Changing Room

Day: Tuesday
Date: 17 February 2009
Time: 11am
Location: United Square, Esprit

Peiling and I went to Esprit to collect a jacket she reserved a few days ago. Walking around, I’ve always wanted to try wearing more skirts but she didn’t quite like it, as it didn’t give her a sense of security.

She picked a white top to try for formal occasions and I followed her into rows of changing rooms. She went in and I pushed the door open just as she was going to close it and entered. She didn’t say anything but locked the door and continued to take of her t-shirt to reveal her bra which I believe was common, the beige coloured type.

I pulled her by the waist to me and we kissed passionate. Somehow, making out in public was way exciting that doing it relaxed. My hands ran up her bra and massaged her breasts. Her bra was lifted up by then and I bent my head down to suck the nipples.

As it was very quiet outside and worrying that someone would be waiting outside, I wasted no time turning her around to face the mirror and slipped my hands into jeans and into her panties. I didn’t rest my fingers, making her wet and horny enough to give me a quick blowjob. My head went numb from her sucking until we sensed something coming.

We stopped after hearing some noise from the outside, so we got dressed and exited. We collected her jacket from the counter and left the place for some place more private.

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