Childhood Crushed

A customer I remembered serving food to, came running back to the bar in a hurry, standing at the table she sat at earlier deep in thoughts.

(She asked) ‘I think I forgot something here. You’re closed for the night?’

‘Yeah. It has been a quiet night. What did you lose?’

(She cheekily answered) ‘Can I say that I forgot to get your number?’

I couldn’t believe how someone as young as she looked would be so open to ask a guy for his number, but it wasn’t exactly surprising to me either. I had caught the extra long gaze from her when I took her order, and when I set her food down.

‘What’s your name?’


‘I’m J. So, you just want my number?’

Her eyes suddenly widened as if I hit some soft spot in her, or accidentally exposing the true objective of ‘getting my number’. She nodded shyly and handed me her phone, where I quickly saved my number and promptly went back behind the counter.

The part of her that, didn’t want our first ‘contact’ to end so quickly, brought her to the food pick up point along the counter, where she just looked at me with a dying urge to say something.

‘Do you want a drink?’

‘I’m under 18!’

‘So no then. Plus, your friend is waiting outside right?’

The girl looking through the glass door wore a plain shirt and floral skirt, donning her shapely figure in an outfit that would do justice to her more mature face. This Janice though, was on the ‘cute’ side with colour contact lenses, and a pair of grey shorts for her bottoms.

‘I want if you can make one! Can I ask her in too? She’s also kinda into you.’

‘So I am something for you girls to share.’


She opened the door for her friend who introduced herself as Kate, sitting at the biggest table while I brought three empty cups to them, as well as a bottle of whiskey. That was what I was going to have before heading home, and they had no experience with alcohol whatsoever. As soon as they took their first sips, Janice was lost in her own world while Kate cupped her cheeks in embarrassment.

‘Kate, I am going to turn red too. So don’t worry.’

That particular drink was unlike others, one that let people in on the warmth that would flow right into the stomachs. Janice was the first to get high and she came up to my side, straddling on my lap as if we knew each other for long. There was not one bit of hesitation when she held my face in her hands, and planted a kiss on my lips.

Although I was dizzy, my thoughts were clear. Our kisses lingered on and she wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her tank top over them to tell me to start moving.


Kate was taken aback by what her friend was doing and couldn’t understand her loose of control, unlike anything form of craziness she had seen before. Besides sitting there trying to keep her own balance, she just kept watching as I moved my hands up her bra, holding those small cups so gently in my palms.

She took things a step further when she slid a distance away from my groin, using her fingers to pry my bottoms open for the glorious wand. When I raised her bra over her chest, she pulled my face in to feel my mouth on her nipples, while she jerked that impatient dick of mine fast.

(She asked) ‘Do you think I am a virgin?’

‘Yes. I hope so.’

‘Sorry for disappointing then.’

She moved her ass up my legs and swiftly popped my cock in, into that abyss almost make me cum immediately. She saw my agonising expression and sat really still.

‘Okay now? I can imagine that your size won’t be able to handle me.’

I resumed sucking on her nipples while she rocked herself crazy, grinding and slipping my cock in and out to the shocked face of Kate. Sad to say, I couldn’t hold out very long inside of her and had to get her off before I came.

She hopped onto the table and let me finger her till she was moaning wildly, and Kate came over with an unnerving silence.

‘Can I suck you off? I have done it before once.’

If you guys could see Janice’s face, you would tell how shocked she was when she heard Kate said that. Kate went under the table and continued where Janice left, bobbing that painful hard on in and out of her sweet lips. I thrust two fingers after the blowjob began and waited out for her orgasm that was slowly killing my fingers.

‘I’m cumming Kate!’

‘Me too!’

Janice threw her head back and trembled violent in my fingers, while my hips buckled at the force of my ejaculation into Kate’s mouth. The suction between my legs kept going as long as Janice was moaning, and everything came to an end once Kate took her mouth away.

The girls looked at each other, as I looked at Kate swallow my load like an unspoken dare. Right after, clothes were wore back and we headed for our transport home where Kate and I coincidentally boarded the same bus. Janice, was left to take the train alone, and also texting me in jealousy just so Kate wouldn’t steal her ‘catch’.

Let’s just say, Kate’s skorts were loose enough for my fingers to slip into. ;)

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