Sporting Tenant

Me: ‘Can you sit properly? It’s so unglam.’
Amy: ‘Aiya. Don’t care lah. No one here also.’

She stayed in that position with her legs wide opened on the coffee table watching the TV and I went into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of strawberry milk. Magically, the 21 year old student who rent a room in my house could smell it and called out to me for a cup as well.

She was studying in a local university but did not want to share a room in the dorm, and my place happened to be near her school. Despite the fact that she would be staying with another guy, she still went around the house in those skimpy tops and just her panties. From the times she went to school and out elsewhere, it was so different in terms of clothing and manners. Her wardrobe probably had tons of clothes since she would only go out in expensive looking dresses and proper make up.

Once I had poured the cups of milk, I opened the top cupboard and took out a steel capsule where I kept some sleeping pills for my insomnia that happened once in a while. Splitting half a tablet for her, I crushed it with the milk bottle and dispersed into her drink.

Me: ‘Here.’

The cute girl took the cup in her hands and gulped the contents down without a pause, licking her lips and returning the cup to the table for me to clean up.

We sat at the couch for a while before she started yawning, as the show came to an end. With her head slouched on the headrest, she was getting motionless but figured that she was just too lazy to move.

Amy: ‘Did you put something in my drink? I’m feeling so tired all of a sudden.’
Me: ‘Hello, you live in the same house as me leh. Why would I do that?’

A few more yawns later, she picked herself up and wobbled to her door, where she suddenly collapsed on the floor. I dashed over to her and helped her up, arms around her waist and holding her against my body. We made our way to her room and I placed her on the bed.

Amy: ‘I think my menses is coming. It happens sometimes.’
Me: ‘Have a rest first. Don’t think about anything else.’

I turned the air conditioning to 20 degrees and left the room, waiting for her to get more drowsy before checking on her again.

Amy (shouting): ‘J! Can you accompany me till I fall asleep?’

Returning to her room, I quickly sat myself down on her bed and covered my hard on with the corner of her blanket. She grabbed my wrist and held it there while she started talking about her school and the stress she was facing. My mind was no longer on the sleeping pill but her worries that she was pouring out from her heart.

Amy: ‘You know? Living with you makes me feel so safe. Like you’re taking care of me. I missed this kind of closeness since I decided to live on my own.’
Me: ‘Close your eyes. You’ll be asleep soon. Don’t think so much k?’

I stayed by her side till she fell asleep and I raised the blanket above her hips, where the same pair of baby blue panties was still clad around her groin, giving me a glimpse of her cameltoe. Poking her a few times around her arms, she did not react to it and simply slept with a peaceful face.

Right then, my mind went into clockwork and I tugged her panties down her fair legs, that were waxed every two weeks. Her shirt was lifted over her head and as I rolled her body sideways to unhook her bra, I felt her hand moving up my thighs and into my boxers.

Amy: ‘So you really drugged my milk?’
Me: ‘I.. I just couldn’t resist you anymore.’
Amy: ‘Is this the first time you put it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. You were especially teasing today with your panties giving you a wedgie between your legs.’

Her hand kept pushing into my boxers till her fingers were around my dick, held against her cold palm and warming her up.

Amy: ‘You know, you can just ask and I’ll give it to you. I’ve liked you for some time now.’
Me: ‘How would I know? You belong to the higher class in my eyes.’
Amy: ‘I’ll take that as a compliment then.’

She reached her arms out at me and I pulled her upright, before she patted on the bed and asked me to lie down. In front of my eyes, the sweet girl brushed her fringe to above her ears and stripped my panties off, and removed her bra for me to enjoy her firm breasts. The set of nipples were so small yet perfectly sized, like a cherry atop an ice cream cake.

I watched closely as her mouth went over my dick and she sucked on the tip for a moment to get my pre-cum flowing. Her lips slid gracefully down slowly as her saliva dribbled down the sides of my shaft, lubricating for what was to come. Her slender neckline kept her body right above my crotch but allowed her head to bob along my dick, massaging the full length with her mouth.

My body couldn’t help but shiver as her slippery mouth went up and down, making me groan uncontrollably as she used her tongue to cushion the bottom of my shaft. There I was in another world with her mouth going continuously, and she seemed so pleased to hear how turned on I was.

After what seemed like a short blowjob, a choking sound came and I stopped her immediately, knowing that she attempted to go deeper to make me feel good.

Me: ‘You don’t have to do that for me. Come, your turn to lie down.’

She fell beside me and lifted her head for my arm to get out. I went to her groin and parted her feet next to my body, lying on my chest right in front of her pussy. Tongue out and closing in, she was spreading her pussy lips to expose her clit and I went straight for it, flicking it up and down with my relaxed tongue.

The arching of her back was so sexy and my eyes were fixated on her most of the time, admiring the smooth tummy rise and fall to my teasing. Planting my lips around her clit, I squeezed my lips together and sucked hard, making her squeal as her body trembled violently. Like a tsunami, the wave grew bigger as my tongue went all out, stroking every part of her pussy till she grabbed my hair and held my face in her groin.

