Cheryl’s Bad Friend

After the doorbell rang twice, Cheryl, my girlfriend, hastily blindfolded me with the tie I wore for the dinner date we just went on. Leaving me confused in the dark, the door opened and closed to some footsteps, followed by feminine whispers that I couldn’t quite make out.

‘What’s the surprise? Is someone else there?’

(GF saying) ‘Yes. Someone is here. Don’t be rough to her k?’


Excited for my birthday present, I straightened my back on the bed while both sides of the mattress sank to their weight. The girls kept very quiet as they interlocked their fingers around my dick, slowly moving up and down my erection as foreplay. Saliva further lubricated their handjob to provide the juiciest strokes ever, for no one’s but my benefit. The lucky me was just laying still, enjoying the treat from my girlfriend whom I knew must have went through a lot to plan this.

After a few minutes, their hands disappeared and a mouth went over my dick, which I instantly knew wasn’t my girlfriend. This pair of completely relaxed lips was quick to push me to my limits, gliding so easily on my bumpy shaft. Soon, gagging noises joined my ecstatic groans, when her face suddenly slammed into my groin, taking it deep throat for as many times as they liked to hear my agonising grunts.

Once the oral fun ended, loud, deep breaths were heard from the mystery lady who just went down on me. When Cheryl’s perfume overwhelmed my nose, I knew she was the one who was about to sit on my face. As much as I didn’t mind eating her out, what shocked me was her friend’s pussy lowering itself over my dick – without a condom!

Either Cheryl trusted her a lot, or it was Cheryl that they tried to confuse me with. In any way, my mouth began work once she, which I was so sure was my girlfriend, rubbed her clit on my nose. With a pussy bouncing wildly on my sensitive cock, the one over my mouth was leaking juices of a flavour I never expected to taste. Sweet, it was, to keep me gorging deeper and flicking faster. My mind was literally in two places then. One of which was trying to please my girlfriend, and the other, trying to last as long as I could.

The bombardment of pleasure from the cowgirl easily threw me overboard once my balls were caught in her hands, fondling it like it wasn’t part of my body.


The hips grinding me suddenly stopped at my call, and the pussy over my face bolted off to somewhere else. Seconds later, I sensed some struggles at my legs, before a few hard, slams (down my cock) caused me to gasp at the force and depth of penetration.

Two pair of legs rested on my thighs, dick buried in one of their pussies, I couldn’t tell who I was inside. The rocking motion resumed for another five minutes, before I cried out for the second time. Without stopping their riding hips, I was left at their mercy when I finally blew my load, emptying every drop I had into the squeezing vagina that helped ‘vacuumed’ my pipe.

Both of them fell away right after I came and desperate moans came in the distance with more random fidgeting.

‘Can I remove the blindfolds now?’

(other girl screaming) ‘YES!!!’

I pushed the tie away and saw Cheryl sitting behind her friend, with one hand fingering the cum-filled pussy. At last, I made sense of what just happened. It was Cheryl who was making her fuck me when I was cumming, and now, she was pushing every bit back into her friend’s pussy.

(GF saying) ‘Help me put her in bed!’

I went up behind her and dragged her to the centre of the bed. While I held her shoulders down with the weight of my upper body, Cheryl slid an end of her glass dildo into herself, before ‘connecting’ the other end to her friend. In no time, the room was filled with the most erotic cries, as the girls fucked their own brains out. Kneeling above her friend’s head, Cheryl sucked me off while she kept pounding her friend senseless, till I was big enough to go again.

Cheryl unplugged her end of the toy and ushered me behind her, to take her doggy while she continued to play with her mate. Reclaiming my own personal ‘pussy’, I hammered her with all the rage and happiness from the night’s events, still somewhat hazy when I thought about how the two girls were related.

Giving my girl ten minutes of crazy, fast sex, I pulled out before I came and she swiftly yanked the toy out of her friend so I could cum inside her again. This time, I didn’t hesitate anymore and plunged my throbbing cock into her, shocking her awake just in time for the ejaculation that took place three seconds later.

Filling her pussy up with my juice, it quickly overflowed onto the bed in her friend’s horrified face. Cheryl was all too ready to lick my cock clean once I pulled out for the umpteenth time, leaving no traces of white liquid except for the coating on her friend’s pussy.

(Cheryl saying) ‘Take care of her for a while.’

She took two pills from her purse and slipped both into her friend’s mouth, then spitting some saliva between her lips so she could swallow them.

‘What’s that?’

‘Plan B, and her drug.’

Her friend slept next to us soundly while we made out for a while more, before falling asleep an hour later. As to how we woke up in the morning, let’s just leave it at the part where her friend fingered Cheryl while giving me morning head.

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