A Table for Two

It felt good when all eyes were on the pretty 20 year old girl who was walking next to Desmond when they boarded the bus. Calie was wearing a slim fitting beige coloured dress with floral prints on it and the length of it was slightly above her knees, showing much of her long legs that made the dress looked so short.

Making their way to the upper deck, they found a seat facing the spiral stairs where they could see people coming up.

Calie took the window seat and made herself comfortable with one knee against the plastic wall in front and Desmond rested his hand on her lap. Brushing up and down her smooth thighs, the young girl was turning him on by just being young. Desmond was a successful man in his 40s, enjoying his bachelor status with this lady whom had became his fling for almost two months.

Calie: ‘Where are we going now?’
Desmond: ‘To a block around my place. I feel like doing it outdoor today.’

His hand trailed down her thigh and into her dress, where she was asked to go pantyless for the job. Running his fingernails along her slit, she was like all the girls he had been with, adjusting her body as he paid more attention to her clit and wriggling a finger into her pussy every once in a while.

Calie was in no position to negotiate even if public sex sounded scary to her. She was as wet as she could get but he gave her a sense of protection whenever they met. Being a student in an ITE, she was aware that there were many girls out there who could replace her if she failed to meet his demands.

For him, she had been attending classes to make sure she appeared more like a ‘lady’ than a gangster from who she used to be. The desire to be in the same level of class as him would make her feel more confident about being ‘hired’ for time to come.

After they alighted the bus, they made their way to an older estate where mostly old folks stayed. Reaching a level where they found the stairs were the cleanest, he was busy messaging on his phone while asking her to stand in front of the opening in the wall, facing the shorter flats.

She automatically raised her dress to her hips and rubbed on her clit between her legs, moaning for him to hear as he continued to be busy on the phone.

Desmond: ‘So on today ah? I am closing a deal right now. Masturbate yourself first.’

She smiled at the thought of having more money and a longer working relationship and fingered herself deeper, moaning so ever sexually to lure him to start.

Desmond: ‘Forgot to tell you. I asked a friend who lives nearby to join in the fun as well.’

What could she expect when she was paid over three thousand a month? The thrice weekly meet up was considered little for anyone who forked so much, and this new participant would just be one of the things she had to manage if she wanted him to stay long term with her.

After a while of waiting, I made my way up to the floor they were at and saw Desmond texting on his phone, with Calie kneeling on the floor and pleasuring herself.

Desmond: ‘Hey bro! I think you can have her tonight. I’m having a hard time closing this deal.’
Me: ‘Which one? The BM trade ah?’
Desmond: ‘Yeah lah. Drag for so long, now suddenly say everyone must exit by midnight.’
Me: ‘Haiyo. Luckily I’ve finished it earlier today.’
Desmond: ‘How much in total?’
Me: ‘Just two-point-nine. I’m not as rich as you leh.’

I dropped my shorts and went to Calie, who was smiling sweetly as she stood up against the wall. There was no way I wanted to enjoy this alone as he would be closing his deal anytime from now.

Me: ‘Des, sit here. Don’t make her do double work.’
Desmond: ‘Wah. Only you can think of such things.’
Me: ‘Calie, kneel in front of him. You can put your knees on my slippers.’

She turned towards the flight of stairs and got on her knees, while I rolled a condom Desmond handed to me from his pocket. My fingers were wet as I did a check along her slit to see if she was wet enough. I couldn’t believe how devoted she was to this job as she had to masturbate herself for who-knows-how-long if I weren’t coming.

Giving my dick a few strokes up and down her pussy, her juices lubed my rod and I sank it slowly into her. She was quick to realise what she had to do with Desmond and struggled to unzip his pants as I pounded her gently from the back. Her tightness was one thing I liked, on top of the multi-million dollar deal Desmond and I were closing just a few moments ago.

Thrusting faster as her mouth went over his dick, Desmond had took his authentication token out and punching in the numbers for the final phase of the check-out. Knowing that he was soon to be done, I did not hold back anymore and rammed harder into the petite girl, making her moan as she sucked him deeper.

Feeling her pussy squeezing me harder, I knew what a gem he had picked up when he invited me over for a treat. Desmond’s phone was soon on the concrete floor and was leaning back with a pleased look, groaning to his girl who was blowing him diligently.

Calie: ‘How much did you earn?’
Desmond: ‘Just eight-point-two.’
Me: ‘Asshole.’

Unsure if the numbers made any sense to the ITE girl, she was doing a good job between us and Desmond was holding her head and using her mouth much harder.

Me: ‘Calie, you can pause for a while. I’ll let you please your master now. I am not so into vaginal intercourse.’

Desmond did not give a hoot about what I said and got up, exchanging places with me. Sitting on the warm steps, he penetrated her raw and got started in no time, groaning his voice sore as he pounded her much harder. Calie had my dick in her mouth and was gagging as her face jerked into my groin, sending me into the heavens with her tongue that did not stop roaming despite the discomfort.

Desmond: ‘Calie, I want you to help my friend out for the other four days of the week. I will double your pay.’

In a change of mood, she managed to stabilised her body with Desmond still ramming at her butt, and took my dick in another angle. Thrusting her neck up and down, she was milking me so skilfully I couldn’t help but grab her head. Using her mouth like a rag doll, I found myself thrusting mercilessly at her for almost five minutes, before Desmond exclaimed to me that he was cumming.

Right then, I felt my urge reaching climax as well and I told him I was about to end. He shifted Calie back a few steps and let me kneel on the floor as well, and taking over her body like a poor sex doll.

The both of us rammed our hips at each ends and kept going till we bro-fisted. We stopped almost at the same time as our cum left our bodies and flushed into her holes, filling her pussy and mouth up without a drip going to waste. Her tongue was still teasing my pee hole and her pussy was still contracting from the orgasm she had at the same time as us.

Very carefully, we pulled ourselves away from her and helped her onto the floor, where she panted heavily like a dog. We two guys got dressed in a flash and compared results on our phones, along with more laughters about what we were going to do with the money. Calie was seen smiling throughout as she slowly picked up our profound words, making sense of why we were such good friends.

Me: ‘Calie, where do you live? You sending her home?’
Desmond: ‘Nah. I’ve got to work tomorrow. You can bring her home if you want.’
Calie: ‘I can go anywhere. I don’t have a curfew.’

Since she did not have any restrictions about staying out, I brought her to my humble HDB and let her do anything she wished while I started another deal on the BM trade on my laptop. Although she was tired, she did not just leave me on my own and even laid on my lap to suck me till she fell asleep when the clock strike two.

That morning, I woke her up by sliding my morning wood into her and she responded with a morning moan for greeting. Well, like what they say, a girl’s morning look is the most sexy and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste by asking her to wash up before going for another round.

Desmond did drop by my place after work, and had his share of fun with Calie while I was making dinner for the three of us. As much pleasure as we had, Calie was slowly growing addicted to the easy cash we gave her and even asked if she could marry me so she wouldn’t have to go back to her old life.

Actually, why not? Driven by money or love, as long as men has unlimited excess to sex, it would suffice right? Or not?

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