Forgiven by Lust

Walking past the Coca Cola vending machine under my block, a sobbing sound was heard and I couldn’t help but look around for the voice. A girl was right behind the machine when I tracked the sound and she was seated on the floor in a ball, arms around her knees and crying.

Me: ‘Are you alright?’

She was shivering from the heavy rain that ended some time ago but was obviously not in thick clothing. The top she wore was partially wet and semi-translucent with a black tube showing under it. The pair of shorts she wore was so tiny that a part of her panties were also exposed between her thighs.

Me: ‘I send you home?’
Girl: ‘My parents chased me out.’
Me: ‘Why? You want me to help you call the police?’

Girl: ‘No no. Don’t. I.. I don’t know why I am telling you this but they found a thumb drive my ex sent them, filled with photos and videos taken when we were together.

Me: Why don’t you go home and explain to them?
Girl: But we didn’t have sex then! Why didn’t she believe me?’

She cried harder in the corner and I helped her to the stone table just a few steps away. Taking out my box of cigarette, I slid the box to her and she took one without hesitation. I lit the stick for her and had one myself, puffing away as I watched her cry.

There was something about her that attracted me. Perhaps it was sympathy, pity or just the comical sight of a crying girl looking a little happier with the cigarette she was sucking on.

Girl: ‘Why are you looking at me like that?’
Me: ‘You seem like a strong girl. Too strong to let such small things affect you.’

What nonsense was I spurting, who would appear weak to everyone around them right? She flicked the ashes on the floor and leaned towards me for a hug. I held her damp body tightly and her lips fell on my neck.

Girl (whispering): ‘You smell nice.’
Me: ‘Haha! Thank you. You too! Although a bit wet.’

We sat there speechless till we were done with our cigarettes and got up together for somewhere else.

Girl: ‘Can you accompany me till my clothes are dried?’
Me: ‘Where do you want to go?’
Girl: ‘Not too far. Just around here.’

We took the lift to the highest floor of another block and the top most units facing each other seemed abandoned. There, she removed her black tube by pulling it down her waist and shorts, and let her nipples poke against the white singlet. The thick shorts she was wearing was stripped as well, hung over the railings to let them dry a little. What more could I ask for when there was a braless girl in a thin top and panties?

My shorts got tighter as my hard on set up camp, and we both sat on the steps talking about her previous relationship. Angeline was 20 then, and her ex was her first, not that he deflowered her, but her first boyfriend. There was so much faith and confidence that she did not think twice when he wanted to take those pictures. But now, her actions filled her with regret.

Angeline: ‘Why do you keep moving your butt? The floor too cold?’
Me: ‘No. I’m hard le. Who ask me to have such a sexy girl beside?’
Angeline: ‘Haha. Really meh?’

I leaned backwards on my hands to show her the hard on, and she curiously reached for it, staring at my eyes to see what expressions would I give. Of course, there was no way to resist her naughty hand and I didn’t want to put on a tough front too. As she continued toying my dick, I was groaning with every squeeze.

Angeline: ‘Lie down?’

Whether the floor was clean or dirty didn’t matter anymore, I couldn’t let such a small thing stop us right? I fell back and she tugged my pants off my feet, before holding my erection with her fingers lightly wrapped around.

Angeline: ‘You’re so much bigger. And warmer too.’

Me: ‘My body is always warmer.’

She began stroking it and adjusted herself to sit beside my hips. I was so distracted by her skilful handjob till she had to ask me to pleasure her as well. Such an idiot right?

Angeline: ‘Put your hand inside. I don’t like to be teased outside.’
Me: ‘Okay.’

What a cheeky look I must had shown when I said that. Her pussy was wet before my fingers touched her and it was equally warm and soothing. I slid my fingers along her clit and her body moved erratically, letting the calming waves ease her mood. She lubricated my dick with a few drops of saliva to smoothen things out and I was groaning to her fast jerking.

From my fingers, I could tell she was shaved and the flesh surrounding her privates were totally hiding her sensitive areas.

Me: ‘Can I see it? I feel like licking too.’
Angeline: ‘You want to lick it? I’ve never done it before.’
Me: ‘Yeah. It feels so soft and fleshy in my fingers.’

She stood up and removed her panties in the most sexy wriggle, climbing over my head in 69 position. My tongue went to work immediately and flicked on her clit after a little digging, triggering more shifting in her hips as I continued.

Angeline: ‘Do you know why my ex recorded our fun? Cause I like to see how he turned me on.’

Her body straightened and her phone was taken out from her bag. She set the camera in video mode and the bright LED lights shone at us from the side. She went down on her hands again and took the tip of my dick in, head turned sideways to look at the camera while she went down deeper.

My mind was turning blank from her lips that pressed hard around my dick, moving up and down lubricated by her saliva. The amount of juices leaking were quenching my thirst as I slurped it all up, and we were both moaning and groaning in a controlled volume so as not to wake the neighbours.

After some time, we stopped our mutual oral sex and she turned herself around to sit on my abs.

Angeline: ‘Since he didn’t manage to have sex with me, you will get to enjoy it.’
Me: ‘No wait. I don’t want it. It should be done with someone you love.’
Angeline: ‘It’s not about love when sex is involved. You make me feel wanted and showed me how it was to be loved.’
Me: ‘But I can’t tell if I loved you.’

She raised her hips and moved her butt downwards, sitting over the tip of my dick without saying a word. In shallow thrusts, her body rose and fell, letting my dick pierce into her slowly. Soon, my rod was stuck deep into her body and she was motionless, enjoying the fulfilling sensation of a warm dick inside.

Angeline: ‘I can’t move. It’s too sensitive.’

I grabbed the vertical railings firmly and brought my chest up, giving her something to hug while seated. We were in each other’s embrace when I finished changing our positions, and she was grinding me instinctively.

The both of us were seated facing each other, with her back facing the flight of stairs. Our trust eliminated her fear of falling and I did not want to waste anymore time. Holding her butt in my hands, I pushed and pulled her against my groin, sinking that stick of mine deeper and deeper each time.

Her teeth bit harder into my shoulders as I picked up speed, feeling her pussy squeezing the life out of me. Her pussy was so small in contrast to my size, but that was what made us so high right?

That seated sex position was the only one we did for that night and the elated mood of her simply kept me going. The innocent and sweet looking girl came at least three times from my dick and we were almost giving up when we really went all out.

Me: ‘I am cumming soon.’
Angeline: ‘Okay. Hold me tight uh.’

She held the railings and stepped away from me, sitting two steps lower and her hand went back to my cock. Jerking it furiously, her mouth fondled the tip as her hand pumped my barrel fast. It only took me about ten seconds before I had to tell her the fun was ending.

Her lips pressed around the tip and sucked really hard, even before I came. The ache was relieved by her hand still jerking me off and the Big Bang blew my load into her mouth. It was so intense my head went blank immediately and she removed her hand to use her mouth to continued sucking me clean. The last part where I came felt the most wonderful as she tirelessly licked me up and emptied my tube of sperms.

We were lying on the concrete floor when she stopped and panting non-stop. Being the guy in this little outdoor fling, I brought her clothes to her and she put it on with my help, before holding my pants wide for me to stick my legs into.

Angeline: ‘Will we meet again?’
Me: ‘Give me your phone.’

I punched my number in and she gave me a missed call straightaway. We walked to her lift landing and I stayed a distance, listening to her explanation to her parents before the gates creaked opened.

Returning to my journey home, she texted me in a happy tone that her parents forgave her and even wanted to take actions against her ex. How could I ever let such a wonderful girl go right? Especially not after we scheduled another meeting at her office in AMK Industrial Park for some after work activities.

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