Wide Staircase

Day: Tuesday
Date: 17 February 2009
Time: 2pm
Location: United Square, stairwell.

After going with Peiling to collect her jacket from Esprit, we went to the top floor where all the education centres were, and went to the end leading to a huge staircase.

It leads to an exit which is one way out, and hardly anyone will use it. So we walked a few flights down and stopped on one of it and started our kissing again. As we kissed, we just dropped our stuffs and my hands ran up her t-shirt to massage her breasts. This time, for comfort’s sake, I unbuckled her bra too.

We got seated and I helped her loosen her jeans by unbuckling her belt and unzipping it. Her panties were already wet by then and her breathing got heavier. I rubbed her panties for a while before putting my fingers in from the top. She moaned softly and cautiously for fear that our sounds might cause us NOT to hear someone approaching.

After a while, she asked for the vibrator and I took it out and slipped it into her panties. My hands got a little rest while she continued to orgasm. After she got really tired and soaked her panties enough, she pulled her jeans up and buckled her belt back. I helped adjusted her bra while she was doing her jeans – with the vibrator still in her.

She led me down that flight of stairs onto the wall in front and pushed me there, frenching me and pulling my comfortable pants down. I had to hold on the the remote control in case she was too far from me. She then knelt on my slippers and sucked me off.

The vibrator was on and off to help her a little. Somehow, I could not hold it long with her eyes looking at me and sucking my dick. That sight was too much for me, I came in her hands and quickly got dressed. Not forgetting to remove the vibrator from her panties though.

As her hands were covered in cum, I helped her carry her bag and stuff. I then held her hands and went to the toilet at the main shopping area to wash up with her. It felt really intimate as I held her cum-covered hands and washed together. Well, the smell lingered on for a whole day. Hehe.

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