Slow Poison

Looking at the bottle containing a few drops of poison he had bought from a peddler on the streets of the red light district, Ansen was headed to his secondary two student’s place for tuition. After Michelle opened the door for him, she left him in her bedroom where it doubled as a study as well, giving him all the privacy to empty the bottle into her cup of bubble tea that was sitting atop the desk.

After a few minutes, Michelle came back into the room wearing a singlet where the opening for the arms were so huge he could peer into them and spot the loose pink bra that barely hid her nipples.

Lessons began normally and he was eyeing her as she sipped from the plastic cup, swallowing the poison that Ansen himself wasn’t sure what would happen. About thirty minutes later, Michelle felt her body getting warmer and a few parts of her body were getting extra sensitive, especially those without the protection of any skin, like her mouth, nipples, and clit.

Apart from the weird sensation, her arms were going numb and limp, slowly travelling down to her spine and lower body. She had gone motionless but was seated throughout the time and Ansen knew something was happening.

Ansen: ‘Are you alright Michelle?’
Michelle: ‘I think my body is going numb. I can’t move my arms and legs.’
Ansen: ‘Did you sit for too long? Let me help you to the bed.’

Without waiting for her reply, he stood up with a raging hard on and carried her up effortlessly, dropping her on the bed to see if she could react. Seeing that she could not respond physically, he did not waste anymore time and started unbuttoning his top, to the fearful expression of Michelle who was losing her ability to speak.

After Ansen was naked waist down with his shirt undone, he easily pulled her singlet off and unclasped her bra, before tugging her shorts down with the laced underwear she had wore just to feel sexy at home. There was no comparison to what she was going through when she felt so helpless, letting him fondle her small A cups and nipples as though she was a doll.

Once his hands got tired of playing with her lifeless body, his mouth went next over her nipples and suckled on them gently, turning on the unwillingly body of Michelle that was getting wet from the princess-like treatment. His lips kissed downwards from her chest and her knees were raised in the air, feeling his tongue nearing her pussy that she had shaved to maintain cleanliness.

A little peck to her clit sent her body trembling and it drove Ansen even crazier. Licking along her slit continuously, Michelle could not fight the urge to moan and produced very hoarse sounds to tell him how much she was enjoying it. The whole idea of a slimy tongue wriggling around her pussy sounded dirty but when she was the victim of such treatment, her body simply gave in to the madness and enjoyed every minute of the one-way service.

Ansen: ‘Shall we make love? I will be gentle with you.’

That was exactly what a rapist would say, and she couldn’t do anything except watch him positioned himself right below her hips, with her legs opened to the sides. He used his dick to flick across her pussy to get it lubricated and she was moaning softly as it brushed her swollen clit.

Right after, he angled his rod downwards and it poked at her entrance. No matter how scary it was, she did not feel a single bit of pain when his body got nearer, sinking his dick one inch at a time. Somehow, the poison had disabled the ‘pain’ receptors and Ansen was surprised at how a virgin could take him so painlessly.

Nonetheless, he could not be bothered with that and went all the way, filling her pussy with the hot, throbbing piece of meat. A sensual ‘ahhh’ went into his ears as he laid on top and he immediately fired his hips at her, thrusting the matured oversized of cock into the juvenile body that was far from the legal age for sex.

As time past, her speech recovered and the first words that came from her mouth was unlike what we’ve imagined.

Michelle (whispering): ‘Ansen, don’t stop. Go faster.’

A shocked face stared at her when he heard what she said and he picked his chest up by straightening his arms. Pounding harder into her pussy, he was groaning louder as she mewed innocently to his vigour. After some time of intense missionary, her body was recovering and she managed to gather enough strength to kick him away feebly.

Instead of running away, she rolled herself over in slow-mo and Ansen helped to pick her butt up in doggie style. He grabbed her tiny waist and shoved his cock in without warning, sending Michelle screaming as he rammed into her g-spot. Anyway, every area of her vagina was in contact with that huge cock and she was climaxing without rest in the position earlier.

Ansen: ‘I am going to fuck you all the way!’
Michelle: ‘Pleaseeee..’

She buried her face into his pillow as he picked up his speed and jerked her body so fast she could not balance herself if not for him holding her still. Her pussy was overwhelmed by the non-stop flooding of pleasure and she could stop shaking from the orgasms that came just minutes apart.

Michelle: ‘Cher, I can’t take it anymore. I am going crazy.’
Ansen: ‘I am already crazy. Shooting soon!’

Of all things he dared to experiment, getting a girl pregnant was a lifelong consequence and he did not want to be burdened with that. Abruptly dislodging his dick from her pussy, Michelle fell to her sides and he immediately went to kneel before her mouth.

Ansen: ‘Suck it for me.’

Michelle was in a daze too high to care and let him forced his dick into her, thrusting at her for the next three minutes. She was still rubbing her sensitive clit and fingering her love holes with at least two fingers when he was fucking her mouth.

Ansen: ‘Here it comes.’

She gave him a hard suck and used the tip of her tongue to tease his pee hole as he groaned in agony. The waves of warm yoghurt poured into her mouth with serenity, without the forceful squirts she was expecting to have. It all ended when he could no longer take anymore of her tongue action and stepped away from her, wearing his clothes in a hurry to escape what he just did.

Michelle: ‘You are leaving already? There is still an hour.’
Ansen: ‘I am not going to wait around here till you call the cops.’
Michelle: ‘Why would I? I want to do it again with you. You can take photos of me if you think I am going to report you.’

Ansen stopped what he was doing and wondered what came into his student. Taking his phone out, he put it in video mode and aimed at Michelle who was touching herself all over, like a pornstar asking to be fucked. A few photos were taken with her in suggestive poses and he was naked in no time, standing in front of her bed and letting her suck his cock like a slut.

Whatever the bottle of poison had done, it was worth it and he was about to make a trip down to get another dose before going for his next student’s place.

Ansen (Whatsapp): ‘Take a picture of yourself and send it to me every night. I’ll drop by tomorrow again to make up for a lesson that we missed last month. Be ready by then.’
Michelle (Whatsapp): ‘Here’s the picture. I just can’t stop masturbating myself. Can you come every day?’
Ansen (Whatsapp): ‘I can’t. But you can visit me every day.’

With that, a master and slave relationship began and he narrowly escaped being reported for rape, as long as she was still addicted to him right?

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