Raped by a Virgin

Shirley (shouting): ‘I’m home!’

Danny jolted awake from his sleep and found himself in the same position he was left a few hours ago, arms and legs tied to the bed frame to keep him imprisoned. It had been two days since he had saw any light with the blindfold around his head and the long hours of tortured made him beg for freedom from the last person he could imagined doing this to him.

He was originally supposed to be the more sexually driven person in their short three months of relationship but ever since he date raped her a week ago, he became a sex victim to his very own girlfriend.

Shirley: ‘Are you ready for tonight?’
Danny: ‘Please let me go. I will do anything you ask, but free me first?’
Shirley: ‘Then I won’t get to play the dom anymore right?’
Danny: ‘No no! I will let you have control.’

He felt the tip of a straw at the corner of his mouth and sucked in huge mouthful till the glass was empty. Starved and driven to thirst, he had no idea what he did to the innocent girl turned crazy from the rape. As soon as the thud came from the glass landing on the table, she climbed into the bed and he sensed her skirt or dress dragging over his groin.

Shirley: ‘How many rounds today?’
Danny: ‘I don’t want it anymore.. please.. I beg you.’

Her hand went around his dick and gave it a few pumps before it grew instinctively till it reached the huge size he used to take her virginity away. Feeling her body weight increasing on his tummy, his dick felt the moist pussy touching the tip, followed by the rest of her vagina devouring his hard cock.

Danny could not overpower the girl who had been taking dance classes with his hands tied, feeling her hips grind against his groin as his dick slipped in and out of her wet cunt. With her hands on his chest, she rode him non-stop and he was groaning to his dick being milked by the tightening hole.

After she spent a few minutes on top, she leaned her body backwards, pressing on his calves as her feet parked themselves next to his waist. Bouncing up and down, the dick head stroked along the underside of her pussy and sent her moaning louder as her g-spot was teased mercilessly.

Shirley: ‘You like to hear me moan right? I like to see you in agony. Please me and I might let you go.’

The last statement had been ringing in his ears for the uncountable times he had came, and she used that excuse to get him to lick her whenever she got tired. But that evening, she was much livelier as his hips kept slamming against her butt and felt his dick fall into submission to her clenched hole.

Shirley returned to riding him in the normal cowgirl after getting her first orgasm for the night and continued fucking her boyfriend who was groaning in pain, partly caused by his dick that was thrown into a constant state of pleasure without a break. Even for Danny whom had wished he had a sex-starved girlfriend, Shirley proved to him that it could well be more than what he could handle if such a wish ever came true.

After a long and torturous ten minutes, their bodies were covered in perspiration, the deprived girl still bouncing happily on top of him, making sure to cover every inch of his dick.

Danny: ‘Shirley, please.. I am going to shoot. Get off.’

Sitting herself up on his dick, she jerked her waist like a belly-dancer to send his dick into oblivion as she felt her pussy squeezing before her orgasm. Going faster than before, the shackles around his wrists clanged louder to his struggle, mind thrown into a state of blank as his dick went over sensitive to her gyrating hips.

Shirley: ‘Your dick is pumping so fast now.’
Danny: ‘Yeah! Argh.. argh.. ‘

His voice softened as his cum fireworked into her pussy, filling her up with the fresh load of semen for the day. Shirley slowed down as well, recovering from her orgasm but was still moving on top of him. Leaning her boobs over his mouth, she placed the tip at his lips and he took it like a hungry puppy, licking and nibbling on it till she was satisfied.

Shirley: ‘You’re getting better with your mouth huh?’
Danny: ‘Can you let me rest now?’
Shirley: ‘I wanted to, but you turned me on again with my nipples.’

Shit.. This time, she got off his body and sat between his legs with her legs folded. Lowering her mouth over his throbbing half-erection, she sucked on it hungrily till it was fully up.

For her second mission, she slammed her face against his groin and took him deep down her throat, getting used to the gagging that was disappearing into the second day of practice. Feeling her throat contract around his dick, Danny was already in a trance making moaning sounds as his dick begged silently for mercy.

Shirley: ‘You wanted this right? When you fucked my mouth after raping me?’

Using her tongue, she licked the sides clean of cum and went back to deep throating him. Fingering herself between her thighs, she moaned louder for him to get some relieve and he was soon thrusting his hips upwards at her as she sucked.

Shirley knew she could rest more if he did the work and let her use her mouth, ramming all the way without rest so he would get too tired. After a good five minutes of mouth-fucking, his waist grew weak but the urge to cum was about to arrive.

The trained girl picked up the signs immediately and picked herself up, squatting down while facing his feet and lowering her pussy with her legs closed. The tightness wasn’t new to him but was certainly overwhelming to his sensitive dick.

As soon as she standing doing little squats above his groin, Danny begged for her to slow down to let his penis recover, since he could not cum if his dick was getting numb. Listening to his request, she paused for a minute to catch her breath as well. Once he was groaning again to the slight shifting of her butt, she knew he was ready and resumed slamming her butt on his dick.

Shirley: ‘Cumming? Cumming?’
Danny: ‘Yes yes! Oh my god!’

The slapping sounds of their genitals got louder as he creamed the second serving into her, going into a slight convulsion as his dick got so sensitive he was losing his mind.

Shirley lifted her body up after the pulses in his rod died down and let her meat pie squeeze the load out and over his manhood, like a sausage covered in a cheese sauce.

Shirley: ‘Had fun? I am going to shower now. Once I am done, I will come back for more.’

Danny’s neck relaxed and fell his head onto the pillows, where a drop of tear formed at the corner of his eyes. There was no knowing how long would this abuse last, and he was regretting what he did to his girlfriend who had gave in to his every request except the vaginal intercourse, which he took by force.

Another glass of purplish liquid was swallowed down his dry throat that had crushed Viagra mixed into it, and he was hard and ready in no time for the long night to come.

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