Void Deck Adventure

Walking in front of me was a thin lady with highlighted hair, a black shirt to go with a pair of worn out blue floral shorts that made her legs stand out in the simplest outfit for a walk around the neighbourhood.

I turned into a corner after spotting my favourite writing table empty and placed my stuff down before walking over to the vending machine to get my dose of jasmine green tea. Right as I bent down to retrieve the can, the same girl stood behind me and gave me a jump when I stood up.

Me: ‘Yes?’
Girl: ‘I don’t know if you can help me but I am taking an accountancy test tomorrow, and I need someone to guide me.’
Me: ‘I am not very good in accounts eh.’
Girl: ‘Can use your iPad?’

Seeing that my personal writing time was about to disappear into thin air, I couldn’t resist helping this poor girl who had this ‘lian-ish’ (gangster-like) look with her dress code.

We sat at the table I left my stuff on and she frantically flipped her books to continue memorising from where she stopped.

Girl: ‘What are you doing here at this hour?’
Me: ‘I writefor hobby.’
Girl: ‘Really? What kind? I read once in a while too.’
Me: ‘Haha. Can do say? It’s not something I am proud of.’
Girl: ‘Okay then. Do you mind if I smoke?’

I gave her a tilted nod and she lit the one stick she hid in her long hair above her ear. I could not write at ease with another person beside and ended up doing some housekeeping for my site. Apart from the distracted work I did, some time was also dedicated to helping her Google the right search terms to get the answers she needed.

Before we knew it, an hour had passed and it was close to 1am when she was done with her study.

Clara: ‘I am so excited about tomorrow. I don’t think I can sleep.’
Me: ‘Just lie in bed and think about what you studied? It should help you sleep.’
Clara: ‘Cannot! I will end up checking my notes when I cannot remember something. Haha. You live around here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Just two blocks away.’
Clara: ‘Do you think I should drink before bed?’
Me: ‘Of course not! What if you oversleep?’
Clara: ‘Ya hor.’

As the clock showed 1:00, I pocketed my phone and disconnected my bluetooth keyboard, ready to head home for the night before my work starts in the afternoon.

Clara: ‘Eh, can you stay with me for a while more? I want to see the website you showed me that has tips on accounting.’

As God had planned, a group of guys and girls walked towards us and saw that the table was taken. They turned to a corner about ten feet away and placed the plastic bags down, knocking the bottles against the concrete floor. Before the page could even finish loading, a thick smog of cigarette blew in our direction and music started playing from their phones.

Clara: ‘Let’s go somewhere quieter. Maybe outside my house? At the stairs.’

I did not say anything to prevent inhaling more second hand smoke and walked closely behind her, taking no breaks till we reached the quiet stairs outside her house.

She sat next to me with her butt against mine and shared the screen on my lap. From my height, assisted by the overhead lamps, I could glance into her collar and spot the white bra she wore under. It wasn’t anything sexy or low cut, but her bra was clearly oversized to protect the brown tips barely touching the cups.

Clara: ‘Eh! Can don’t stare until so obvious?’
Me: ‘Oops. Sorry sorry. Your bra seems too big hor?’
Clara: ‘Tsk! Still say!’

She clicked on ‘2’ to move to the second page and I leaned against the edge of the steps behind me to stretch myself. Her hair was smelling so good and it looked so soft and smooth, tempting me to just paste my nose on them and take a deep breath.

Still glued to my iPad, she asked if her hair smelled good and I laughed at my deep breaths that gave me away. Running my hand around her waist, I pulled her closer and she snuggled conveniently into my embrace.

Clara: ‘Put this behind.’

She held the iPad for me and I gently place it behind my head, out of the way for whatever we were going to do. There was no hesitation when she cupped her hand over my ice cold knee and slid upwards into my shorts. My arm went around her neck and made its way into her collar, feeling the straps of the bra that led to her breasts.

Warming her chest with my palm, she squirmed as I clipped her nipples between my fingers and rolled them around for a bit. Her fingers wriggled into the netting of my shorts and went around my dick that was growing to the idea of getting lucky on this peaceful night. Perhaps she needed help to be tired so she could sleep too.

Once my hand reached the maximum depth from her neck, I couldn’t just stop there and exited her shirt, going to her back to unhook the bra that did not even fit her. As the straps went out of her arms to remove them entirely, she was bending herself over my groin and stretching the waistband of my shorts just enough to expose my hard on.

Feeling her tongue give a lick at the tip, I realised it was too awkward to get my hands anywhere else and got her to sit in front of me, right between my legs. From there, I lifted her shirt above her chest and fondled her boobs as her lips began gliding gracefully up and down my shaft, maintaining a little suction as her head bobbed.

Bending my back to its limit, I managed to stick my fingers into her shorts and felt the closeness of her pussy to the cloth.

Me: ‘You got wear panties?’

She shook her head with my dick in her mouth and was forced deeper by my tummy that was pushing the back of her head. Digging my way into her bottoms, the slight wetness on my fingertips told me more than what I needed to know and my fingers moved along her slit to get more moisture out of her.

Me: ‘Don’t suck me anymore. Face the front?’
Clara: ‘Cannot lah. Still very weird like this. Move all the way to the top.’

