Underage Boy

Qiqi was at the second row of seats on the bus enjoying her Korean drama when she noticed the school boy in front was watching some intimate scenes on his iPhone. Thinking that it was just part of a movie, she did not bother him till his hand seemed to be moving busily while the clip was playing.

There was no way she could focus on her drama when he was fidgeting throughout the ride, the clip continued to show the male lead removing his pants and the female was lightly holding his dick.

Qiqi: ‘Excuse me, how old are you to be watching these things?’

She peered over the handrail where his head was leaning on and looked down at his groin, where a little wiener stood out hard and the tip was covered in a transparent thick fluid.

Boy: ‘Sorry auntie.’

Those two words were simple and filled with innocence that her heart went soft immediately. He stopped the video with his soiled fingers and took out a packet of tissue to clean his dick. Feeling guilty about being so fierce to a young boy whom probably did not know what was wrong, she picked up her handbag and went to sit next to him.

Qiqi: ‘Don’t use those tissue. Use the wet ones. I give you.’

Out of her bag, she retrieved a packet of baby wipes and took one out, before keeping the rest and turning her attention to him. She gently placed the wipe over his dickhead and twisted it around, making the little boy groan uncontrollably.

Qiqi: ‘Feels good? Your name is Tian Hao?’
Boy: ‘Yes. It feels good auntie.’

Before you guys think that he was disrespectful for addressing her as ‘auntie’, she was indeed in her 30s and even had a son and daughter herself. She had not been intimate for her husband since she found out he was visiting whores outside but did not bring it up to him, since he had continued to support the family like how a good father would.

Her hands were fiddling with his tiny dick that was leaking more pre-cum and she was getting excited with her daring approach. He had no idea how to react except to moan and hang onto her hand.

As she continued to jerk him, she removed the wipe and went into skin contact with him. His voice remained soft and purr-like, much like music to a ‘sexperienced’ lady. Suddenly, she bent her back down to fellate him and a gasp made her smile at his groin. Sucking it like a lollipop, it grew bigger in her mouth and her tongue found it fun to tease by circling around his little head.

Boy: ‘Jie jie, I am going to shoot.’

Out of the blue, she had became ‘jie jie’ (big sister) in his eyes and she went faster along his shaft. The little boy kept moaning for the next few minutes until his hands went behind her head and held her down, and Qiqi gave him a hard suck while keeping her tongue flicking his rod.

The tiny squirts of cum filled her lower jaws up and she swallowed the few teaspoons without problem, keeping her cheeks vacuuming till he was emptied.

Qiqi: ‘Feels good?’
Boy: ‘Yes. Super nice. Jie jie, you are wearing a long dress? Why don’t wear a short one?’

She laughed at his question and knew those blue films were affecting his taste for clothes. Giving a quick glance behind to make sure there was no one else, she raised her maxi dress all the way to her hips and removed her panties for him.

Qiqi: ‘Want to play with it?’
Boy: ‘Yes!’

He stood between her legs and squatted down easily in the constrained space. His small fingers ran around her labia and clit energetically, making her wet in no time and coating his hands with her juices.

Qiqi: ‘Touch jie jie here.’

She used both hands to peel her raw slit apart and pointed at her clit that was erected and protruding from the little hood. His fingers went for it immediately and poked at it mercilessly, pinching and rolling it between his fingers to make her moan faster.

Boy: ‘Jie jie, you’re so wet.’
Qiqi: ‘Someone lo. So naughty.’

His tiny fingers pushed their way into her pussy and the other hand remained at her clit, pushing it like an unresponsive button of a lift. After three minutes of the messy clit-play, Qiqi’s legs shut themselves around him and he sank his fingers all the way into her, making her yelp as he scraped against her g-spot.

Qiqi: ‘Jie jie is cumming.’

He unknowingly pulled his hand out and focused on her clit, pinching them really hard till he felt a warm gush of liquid flow over his hands. It was so slippery and thin like water, and it gave him an idea to use it to please the matured lady even more.

With his hand wet all the way to the wrist, he packed his five fingers together and pushed lightly into her hole, where she did not stop him and even held his forearm to guide it in. After ten seconds, his fist was inside her and she was using him to fist herself. It was so fulfilling and satisfying to have a hand that was slightly bigger than her dildo thrusting so conveniently into her.

The next five minutes had them in that position and she was squeezing his hand tightly as she came at least twice from the fisting. Tian Hao’s hand was aching from the high pressure inside her and kept telling her how painful it was. She helped herself to one more orgasm before removing his hand and then wiping him clean with more wet wipes from her bag.

Boy: ‘Jie jie, you are really wet.’
Qiqi: ‘Are you hard again?’
Boy: ‘A little.’
Qiqi: ‘Take it out and put it inside.’

He listened to her obediently and stood before her, letting her guide his dick into her pussy. Only two inches long, there wasn’t much pleasure from it but the ecstatic look on the boy’s face made her want to give him a taste of what sex felt like.

Qiqi: ‘Can you feel anything?’
Boy: ‘Yes. Jie jie is so warm. And I am inside you.’

Holding his waist, she jerked him toward her pussy and he was moving on his own after a while. Having not much sensation from it, she resumed watching her iPad placed on his empty seat while he continued to ‘fuck’ her.

After just two minutes, Tian Hao was groaning and moving faster, tuning up the pleasure by a little but not enough to even make her horny. And a few seconds later, an extra load of warmth suddenly just oozed into her pussy like toothpaste out of a tube. Fearing the worst that might have happened, she pushed him away and checked, only to see a small blob of white cum showing out of her vagina.

Qiqi: ‘You shoot inside me?’
Boy: ‘I can’t control myself.’
Qiqi: ‘I get pregnant how?’
Boy: ‘I.. sorry.’

He tried to dig out the cum that was peering out of her hole and the whole clean-up was slightly more arousing that the sex. The boy then saw that his stop was coming and quickly zipped up his pants, leaving Qiqi with her pussy still wet with his cum.

Expected from such youngsters, she was happy to perfect a boy’s impression of a handjob and blowjob. Actually, even sex as well. Although she did not get much fun from the sex, his fist did leave a deep impression in her pussy and Qiqi found herself attracted to her dildo once she reached home.

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