Cleaner’s Job

Man: ‘So you are the one who is dirtying the floor here!’
Felicia: ‘I.. it was an accident.’

She was caught masturbating at her stairs by an Indian cleaner and her legs were wide opened when she was spotted, fingers dripping of juices that she could not deny even if she wanted to. A small puddle had already been formed on the floor and the man couldn’t have looked more angry with a little horniness in his face.

Man: ‘You are not going to just walk away from this. You know how often I have to clean this place because of you?’

That lie he made up was smooth and left her no chance to think. He merely visited this place once a week and luckily for him but unluckily for her, she was right there when he was scheduled.

Felicia: ‘I promise I won’t do it again.’
Man: ‘Then you will go to some other place and dirty it again?’

She was speechless as that was exactly her idea. He dropped his broom and stood in front of her, hands busy unzipping his pants and lowering it to his thighs. What happened next could not be missed or mistakened, with his pants down and a fair lady right before him.

Felicia: ‘What do you.. ‘

Before she could even complete her sentence, her hair was pulled to his groin and the salty scent of sweat engulfed her senses instantly. He was quick to pinch her nose and Felicia had to breath through her mouth before suffocating. Right as she parted her lips, her face was buried in his bush and the opened mouth went down his dick. None of his dick had touched her then but she had to close her mouth and there was no way he was letting her go so easily.

Frightened by his brute force, she was helplessly forced to suck his dick as soon as he felt her lips touched his dick. It wasn’t like she was subdued by fear and doing it willingly, he was using her mouth like a rag doll, pushing and pulling her head to satisfy his lust.

After some time, the dirty scent disappeared and Felicia was sucking him in tears, unsure of what more would she need to do before gaining freedom. Dian did not waste too much time with just a blowjob and shoved her away after he had his share.

Man: ‘You stand up now. Don’t make me hurt you.’

True enough, the broom next to him was scary as hell and she got on her feet like how recruits in B.M.T. feared punishment. He grabbed her waist and brought her to the small opening in the stairs, facing her block that was opposite. With one arm locked at her back, the pain was causing her to give in to his demands.

Her loose skirt was felt going up her waist and no matter how hard she tried to close her legs together, nothing beat a threat he blurted out in anger.

Man: ‘You either take my dick, or my broom.’

What the.. Dick was definitely the less painful choice and she was dragged a few steps back, before her chest knocked against the metal rails at the window. The man fumbled with his dick for a while before she felt the tip entering, and the mental struggle to relax against her body wishes made her tighter than usual.

Man: ‘You are fucking tight huh? The way I like it.’

How humiliating was it to hear that from someone who forced himself on her. He did not give a shit about how she felt when he rammed his dick into her, still partially lubricated from her masturbation earlier. As he thrust violently, Felicia’s mind was slowly turning horny instead of fearful, cause he was quite big too. Her body jerked against his hips and occasionally hit the railings, but her pussy was relaxing and enjoying the ‘full’ sensation of his forceful entry.

No matter how hard she resisted, her body did not ignore the orgasm that was coming. Dian was groaning softly as he banged her, enjoying the sight of a Chinese girl being dominated by his black cock. In less than a minute, her feet opened in vain as he rammed harder and faster.

Felicia: ‘Move back, I’m cumming.’
Man: ‘Show me how you squirt. Don’t be shy.’

She could not wait any longer and a strong jet of cum hit against the wall. As her body went into convulsion, he held her hips firmly in place and went even deeper, brushing his thick rod along her overwhelmed vagina. The ordeal went on for another five minutes, filled with dirty comments about how tight and wet she was.

There was nothing like a round of forceful sex once in a while, and she was getting weaker to his pounding. Dian went on non-stop at her until she began squeezing her pussy, in an attempt to finish him off soon.

Man: ‘You are such a horny girl huh? Squeezing me like this. Tell me, you want me to shoot inside you? Or your mouth?’

What a sucky question. Of course in her mouth! Or was she silly enough not to realise she could just let him cum on the floor?

Felicia: ‘Mouth mouth! Don’t shoot inside me please.’

The man was kind enough to pull out of her before he came and she turned herself around to squat in front of his dick. This time, she had enough of his mouth fuck and took his dick in her hand before he reached her hair.

Man: ‘You learn quite fast huh?’

Without replying him, she went down on him and sucked him to the best of her skills, sliding her lips along his shaft. On and on she went, hoping it would end. Just as she was getting tired, his hands went behind her head and once again, she was fucked in her mouth.

He went so deep that she almost choked and was crying as he used her fully. In under a minute, she felt his dick pumping and a few seconds later, a leak occurred in her mouth. His cum exited steadily, flowing out of his dick and onto her tongue in a calming manner.

Waves after waves, her mouth was filled with his cum and her sobbing stopped. Dian stepped away after he was done and watched her spit his cum onto the floor, where he would have to clean it up later.

Suddenly, a slap went across her soft, fair legs and her sudden realisation woke her up.

Man: ‘You dirty the floor again?’
Felicia: ‘I am sorry. I forgot.. ‘
Man: ‘You are not that smart huh? Now suck me clean!’

Seated at the steps, he walked over to her and she licked his dick clean, to make up for her foolishness of dirtying the floor. A few sucks on his tip emptied his rod and he whipped his phone out after wearing his pants back.

Man: ‘Don’t let me catch you here again. Or the same thing will happen.’

She watched him disappear down the flights of stairs and listened to the faint sweeping sounds. Feeling dirty and used, she led her fingers to her clit again, rubbing gently on it till she wet the floor in a calming but intense orgasm.

The memories of his dick was still lingering in her mind when she came, part wishing to be dominated by him again, and part hoping she would never see him again. For her next private moment, she went to another block and indulged in her squirting sessions, but with no knowledge if the cleaner would appear again.

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