Up her Shorts

Niklyn: ‘Shit, the bus is so crowded.’
Jay: ‘No choice luh. Or we will be late le.’

The afternoon bus couldn’t be more crowded even though they were first to board. Standing in the corner of the wheelchair zone, Jay stood behind his girlfriend of 19 years old, wearing a pair of short denim shorts that was slightly loose at the thighs.

Jay (whispering): ‘Did you wear the butterfly vibrator?’

She could not reply him without the other passengers hearing and just pulled the area of her shirt above her shorts up to show him the elastic harness of the toy. He had bought it for one of her birthday presents and had been asking her to wear it to no avail. This rainy day, she had decided to wear it under the protection of her shorts.

As the bus made its way to Bugis+, the constant grinding of her butt against his pants made him harder, mind still filled with the thoughts of his girl wearing the sex toy he bought. Halfway into the journey where more people pushed them into the corner, his hard on was getting bigger and ached at the pressure his girlfriend’s butt gave.

Jay (whispering): ‘My dick is hurting. I put it into your pants k?’

Nicklyn quickly turned sideways with a confused look and did not know if he was joking. Feeling his hands moving around her butt, the faint scent of his dick went up her nose and she realised he was serious about it. He slowly lowered his body in pretence of putting something on the floor and then raised his hips, nudging his dick up her shorts.

The rawness and warmth of his dick was so soothing that she couldn’t be bothered if he was discovered, since she wasn’t the one in embarrassment. Moments later, her vibrator went off when he clicked on the controller tucked at the sides of her shorts, wetting her slightly so he could lube things up.

As soon as he felt her body wriggling to the toy, he turned it off and stood even taller, poking a bit of his dick into her. Niklyn bent her back forward and stuck her butt out for him, where he continued thrusting to the movements of the bus deeper into her.

There was no way he could get his full length in but the tip was more than enough for her. She did not wear a panties over the toy as it would be too crowded. As the bus jerked and moved, a quarter of his dick was moving inside her and the sensitive area under the hood was driving him crazy.

The discreet bus sex was so subtle that no one else noticed and he just kept using her hips to grind himself.

Jay (whispering): ‘Shit! I am cumming le.’

Niklyn did not know what else to do in that position and could not just step away from him. So, in a similar fake manner, she bent forward to put her handbag down and the sudden depth sent her boyfriend shivering.

Inside her shorts, his warm cum squirted into her pussy but the shallow entry could not force his load deep enough. Some of the cum started leaking out onto her shorts and she simply kept moving her hips to smear his cum all over.

Once he was done, he placed his hand on the waistband of his shorts and pulled it up as soon as the bus braked. The nanosecond response adjusted his pants back to its original state and only Niklyn was left in a bit of mess.

The next ten minutes was unhappening as she contained her impatience to clean herself up. As soon as they alighted, she dragged him to a handicap toilet and removed her shorts, stained with his cum around the crotch.

Well, nothing happened in the loo as their movie was starting. But in the theatre, what his fingers did to her pussy under the gap of her shorts was up to your imagination, as she squirmed and breathed loudly in her seat. Those pair of loose shorts he wore really made things easier when she needed to slip her hand into them. :)

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