Unexpected Earnings

Friend: ‘Ian! Since you won so much money, go ask any girl in the group if they want to have sex with you leh. We will just watch.’
Ian: ‘Seriously? You think anyone will want meh? I don’t think it will work.’
Friend2: ‘Just go try. Who knows?’

Ian walked hesitantly towards the group of girls barbecuing next to their pit and took out the thick wad of fifty dollar notes. Clearing his throat in front of the suspicious eyes, he blurted out his dare in a calm tone.

Ian: ‘My friends over there dared me to come and ask if any one of you wants to have sex for this stack of cash. Say no and I will leave you girls to yourselves.’
Girl: ‘Just one of us?’
Ian: ‘I don’t know too. If you girls want to be together in this then it will be more fun. They are just a horny bunch of bastards.’

They looked at the group sitting at a stone table not far from them and giggled at the idea of making so much money in just one night. They politely asked him to go back and wait for a while before giving him a reply. Knowing such a silly offer would not take off, he returned to his friends who were jeering.

Eating a few hot dogs later, a girl in a spag top and shorts walked over to Ian and pulled him away from his jealous looking friends.

Girl: ‘I’m Kacie here. My friends want to know if it will be with one guy or the group?’
Ian: ‘Ian here. Umm.. with the group. Cause I can’t just enjoy on my own right?’
Kacie: ‘And we choose our own partners? How much money is there?’

Ian counted the money before her and it totalled up to be a little over a thousand dollars. There were five guys and seven girls so, it would be entirely up to the ladies to decide how they want to split.

Kacie went back to her group and chattered for a while, before five of them came to his table. Each girl stood behind their selection and Ian got Kacie, the waist length haired girl with glossy pink lipstick on.

Friend3: ‘We can use your room too right? I think ten people is too crowded.’
Girl3: ‘Can lah. Our friends will only come in after they finish cooking the food.’

Ian walked hand in hand with Kacie to a separate bedroom, fitted with a queen sized bed. Once her wallet and phone was tucked away, Ian grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a kiss. Kacie had liked him since he approached her group and stuck her tongue between his lips, exchanging saliva while making their way to the bed.

Kacie: ‘Since you are paying, I’ll start the ball rolling.’

‘Ball rolling’ huh? He removed his beach shorts and Kacie stripped her top off, leaving her in just her bra and skirt. Lying on his abs, she stroked his hard on a few times before giving a lick on the tip, causing Ian to groan at the sensitivity of it. With one hand at his testicles, her mouth dived down his shaft and bobbed her head up and down, sucking him while letting her tongue swirl around her mouth.

Ian could not believe that money really worked and he did not even need to fork out a single cent, while his friends get to enjoy the rewards of their losses as well. Cupping his hands behind his head, he was savouring every moment of the girl’s mouth working tirelessly on his cock, leaking pre-cum to add on to the meat stick that was warm and thick.

Ian: ‘My turn now?’
Kacie: ‘What do you want to do?’
Ian: ‘Lie on the bed. I want to lick you.’

She plopped herself comfortable among the sheets and let him removed her panties, a little wet from blowjob she was giving. In Kacie’s mind, she couldn’t wait to feel his throbbing dick inside her but it was his call after all.

Spreading her legs wide with her skirt on, Ian went straight between her thighs and landed his tongue on her clit, flicking it a few times before sucking it hard. Kacie immediately let off a loud groan as it swelled in his lips. After which, he proceeded to the wet slit to get a taste of this barely legal teen.

Kacie: ‘I can’t take it anymore. Put it inside me?’

Her hands were clenched above her mouth as she pleaded for him to let her have more. Ian shifted his body below her pussy and led her hand to his dick, where she guided it to her vaginal opening. Leaning his hips closer, the tip slipped abruptly into her hole and she gasped gently. Inching his way into her, the tightness of her pussy was sealing his dick into a close fit.

Ian: ‘Have you done it with any guys?’
Kacie: ‘Just my boyfriend. You?’
Ian: ‘Only my girlfriend.’

Holding onto her knees, he began thrusting his waist at her and sank his stick deep into her, plunging non-stop in an increasing pace. While they were at it, the volume of their voices grew louder as their lust built up to a much more intense session. Halfway pumping at Kacie, one of Ian’s friend walked into their room with his partner, both nude and with a handycam in his hand.

Friend: ‘Keep going k? I’ll make a little video for souvenir.’

The girl was spurring him on to get the angles right and Kacie couldn’t be bothered with them, wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him deeper. After a few seconds, her thighs stiffened and tried to keep Ian’s dick inside, but he wasn’t giving in so easily, ramming her harder as she groaned agonising as an orgasm reached.

A painful sounding ‘arghh!’ came and her hips buckled below Ian, trembling as he continued pounding his cock into the slurping wet hole. The couple that walked into them had positioned the camera at them and went to the mattress next to the queen sized bed and were fucking atop too.

Kacie: ‘Let me ride you now.’

Ian excitedly swapped places with her and watched her mount herself over his dick, carefully lowering herself as she slipped his thick cock in. The last inch proved to be the toughest for Kacie as she knew her pussy was at its limit. Ian then held her waist and jerked upwards, stretching her cunt as his dick disappeared into her.

Kacie: ‘Fuck.. it’s so big.’
Ian: ‘Thanks!’

Pinning her hips down on his groin, he shook her body up and down his abs, using the little girl’s pussy to fuck himself. They remained in this position for almost ten minutes, giving her about two orgasms before Ian felt his urge building up.

Ian: ‘Where do I cum?’
Kacie: ‘You can shoot inside me. My boyfriend always does that too.’
Ian: ‘Don’t want. I want to unload in your mouth. I seldom have any chance to do that with my girl.’

She climbed away from him and went into 69, positioning her pussy over his face as she took his dick down her throat. Kacie jerked her body back and forth to automate the blowjob and her pussy was constantly teased by Ian’s fingers.

After three minutes, Ian was thrusting his dick upwards into her mouth as he felt his load coming. In no time, his feet went behind her head and pushed her down over his squirting cock, while he fingered her faster till she slammed her groin on his chest.

A huge amount of juices came spraying out of her pussy as her mouth filled up with his man-juice, shocking Ian with the fact that she could squirt – like him. They spent the next minute in that pose and only went back to the bed after she recovered from the non-stop trembling.

The pair fucking next to them was already done and the girl was massaging her pussy covered in his friend’s cum.

Kacie: ‘Had fun?’
Ian: ‘You’re really good. Yeah.’

Picking up his phone, he sent a text in the group chat and his friends were all done then. A quick deal was made to spend the night where they were and the other two girls who did not join in came and sleep next to Ian, where Kacie woke up in the middle of the night for another round of sex, keeping her two friends up.

As they bounced on the bed, the two girls were getting each other off and Ian understood why they did not join in. The second load was emptied inside Kacie and she fell asleep next to Ian who were eyeing on the two lesbians in the bed.

While Kacie snored away, he was pleasuring the girls whom had not had a cock for the longest time and literally fucked each others’ minds out in the noisy chalet room, where some of his friends were awake for some late night ‘snacks’ – of their girls.

The next morning came and he distributed the money, with his number on the blue note that he gave to Kacie. Well, she texted him shortly after they returned to their rooms and he left the place earlier with her, walking to his car to continue their little fling at a budget hotel nearest to them.

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