Sounds of Rubber

When the sounds of rubber snapping off came from behind, a certain mix of anticipation and fear sank into Ann’s heart. She had wanted to go raw if everything was right, but there was also the risks she couldn’t ignore no matter how ‘safe’ it was. Still, she said nothing when she saw the piece of condom land on the floor of the bed she was bending over on.

‘I’m going in raw now.’

The pleasure she received earlier was overwritten the moment his hot tip touched her cold lower lips, sensing the smoothness of his stretched out foreskin rub against the bumpy texture lining her vagina. It felt so close and intimate, at the same time increasing her fears that he might lose control just like what she was going through.

The white in her eyes were closing in on her vision with every thrust deep into her body, from the entrance filled with so many nerve endings experiencing the full length of that pounding cock. The inward trip inside her wasn’t as satisfying as the gap he was pushing through so relentlessly, but the sharp, electrifying jolts she received when he reached her end was addictive as hell, though merely lasting a nanosecond before she needed to relive the penetration act again.

In between those deep strokes, he would pause for a moment too long inside her, just to feel her pulse beating against his. She too, would be overwhelmed with awe at his little changes in size. It felt so alive without a higher meaning, yet connecting only at such a level which she hasn’t even figured out for herself.

The two bodies rocked their hearts out without any foreign material between, embracing the full circle of life that was driving their minds wild. For someone she wasn’t sure if she would spend the rest of her life with, it was that unexplainable barrier she had willingly forgo, that put a limit on the passion that he was giving her.

There was simply no way she could cum with that troublesome thought ringing in her head.

‘I didn’t feel your orgasms.’

‘I can’t.’

He immediately knew what she meant and gradually slowed his movements down, before taking his tool out with a slight bit of disappointment. The wise man took a fresh pack of condom and slipped it on, as quickly and neatly without killing her mood.

The instant she felt the flawlessness of the rubbing running through her eager vaginal walls again, a new-found set of energy overtook her withheld horniness and moved against his motionless hips. The vigour in him returned as abruptly as hers and they were going at it again, this time, pumping his life out at her screaming body.

The orgasm he was looking forward to came within a minute and she wasn’t afraid to force everything out with a slight squeeze on his rod, making sure he was tearing through a hole he couldn’t manage.

The rest of the session came to an end in another few minutes, with him groaning deeply like a bear. His hips was knocking her bum so hard with such strength and violence, that he did not even warn her when he came into the rubber. The grateful girl in his hands could tell the signs from experience and relaxed her pussy to let him use her as a massaging tool, to let everything out without fear deep into her vagina.

When he pulled out of her panting for his life, the smiles on their faces were priceless in each others’ eyes. She helped him removed his ballooned condom out of politeness and gratitude, happy that he was willing to sacrifice his own pleasure for her orgasms.

As she tied a knot to prevent his cum from getting all over the bed, he pinned her down on the bed to give her a kiss that she could tell it was filled with love, and the lust he kept within the condom over his dick earlier.

‘Can I give you a blowjob?’

The speed at which he dropped himself on the bed was nothing more delightful to see for the girl ready to give him another round to reward him for his perseverance.

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