Wet Underneath

Nicolette was just up and feeling super energized, she felt urged to do something awesome today. Maybe it would be awesome daring? Or just doing something random. She opened up her wardrobe and casually flipped through her uncountable numbers of clothes, top and bottoms.

*No wait. If I am going to do something out-of-the-world, then the clothes should not be picked from here.* – Nicolette thought to herself.

She pulled the drawer containing her old clothes which wasn’t too old, a mix of PE shirts, old school uniforms and clothes too small for her. Right on top of the school uniform pile was her ‘newest’ one, the secondary school she graduated from recently. And in two months or so, her JC life would effectively start. A nice long shower is a definite must for Nicolette to begin her day and she has an interesting habit.

Since she graduated and had a lot of free time, her usual spree of shopping and outings with friends were common. So she planned a system for herself, sometimes scary, other times just normal. She would pick out her set of lingerie to wear night before the day she’s going out. So no matter what she chose to wear the next day, she will have to wear the lingerie she prepared.

Today, was a day of adventure, and planned to wear a bra lilac colored, with colorful polka dots on it. But instead of wearing a matching underwear, she chose on a pair of dark blue FBTs. Her uniform was white for the top and light blue for the bottom, quite commonly seen.

In the drawer with old clothes was also a box of toys.. made to stimulate and pleasure. Fumbling through the parts, she found a toy she bought but never had the chance to use it, still in its box. Reading the box, the descriptions were;

A revolutionary butterfly utilizing the world’s most powerful and versatile vibrating motor. Giving you the most precise control over speed and over 10 vibration modes, all from a tiny receiver, built atop a sensor triggered by signals from cellphones for an adventurous and surprising experience.

It was surely a do-or-exposed toy for her. She had to put on the toy like a g-string, except that the butterfly is nicely positioned at her clit. Her FBTs then held it at the spot, since she could adjust it easily too.

*buzz.. buzz*

Her mobile phone immediately triggered the vibrator and it was just enough to start her hormones running. Packing her makeup pouch and mp3 into her bag, she left her house for Vivocity to get a toy camera from Page One. Her journey would be a long bus ride on 166 back and forth.

Once she boarded the bus, a bunch of guys who apparently finished school in a poly or sort were eyeing on her slim waist and long seductive hair. She did put some light make up as well, and that probably was the killer. She moved into the bus rear and sat at the vertical rows of seats at the sides of the bus. The bombardment of the cellphone waves were triggering the vibrator so much that she could not take any more of it. The vibrator worked differently from what she and you thought.

Yes, it was triggered by cellphone signals. Of course, a call would definitely last longer than a SMS, but when you get three or four calls at the same time, the vibration stacks up. On top of the multiplier effect, additional SMSes will further speed up the vibrator. It was too much for her mind to take and she could only hold onto her bag tightly while the bus moved. One of the guys walked up to her and stood in front of her, but Nicole had a more prevailing matter in her pants.

Guy: ‘Hi, I’m Chris. And I’m wondering if I could get to know you better. Maybe we can text or something?’

The rest of the guys were giggling and laughing, cheering him on.

Nicole: ‘No.’

She said that with her head down, still trying to calm herself down to make her clit less sensitive which was impossible. The guy joined the group and after a few stops, they alighted. That very stop was also all Nicole could take, she went up to the second deck and sat at a few rows from the back. Quickly removing her shorts, she lifted the butterfly away from her slit but the harness was a little too tight and there was this part of the toy which still had contact with her clit.

That didn’t relieve any of the intensity, that little contact point was triggering more juices from her than before. There was no off button since it wasn’t even battery-powered. Despite the second floor of the bus being quite empty, a few people were sitting around her and taking the butterfly off wasn’t possible, being too obvious. With no shorts underneath, it was just her skirt that might get wet if she doesn’t do anything right then. Pulling her skirt back behind her butt, the cushion was right under her butt. And the juice were catching on the cushion, spreading across her butt like how your shirt gets stuck to your body while you exercise.

Three more stops to Vivo, and the second deck was quite full except a few rows around her. She quickly slipped on her shorts and adjusted her skirt before alighting the bus. Still trying her best to handle the vibrator making her pussy stream wetness down her legs. It wasn’t that visible unless she stopped walking. Soon Nicole’s clit was getting a little less sensitive and it felt more comfortable instead. So she finished what she went to Vivo for, hoping someone would not catch the love juice flowing down her legs.

Did I mention she climax easily from clitoral stimulation? Imagine the random shivers she gets every now any then.

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Apologies but sadly that is a fantasy vibrator I made up. From what I know, it doesn’t exist.

Thanks anyways! Btw, it could be The Toy. Bluetoothed to your phone and vibrated by each sms recieved. ;) Hope this helps it your future stories! I love it btw~

For bluetooth, that kind of vibrator existed already. But it’s in the shape of a dildo. Well, I think the radiation waves would be more random cause it would mean the surrounding mobiles are involved too. And not just her own mobile phone.

I do know of some girls who hardly receive any SMSes. Haha. Inspired by the radiation stickers that flashes whenever a call or SMS is incoming.

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