Graceful Fills

With his dick in her hand, her eyes couldn’t stop looking up and down that trunk, covered in streaks of redness at the tip, flowing down to wriggly thick veins running under the skin, pulse beating rhythmically underneath.

There was still a musty stench of saltiness, from the dried up solution of her own oral and vaginal fluids, along with some of the cum she didn’t managed to clean off completely. That little ‘part’ of him, was the only physical attachment she could own, in her hands and inside two other ‘hotspots’.

Each time he used it on her, overpowering weakness would cause her to sink deeper into lust, having used to the strong desire to keep him inside forever. If it was possible, to give it a little mind of its own so he could move whenever she least expect, and go all out in the comfort of her bed, toilet, office, bus, the list goes on.

He was still asleep, but her tiredness wasn’t having any effects with that cock in her grasp. She could vividly remember how he tasted, when he just took a shower, or after a long day of walking around, or being teased to desperate ends under the influence of some alcohol. The one thing he loved from all their intimate moments, was how she could get really wet inside, but little less than obvious on the outside.

It was only the moment he puts his finger, or slide his penis in, will the slippery, smooth liquid ‘lava’ around his lengthy parts. ‘I love you too’, the urge to kiss it finally came crashing in and the peck she gave caught her in a trail up the sides to the tip. In the few playful swipes on his only exit on the pipe, she got him stirring and promptly sank her mouth down in the most gentle pressure her lips could manage.

‘Hey hey hey.. what have you done?’

His sight was set on the beaker on the night stand within reach from her position, having his body slanted diagonally on the bed throughout his fidgets in the night. It was one-fifth filled with what he recognised as ‘cum’, along with the cheeky grin on her face.

‘Nothing! I just added Viagra and a small bit of sleeping pill into your coffee last night. Nothing to worry about.’

He was rock hard when he sobered up and didn’t waste another minute to figure out what she did. He got up and threw her in the warm spot he was sleeping and and sank his dick into her pussy, ramming it into her at a top-down angle.

‘It’s finally here!’

Those words came out when she yelped eagerly in his agitated state of horniness, already started with splashing the juices of her overflowing pussy all over their lower-halves.

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