Trained Bitch

Being with her boyfriend for three years, Vanessa was used to going around in tight fitting clothes that showed off her sexy contours and were often short enough to give at least one person an upskirt view. Mark had been training her to be his slut since the day he gave her a taste of a water soluble drug he mixed into the ‘iced Milo’ he made. Thinking that she was in love with him, the poor girl turned dependant on the Milo he made daily and would not hesitate to give in to his requests, lest he leave her and not make anymore drinks.

That evening, she was made to wear a floral bra top and a micro-skirt, with a pair of g-strings underneath. As insecure as she felt, they were mostly in a cab until they reached the club he frequented. Needless to say, eyes were all over her when she stepped in and they took a round sofa seat in the corner.

Mark: ‘Your drink.’

A staff went over to them immediately and whispered something to him, where he took out twenty dollars and shoved it in his hands. Normally, outside drinks weren’t allowed, but he did not mind the hefty corkage fee to keep his little girl poisoned. Mark’s cocktail came shortly after and Vanessa was getting high to the blasting music in the club.

Mark (whispering): ‘I want you to go and have fun tonight. Come back with a creampie.’

Vanessa took emptied the capful of Milo and hung around till more people entered, before going to the dance floor where guys swarmed around her like bees to honey. Most of them had short hair and it was clear that they were army guys whom just booked out.

She was already in a trance from the music and hands were roaming around her exposed waist in an attempt to turn her on. One guy in a cute Chibi designed shirt had caught her eyes and he was doing her a favour by standing behind, letting her ass rub all over his groin.

Vanessa (whispering): ‘You know, my boyfriend is just sitting there. But he gave me a mission.’

Guy: ‘Which is?’

Vanessa: ‘To go back to him with a creampie.’

The rest of the guys moved away once she turned herself around to face him, and hugged him around his neck. A few pecks on each other’s necks later, they were making their way out of the club and into his car.

In the dim lights from the street lamps, their activity in the car was barely visible thanks to his tinted windows. Vanessa was still in a trance state from the drug and music playing in his car. She was all ready to be owned by that stranger for the night. A zipping sound came and her bra top was undone, leaving her soft, yet firm boobs being fondled in his hands.

Not wanting to let him do the work, she let him sit on the passenger seat in the back and dropped herself into the narrow leg space. The guy knew what she was up to and immediately dropped his pants, before her mouth went over it and taking him deep. It was all groans when he felt how fast she was going and her nipples were constantly teased by his twisting fingers too.

After his dick was coated with her saliva, she got up and removed the pair of white thongs, giving him a few seconds to run his fingers along her slit to get her wetter. The amount of juices leaking was so tempting that he could not wait any longer to be inside. Vanessa kneeled above his lap and held his dick upright, before descending slowly down over his hard cock.

Inches by inches, his dick penetrated into the small body and her face was buried in his neck, breathing warm air in an increasing pace. After she had fitted herself over his dick, her hips began grinding and the guy was thrusting upwards as well.

They only fucked for a while in this position and Vanessa requested to be taken in doggie. She had spotted Mark behind the vehicle and knew he would love to join in as well. Facing a window in the backseat, the guy swiftly got on his knees and shoved his dick in, ramming the brown haired girl till she was moaning loudly.

Right then, she clicked on the button to unwind her side of the window and a guy was standing in front of it.

Vanessa: ‘Keep going. He’s just my boyfriend.’

The guy pounding her rear heaved a sigh of relief after hearing that she was not affected by the intrusion, but slowed down to watch what was happening. Mark unzipped his pants and leaned his dick into the car, coincidentally stopping in front of her mouth too.

She willingly took Mark into her mouth and let the momentum from behind initiate a blowjob, keeping her boyfriend satisfied without doing much work. The three of them remained in this position for close to five minutes, even with people looking at the car in a distance. Vanessa was going crazy with the orgasms that filled her mind and the smell of Mark’s dick made her hornier with each climax.

Guy: ‘I am shooting. Inside you right?’

Vanessa: ‘Mmm~’

Her body jerked faster and her mouth sucked the meat pacifier harder. The guy was pumping with all his might till he came and his load fired into her pussy so hard she came at the same time. Her body was squeezing the dick so tightly that some of his cum flowed out, but the sudden recollection that she had to go back to her boyfriend with a creampie caused her to relax as soon as she could to keep the rest of the sperms in.

Mark enjoyed another few minutes of her blowjob and stopped her right before he came.

Mark: ‘Turn around to face your guy.’

She rotated her body to stick her butt out at her boyfriend and that side of the passenger door opened. Mark rammed his cock into her cum-filled pussy and went for his turn to unload into his sexy girl. Vanessa was looking right at the deflated cock of the stranger and her mind drove her to do the only sensible thing – suck it.

In a reversal of roles, Mark was pounding her and guiding her mouth up and down the guy’s dick. Feeling her wet pussy contracting, he knew she was about to cum and he went faster, jamming his dick in a shallow tempo but stuck right down her vagina.

Mark: ‘Here comes the second serving.’

Guy: ‘I am shooting too!’

Mark: ‘Nice one bro. Give her a three in one.’

The two guys placed their hands on her head and waist respectively, using her body continuously till they groaned together. Both her holes were filled with cum that spilled non-stop, and she was breathless to even moan.

As the guys backed away, Mark reached for her clit and gave her a little pinch, and kickstarted her engine that made her body shake violently.

Mark: ‘Don’t worry yeah? She cums like this when I pinch her clit.’

The convulsion lasted for almost a minute, where the guys spent cleaning themselves up. Once Vanessa had recovered, she sipped her reward of Milo through a straw and her clothes were worn back but in a slightly crumpled state now.

Mark: ‘Let’s go home. I make more Milo for you.’

Vanessa was made to enter the club again to pick up their belongings, and the few guys who stuck their fingers under her short skirt was disgusted by the stickiness of her panties. She appeared a while later with her skirt hiked up her hips and g-string left exposed for all to enjoy.

Their ride home was much quieter as he fingered her through the journey, soothing her senses that were kept in an ecstatic mode for the past few hours. Back home, Vanessa returned to her doggie stance and crawled to her food dish, where some Milo were poured for her to enjoy.

Mark: ‘Come here little doggie. It’s time to suck me.’

Naked but satisfied, she went over to his lap kneeling before the sofa he was on and licked his dick a few times before mouth-fucking him. She was so ready to please her master in anyway he wanted. And that drug he mixed into her drinks? It had kept her horny throughout and made her clit so sensitive she could cum with just a little pinch.

Let’s just hope this guy would be arrested for his inhumane acts, or do you guys fantasise to have such a willing and obedient ‘bitch’ as well?

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