Go All Out

‘I want you to fuck my brains out!’

His hands clenched harder on her hips and violently drove his cock real deep, forcing the screams out of the petite sized, shaking girl. The bruises he made on her boobs were aching, but when he combined the life-sucking strokes with it, the pain, the hurt, all went away. There was no telling how much she loved it when he grabbed the pair whenever she squeezed her pussy so hard he would groan for mercy.

The young, sexed up boy bit his lips and picked himself up into a half-squat position, pounding that soft ass so fast she lost power in her arms to hold her chest up from the bed. The tingle in her pussy was making big waves up her spine to her head continuously, slowly fading her vision behind a screen of white.

Without any protection between them, he was savouring every bit of juices that lubricated his motion. Her vaginal was like a long train tunnel that needed to be filled all the time, and he did not disappoint her with his stamina. The noises he made was causing more juices to be flushed out when he pumped really fast.

‘Cin! I’m cumming! Shit!’

‘So fast?!’

He let his hips knocked her bum into a jiggly pulp when his orgasm came, gluing their parts together when the first shot of cum left the shaken-p balls of his, exiting with such force and amount that she couldn’t stop the orgasm she was having herself from his moment of relief.

Her waist started trembling as he unloaded, further milking his cock for everything. His knees and arms were weak before she was done but he stayed there for her. He willingly went through the last, agonising part, where she let him go though with a suction, sounding off the final squeal when he finally ‘popped’ out of her.

Crashing into the bed lifelessly, they were at a loss for words after the intense climax, quickly knocking them out for their rest before they wake up for more.

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