In the Library

‘Hey, is it wet down there?’

Sitting in the corner of the library, the random question popped into Renee’s head casually like the need to adjust her hair. She pulled her fingers over the centre of her shorts, but was unable to feel if she had wet herself or something that caused her to ask that.

‘There’s no one looking. Take off your shorts? Your shirt is long enough anyway.’

The white shirt with laces on the collar was slightly translucent, but it wasn’t nothing the guys had never seen before. She turned up the volume of her music and swiftly took her bottoms off, tucking them into her bag once she folded it twice.

This time, she dragged her fingers across the centrefold and felt a little moisture, while enjoying the prickly carpet on her bum. The wetness was causing a patch to form on her white panties but she had no idea what she was supposed to do. It WAS the library she was in anyway.

‘How about inside? Is it coming from there?’

She lowered her knees in a crossed position and pushed her hand into her panties, followed by a finger into her pussy. Looking carefully at what came out of her retracting index, a thick, slimy coat of clear fluid was dragged along her long finger.

Suddenly, the urge to get herself off conveniently clouded her mind, like a poorly timed ‘might as well’. Keeping her eyes wide at the surroundings, she started to finger herself in the cosy corner where a potted plant obstructed one side. It was so easy to get herself high in public, partly assisted by the thrill of getting caught.

The faster she moved, the more she dared to moan, as softly, and loudly as she could without attracting any immediate attention. The other hand that was doing nothing moved under her shirt to her bra, going under the cups to fondle the awaiting nipples while her other hand kept digging herself.

Slowly, the orgasm that she was expecting creeped up her spine and released the pressure that her vaginal muscles were under, leaking juices around her finger that was getting tired from masturbating.

When Renee was done, her mind turned weary quick and there was little concern to wear her shorts back. Her panties were soaked, and she cleaned her finger on the edges of her t-shirt. Satisfied and relieved, she took out the jacket out of her bag and threw it over her legs, before curling up for a quick nap.

‘Good job Renee.’

The sleeping face had smile so a gentle that no one disturbed till hunger woke her up. Mental, I guess, wherever the voice came from.

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