We took a few steps back and sat on the platform connecting two flights of steps, with her sitting in front of my opened legs and the drawstrings of her shorts undone. I pushed my hand into her waist and felt the wetness that was waiting for me. Wasting no time, I began attacking her clit and her legs overlapped mine to give me more ‘maneuverability’.

Slowly, I dipped my fingers into her pussy and she was holding on to my wrist tighter, as though she was the pilot in the cockpit. Well, cockpit sounded like the best word in this case. After her pussy was totally covered in her own juice, and her moans got louder till she scared herself, she reached for the handrail beside us and stood up.

She tugged her shorts down her butt and left the perfect gap for me to penetrate her. It felt so discreet and safe that she did not worry when I took some time to get the tip at her entrance. Once I was at her ‘door’, she was moving her butt backwards in an attempt to get me inside her as soon as possible.

Having no rubber between us, there was always this fear that I might cum before any of us even enjoyed. The soft walls of her vagina stretched effortlessly to accommodate my entry and I found no trouble sinking my meat all the way in one trip. As soon as I was in, she was backing on me to hurry the fuck up. Yes, I should hurry the fuck up.

Holding onto her waist and feeling her soft but firm skin in my hands, I rammed my hips at her and she was moaning in such a contradicting tone. Part of her wanted to scream out loud, and the other part knew she had to be totally quiet. All I could hear was Mmm.. and deep breaths she took when she opened her mouth wide.

With the clock ticking, I knew she needed sleep no matter how ‘sexcited’ she was and picked up my pace, causing her to moan in a weak voice. The waves of pleasure echoing through her body translated to the tightening of her pussy, sealing my dick into an air-tight environment. There was no need to force my way in as the vacuum would bring me right to the depths, where she would tiptoe as I hit the deepest spot.

Clara (whispering): ‘Go faster! I am cumming!’

With one hand hanging on the railings, her other hand was lowering her shorts, dropping at her feet and got kicked out of the way. Her legs parted and I went even faster, expending my last bit of energy reserved for the final moment.

While she was gathering the energy for the climax, my dick happily joined in the countdown and signalled to me that ‘Armegeddon’ was about to reach us. She felt the powerdown in my tempo and pushed me back till my back was against the wall. Using the handrail as a support, she threw her butt at my groin, making me feel as though I was raped willingly.

Me: ‘I am about to shoot as well! Relax can?’
Clara: ‘Don’t care le! I want to cum with you.’

Holding her shoulders to sink my dick deep, we were so sex-starved that any positions would do at that instance. Right after I felt her pussy turning into a black hole, sucking me into the deepest ends and then exerting high pressure around it, my bullets chambered straight to my barrel and I trembled my hips at her pussy, jerking like a machine gun gone out of control.

The humongous load then triggered her body into a convulsion and a powerful jet of cum splashed onto the ground before her feet, like a pipe gone wild. Her pussy then contracted randomly around my dick and I bet it couldn’t shrink even if it wanted to, especially not in that suction and the ‘massage’ it was experiencing.

Still stuck inside her, I shifted our bodies to the next flight of stairs and sat down with her on top. Reaching around her waist, I located her clit and massaged them in circles, where her hands suddenly went around my neck and pulled me next to her face.

At that moment, another round of juices sprayed at where we stood earlier and made a puddle that flowed towards the drainage hole in the corner. My fingers did not stop moving and kept tuning her clit till she clamped her legs shut to stop me from tormenting her any further.

Pulling herself up with the grill, she landed hard on her ass and I handed her the shorts I saved before the cum reached it. She wore it tiredly and was covered in sweat, sticking some of her hair across her face. I gathered all our belongings and went back to sit beside her, swiping her wet hair behind her ears to see her satisfied expression.

Clara: ‘You know, my ex was so scared when I squirt on his bed. I never dared to do it in public places until I met you. Everything felt so right and I just had to try it.’
Me: ‘Now you can sleep better?’
Clara: ‘Yeah. Damn tired now.’

I stood up and helped her up, before she walked a flight down with one hand hanging on dearly to the railings. Wobbling to her unit, she waved goodbye at me waiting for the lift and I smiled gladly at her.

Clara (whispering): ‘Pss! My number!’

I ran to her before the lift reached and handed her my phone, which she typed her number down and saved it under a name she refused to tell me. Only after I got home (about five minutes later), I saw an unusual name of ‘Sexy Girl’ and sent her a message on Whatsapp.

Clara (Whatsapp): ‘I am sleeping le. Super fun day for me. Goodnight! – xoxo ;)’

The next day, we met again after her paper and she gave me a hug below her block, knocking her braless breasts on me. In exchange, my dick knocked on her pussy over her skirt and she planted a kiss on my cheeks while rubbing her hand over my bulge.

Clara: ‘Time to reward you for helping me yesterday.’
Me: ‘Same place?’
Clara: ‘Nope. My house this time. I want my parents to know who helped me last night.’

Meeting the parents so soon? We only spent half a minute at the living room greeting her parents and the rest of the evening happened in her bedroom. Rounds and rounds of sex, with her squirting into a small pail whenever she came just to keep her bed dry and clean.

Would you guys consider 1/4 of the bucket to be a lot?

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