongue-ing every spot, even nibbling on her super sensitive clitoris. Finally, she came once when I stuck my tongue into her sweet hole and released some juices into my mouth, relieving a bit of my thirst.

Huiqi: ‘Sorry.’

She gave the shy blushing look as she thought she could portray herself more demure even though we’re at this stage.

Me: ‘Don’t apologize, you tasted sweet.’

She pulled me via my collar to her lips and guided my manhood into the slot, whispering me to push to get inside cause she can’t open her legs any wider, I gave it a shove in and she gasped, clenching tightly to my uniform. I inched my ‘mushroom’ head in, feeling her grip get stronger. Looking at her expression, I paused and let her took a breather.

Me: ‘You alright?’

Huiqi: ‘Umm.. yes. You’re bigger than my two ex-boyfriends. Sorry.’

There was no need for her to apologize, I gave my dick a twitch and kissed her forehead. I took her hand and singled her middle finger, placing it on her clit.

Me: ‘Do this for me, massage your clit. It will help you relax.’

Huiqi: ‘You sure? Okay.’

She began rubbing and I could feel her pussy relaxing, even getting a little more wetter, juice exiting and flowing around my girth. I bent over to her forehead again and I placed my lips very near her ear.

Me: ‘Huiqi, are you ready?’

Huiqi looked at me with a shocked expression and held my shirt with both hands, as I moved my hands above her head on the armrest to deliver a pounding session. As my dick is still rock hard in her, all I needed to do was to drive it down and pull it back, safely held by her tight hole around my mushroom head.

It was literally a war zone, all I could remember and describe was the force of the ramming and how good it felt against her vagina walls, guiding me right into the depth and out. Her tightness created an unintentional vacuum and kept the both of us going even when we’re going into ‘hyper-sensitive’ mode every now and then. Close to an hour have passed since foreplay and about twenty to twenty-five minutes into sex.

The air-con failed to cool us down and she was tearing a little as I continued the hammerage, dipping my honey coated stick in and out of her. She was there biting her lips and breathing heavily trying to handle the size and soreness, opening her legs so wide.. I could say they were all over.

Finally ten more minutes was all I could last and I can no longer take the control anymore. The load was waiting to be delivered. But where? We did it without condom, and that was pretty much wild enough.

Me: ‘Huiqi, where do I unload?’

Huiqi wasn’t even listening, she was staring at my dick going in and out of her, fingers busy masturbating to relieve some pain, and emitting a vocally-possible-high-pitch ‘ngeeeee‘ sound, those which kids would do before crying. I could tell she was close to losing it. I had to end it and probably wake her up. It was too much I guess.

Me: ‘Huiqi?’

I pulled it out of her and instantly she snapped awake, with panting and vision tracking restored.

Huiqi: *gulped* ‘My mouth?’

She remembered. I went over to her mouth and she sucked me well, allowed me to mouth fuck her and even claiming a few strokes of deep throat. Her throat was responding well and although it wasn’t as tight as her pussy, the five minutes or so of blowjob soon loaded my ball load of goodies. I stopped moving my hips and she suckled on my dick like a baby, while I grabbed the couch’s old leather skin with my might, my shaft pumped every drop of protein into her mouth, credits to training which powered the pressure chamber for unloading of rounds every five days.

She pulled it out of her mouth squeezing it with her lips and closed her eyes before swallowing it with a few gulps. She reached into her bag and pulled out the small bottle of water and flushed her throat. I buttoned my trousers back and she lay exhausted on the couch.

Huiqi: ‘You’re awesome. I was in a trance when I zoned out. Felt like heavens.’

Me: ‘Are you sure? You looked scary. I thought you had lost your mind.’

Huiqi: ‘Oops. Hehe. I’m missing the feeling of you inside me already.’

There was no longer shyness between us. Her undergarment was picked up, folded and stacked nicely,while I texted my buddies who were in the hall about the progress. ‘Boring. Got delay. At least two more hours.’ was his reply. Siesta! She fell asleep quickly on my shoulders and I made sure I hugged her the whole time to keep her warm, especially with my abs protector (fats).

I took her iPhone and gave myself a SMS to get her number. After the allocated afternoon nap hours, I woke her up by putting her panties back on for her and sitting her up for the bra. We still could sit around for a few more minutes for the talk/ show/ presentation to end.

Huiqi: ‘So soon?’

Me: ‘Yeah. I’ve sent you a text, so you’ll get my number.’

Huiqi: ‘Okay.’

We got up and managed to get out of the room with a call to the COY office, explaining I fell asleep inside. She joined back the group and made their way back to school on buses. I sure hope she was feeling as sexified as me. I think I have to meet her soon. :P

Made possible with Advanture Girl’s help. (:

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