A tiny stream of juice leaked and it went down like a river onto the bedsheets. The mesmerising sight of a beautiful teen cumming to my mouth was short lived but surely fulfilling.

Amy: ‘Don’t lick me anymore. I want you inside me.’
Me: ‘I don’t have a condom.’
Amy: ‘You don’t need it. We have been together for six months and I never saw you bring any girls home. Of course you don’t have condoms.’

Unsure if it was a sneer remark or compliment, I knew she was right. My left hand had been my ‘girlfriend’ for almost a year now and there was no need for condoms. I kneeled beside her hips and she held my dick, pointed at her wet, fleshy opening. We connected in the most sensual manner as she guided me in, using her feet to push me at her pace till I was covered in her raw softness.

Amy: ‘Don’t move first. Let me sit up.’

I straightened my legs behind her and hugged her before sitting up, breathing in the floral scent that her body was giving off. I wasn’t sure if I could do much in this position but she knew how to do it. Our arms went around each other and she jerked her hips back and forth, sliding against the sheets and letting the momentum do the work.

My dick was going in and out of her easily and the moans she was giving off showed me how high she was. No matter what, she must have known that her body enjoyed this angle and I did not say a word but leaned backwards on my hands for her to keep going.

After two minutes, she moved her waist faster and I felt the pressure in her vagina increasing. Cold sweat was breaking out on the surface of her glowing skin and I knew she was about to cum. Her head flung backwards flicking her long hair across my face and her body leaned back like mine, moving only our hips against each other.

Without any warning, her arms gave way and she fell hard on the bed, while I took over the thrust and pounded at her pussy with my butt on the bed.

Amy: ‘I’m cumming! Slow down! Slow down!’

Knowing she was going crazy, I returned my knees to kneel under her butt and raised her legs above my shoulders.

Amy: ‘Oh shit. Not this position! I’ll get too.. sensitive! ‘

I knew I would be going much deeper in this pose and rammed really hard down on her contracting slit. Her head threw itself left and right as her fingers clenched at my biceps, shaking uncontrollably as the single orgasm came and knocked her breathless.

My dick was still hard and it wasn’t too far from cumming as well. Ignoring her pleas to let her rest, I forcefully opened her legs and flipped her to the side, hugging one leg against my chest.

Me: ‘You want this position or doggie?’

Amy did not reply and I couldn’t wait for her to either. Her head was turned at me as my hips kept moving and she bit her lips to show me how sensitive she was. Not feeling anything from the side-bonk, I carried her waist up and her knees fell into position below her body.

Holding on firmly to her waist, I initiated the crazy doggie style and she could only grabbed onto the pillow to ease the agony. Driving my dick like a jackhammer, juices kept gushing out of her pussy. Throughout the full five minutes of my backdoor ram, she was begging me to let her go and she would help me in other ways.

How could I stop even if I wanted to? My body was moving on its own and it was definitely making her too crazy to keep up. Like all good things, I felt the end nearing and I slowed down, to hear her asking if I was going to shoot.

Me: ‘Yeah. I take it out k?’
Amy: ‘Finally!’

She collapsed to the side near the wall and she held onto my wrist to bring me to her mouth. Going on my knees next to the pillow, she took my dick sideways and remained motionless. Since she was too tired, I could help myself right? I pinned her head on the pillow and shoved my dick at her, going as deep as I wanted and feeling her suction trying to keep up with my tempo.

Me: ‘I’m shooting.’

She placed one of her palm at the base of my dick and she moved her mouth on her own, milking me for the last lap before my dick sneezed out hard, ejaculating all the semen I had stored for over a week. Seeing her cheeks puffed up was a nice view as she kept sucking me. I was somewhat numb from the intensity earlier and did not succumb to her dick head tease when she tried to make me feel what she went through.

A minute later, I pulled my dick out of her mouth and sat on her bed, watching my rod twitch without any drops forming on the tip.

Amy: ‘Why don’t you get sensitive from me sucking?’
Me: ‘Cause it’s slightly numb when I went so fast inside you?’
Amy: ‘Wasted. Thought I can make you beg for me to stop.’

I turned myself around and covered her body with the blanket, giving her a kiss on the forehead as she gave me a wide yawn.

Amy: ‘Can we do it tomorrow?’
Me: ‘I am living with you right? You can do it anytime you want. Or I want.’

A sweet smile appeared across her face as I stood by the bed with our clothes, turning off the bedside lamp after she closed her eyes. She remained a mystery to an extend when she offered to pay for the utility bills when she rented the room, and our conversations around the house were usually harmless that were totally unrelated to what happened that night.

The next morning, I woke up to her sucking my morning wood and she was still naked with her breasts shaking as she worked her mouth. She offered to make breakfast with me and while she was frying the egg, I was pounding my German-sized sausage into the distracted moaning girl.

With the both of us ending school and work around six in the evening, it wasn’t hard to understand why we were sleeping by 10pm. Imagine the workout we had during that 4 hours – daily.

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