Haunting Past

‘Shut the fuck up and spread your legs.’

The camera couldn’t be more scary in front of the girl I used to call ‘baby’ by, having realised how she naive she was when I said I wanted to record our intimate moments for ‘my own’ viewing pleasure. Now that she had broken up with me for another guy, there was no better time to blackmail her with the clips I collected over the two years we were together.

The promise I made her to let her go if she found someone better, was harder to keep than I thought it was. There was no telling how empowered I was when she opened her legs for me, seated in the corner of the bed where she had nowhere else to back up to.

That smoothly shaved pussy was what I asked her to do when she found out what I was hinting at when I sent her a video with her face in full view, moaning extra sexily for the camera I had set up by the bed. Unknown to her, the camera has been recording as soon as she stepped into my room, catching all the innocence of her stripping her bottoms off, and questioning me about why I was doing this.

‘Do you still have the toy you used on me? Can I use it?’


‘But I can’t cum like that.’

‘You will have to get it done one way or another. Don’t think of faking it. I know how it looks like when you orgasm.’

She gave off a loud sigh and slipped her fingers on her clit, slouching her body even more to get into the ideal position. The scarred legs had not looked any better since we broke up, and it was also the ‘signature’ that existed in all of the sextapes we made together.

I was getting harder as she moaned softly to her curling fingers, flicking that sweet spot repeatedly to achieve something she knew wouldn’t happen so easily. The camera was catching all the desperate attempts to make herself cum, and I only felt more powerful when she gave that ‘pleading’ look to get a break.

After some time watching her try to get herself off in vain, I placed the camera down and took my shorts off. Somewhat glad that she was moving on from pleasing herself, it was more appealing to give me what I wanted and be done with all these.

‘Do you want me to help you?’

That question from her couldn’t sound any more superficial but I nodded anyway. I signalled for her to lie closer to the wall and I took up the centre of the bed.

‘Suck me.’

She combed her hair to one side before sliding down to my hips, and took my erection she made into her mouth. Her blowjob was mediocre at the best, but all I wanted to was to capture her face, taking that cock in her mouth and trying to please me. I let her tire herself out for a good ten minutes before she was allowed to lie in my place.

As usual, I put a condom on and smeared her favourite strawberry lubricant all over it, leaning against her thighs that was left wide open for me. All I did was to put the tip into her opening, and promptly sent a shocking jab into heer pussy. Her hands clenching on the ends of my pillow was such a sight to behold, while receiving the raging thrusts of my cock into her pussy.

The same old screams came and went as I hammered her flat, plunging my rod into that tight hole I missed since she left. We changed into doggy style after a while and the familiar scene of her getting banged hard from behind went into the memory card.

It was my moment from then on, ramming against her ass till I came into the condom, where she collapsed from exhaustion once I pulled out of her.

We spent some time in bed to recover our strength and I let her go after checking the camera. Well, I was beginning to wonder if she wanted this to happen cause she was happier when we met on the occasions after that day.

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