Paid to Fuck

The housewife I was paid to fuck was squirming in the huge bed when I entered the master bedroom. Not only could I NOT believe such a great deal was possible, the knowledge of a ‘willing’ wife to do that was even more absurd. Before I could get to the bed, she had thrown herself at my feet, tugging my pants off with so much aggressiveness I began to suspect she was mentally unsound.

‘Can you tell me what’s happening?’

‘I want to know too! He slipped something inside me when I thought he was just fingering me in bed. Then an itch inside just drove me so horny!’

The small lipstick vibrator lying in the middle of a giant wet patch in bed told me how she tried to ease her discomfort, but it apparently did not help one bit. Her mouth got to work once my flaccid cock was in sight, sucking me like her life depended on it.

To be honest, my movements were slow as I was trying to figure out what I got into. That desperate wife couldn’t wait for me to penetrate her in missionary and sat over my cock without a condom, fucking herself as if I couldn’t cum. When I tried shove her away, she pinned me down with her hands on my shoulders and bounced herself harder. Each time she slammed on my groin, her tensed lips would relax a little, until she looked so happy to ride a stranger.

(wife moaning) ‘You have just the right length!’

Her husband came into the room when I started groaning, picked up my phone, set it in video mode, and began walking around the room as his wife went all out at me.

(him saying) ‘She’s good right bro?’

(me gasping) ‘What did you give her?!’

‘Shhh.. Secret.’

The tip of my cock soon felt THAT itch she mentioned, and it was the kind that was right under the skin where her pussy couldn’t satisfy externally.

‘Your itch is getting onto me!’

(wife in shock) ‘HUH?!’

I sat up and hugged her tightly in my arms, swiftly flipping her onto the bed while I raised both her legs under her knees, to her chest. The juices she covered my dick with was thick and whitish in colour, but nonetheless, sticky. I didn’t know what came over my mind when I forced my dick into her anus, taking that itch away instantaneously, though temporarily.

(wife screaming) ‘OH GOD! THIS IS IT!’

My hips needed no more encouragement and plunged all the way into her asshole, fixing both our urges at the same time. The insensitive dickhead had completely no urge to cum, but felt very satisfying whenever I pounded it at a high speed into her. She was getting her orgasms from what I saw, a gasping pussy and a finger rubbing insanely fast on her clit.

(me grunting) ‘I’M CUMMING!’

‘Just do it! He can right honey?’

(him saying) ‘Yupp. Go ahead.’

My load didn’t wait for anything else and just pumped that exact hole full of however much I had, scratching that itch for the last, and most effective, time. I went to the attached bathroom once I was out to rinse it with as much water as I could, but a tiny tingle still remained. His wife washed both parts like I did too, but her rapidly, curling fingers on her clit told me it wasn’t the same case for her.

(him saying) ‘I’m going out now. Why don’t you two go at it again? I’ll leave your phone on your bag.’

She dragged me onto the bed once he closed the door on us, leaving me in her hands – or mouth. I was ‘up’ again after ten minutes, in a more gentle touch compared to the initial ‘orientation round’. We got into missionary with less violence, and more affection. In the end, we fell asleep with me inside her pussy, almost right after I creamed her pie full of my miracle cure for the better of us.

Yes, to be soaked in cum, was the remedy.

We were awakened next morning when her husband brought a girl home, using the same lotion to get that mistress desiring his cock. Going about their deed next to us, it was easy for him to smear some of it on his wife’s clit, making us relive the whole night of sex – again. This time, in the full glory of the sunlight glaring into the room.

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