Doe’s Girl

The KTGS student hurried out of the school alone after the bell rang to avoid being seen by her classmates as she hopped into a white car with heavily tainted windows.

Doe: ‘How’s school today?’
Jessica: ‘Just so so only. Very tired.’
Doe: ‘See what I bought for you?’

Her 20 year old boyfriend held up a Hello Kitty printed set of bra and panty, making her squeal in delight as she had loved products with those designs on it. The fifteen year old girl was in choir and maintained a slim figure from the twice weekly PE lessons, making her an official SYT partner that Doe had ever wished for.

Doe: ‘Put it on now?’
Jessica: ‘So impatient ah?’

The rest of the school exiting the gate could not look into the car despite the strong sunlight and it wasn’t the first time she had removed her clothes in the car too. Stripping her FBTs from under her skirt, her pink cotton panties covered in lint was gone and the Hello Kitty took over to cover her privates. Her blouse was unbuttoned and had her bra changed too, with her top on.

Jessica: ‘It’s so comfy! But there’s no padding in it.’
Doe: ‘No need lah. I can feel your boobs easily mah.’

He leaned towards her and slipped his hand between her buttons, giving a naughty squeeze on her 32A cups. Smacking his hand away, he started the car and headed for City Plaza, where they often stopped at the carpark for some private moment.

Once the car parked itself, she got out from the passenger seat and went behind, leaving Doe to select the symphony radio station and bring the mood to a more relaxed one.

In the backseat, the couple hugged and made out, letting their hands run all over each other’s bodies and undoing whatever zips and buttons in their way.

Doe (whispering): ‘You smell especially nice today.’
Jessica (whispering): ‘Where got? I’m so smelly after PE.’
Doe (whispering): ‘That’s the smell that turns me on so much.’

His underwear went out below his feet and Jessica’s hand reached straight for his dick, that was stiff with a droplet of pre-cum forming at the tip. Like how their foreplay usually began, she sat near the door while he took the other end and opened his legs wide. Aiming for the juicy thick piece of meat, her mouth devoured his cock and sucked gently on it, making it throb harder on her tongue.

With her lips sealed tight around his girth, they moved up and down in an increasing speed to a soft groan coming from him and she was busy using her other hand that wasn’t holding his dick, to rub her pussy outside her panties.

Doe’s eyes closed themselves as her saliva lubricated her blowjob for her to go faster and she was moaning with his dick in her mouth too, listening to the sensual sounds he was making to let her know how good it felt. The pure minded girl couldn’t be happier to know her boyfriend was feeling so high and went down deeper a few times until she gagged from the depth.

Doe immediately helped her up after he saw her choking, and placed her lying on the seats.

Doe: ‘Shall we do it?’
Jessica: ‘Uh huh.’

She raised her skirt to her waist and removed her panties, spreading her legs to hold Doe between the smoothest looking young pussy he had ever came across. Jessica had always been the one guiding him in and this time was no different, she held his wet cock and angled it at her pussy, pushing it till it was lodged below her clit.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Slowly k?’
Doe: ‘Yupp.’

Her hands shifted to her butt and pried them open so it would not be that painful. After all, a 20 year old dick was too much for a 15 year old pussy. Very carefully, his hips approached her waist and it sank deeper by the inches, while Jessica groaned to relieve the little pain. In a minute, he was inside her and they were hugging each other to enjoy the short time they remained connected without moving.

Jessica (whispering): ‘It’s so big inside me. I can feel it.’
Doe (whispering): ‘I love you Jessie.’

After he declared his ‘love’ for her, his groin began slapping against her hips and the testicles touching her pussy was making her more sensitive. They were getting noisier in the car as it rocked to their rhythm, along with the slurping sounds coming from their genitals.

The sensation of her slippery pussy around his sliding cock was so arousing that it made him harder, causing him to speed up as his dick head grew sensitive from her tightness. With the radio playing behind their moans, perspiration were covering their bodies and he was going at his fastest speed thrusting at the petite school girl.

Jessica: ‘Let’s try doggie?’
Doe: ‘Okay.’

She flipped herself eagerly over and positioned her butt at him. Seeing that dripping pussy that barely had a hair on it, he kneeled behind her and gave her a surprise lick, making her flinch at his tongue that was flicking on her clit.

Jessica: ‘Stop stop, it’s very sensitive!’

He grabbed her butt tightly and kept it still, while his mouth continued to run up and down her slit, leaking juices as her raw flesh twitched to his forceful cunnilingus.

Jessica: ‘I’m cumming! Stop stop!’

Her butt wriggled for a while as he continued to lick her and after a while, a stream of clear liquid flowed out of her cunt and dribbled on the seats under her butt. Right then, he picked himself up and shoved his cock into her pussy, ramming it all the way in in one stroke. Jessica could only gasp at the sudden entry and held the handgrip of the door in despair.

Satisfied with teasing his little girl, his hands went around her slim waist and thrust violently, splattering her bodily fluid all over his groin as their privates slammed against each other. Her body shivered non-stop at his pounding that did not slow down a single bit, despite her pussy contracting till she was feeling every of his veins around his manhood.

Jessica: ‘You’re getting too big. I’m going crazy.’
Doe: ‘It’s you who is getting too tight lo! Shit.. ‘

He thrust with all his might at her and she was moaning in a slightly more pleasurable tone, assuring that she was having a good time under the agonising groans.

Doe: ‘I am cumming!’
Jessica: ‘Me too.. I can’t take it anymore.’

Doe opened her legs wider and placed both his feet between. Jessica knew he wanted to end this in 69 and wadded on her knees till his head was between her thighs. Not wanting to lose the mood, her mouth went over his dick immediately and engulfed the red stick, swirling her tongue all over it.

His tongue too, darted in and out at her clit and sucked on it as she plunged her head deeper. After a minute of the intense 69, his hips buckled the same time as her and a huge load gushed into her mouth. Her pussy closed itself and a gentle stream flowed along her slit onto his tongue, catching all of her yumminess and directing it down his throat.

Still sucking at his diminishing ejaculation, groans were echoing in the car as he grew desperate to pull out of her, but couldn’t do so when she was pinning him down.

After she finished cumming, her tired body fell against the backrest and allowed Doe to sit up. Right beside her, he pulled her up into his arms and watched as she opened her mouth to show him his load, before swallowing it down without so much a bat of her eyelids.

Doe: ‘Is it good?’
Jessica: ‘As good as I taste.’

He patted her head and kissed her clean lips. Her hand returned to his shrunken little brother, and played with it as long as she was cuddling with him.

Jessica saw that it grew hard after ten minutes and her thumb rotated around his pee hole, making him horny yet controllable since it was a little numb from the previous round.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Can we do it again?’
Doe: ‘If you want.’

He opened his legs for her to suck him again and she did it but lasted shorter. She picked her skirt up to her chest and climbed over his lap, while turning the car’s camera inwards to face them.

Jessica: ‘I want to be your little porn star.’
Doe: ‘I’m going to go all out this time.’
Jessica: ‘If you still have energy.’

The unintentional challenge was a dare to him and he decided not to disappoint her. He repositioned her knees to raise her butt slightly off and rammed upwards at her pussy that was contracting involuntarily. ‘Fuck me as you like, I’m yours’, she whispered into his ears as her body turned cold from his warm rod. Juicy sounds were emitting from their privates as they took turns fucking each other, riding him whenever he was tired and letting him abuse her pussy once he had the strength.

The second round lasted for almost ten minutes of non-stop sex and they even switched to doggie, which Jessica loved but understood that he did not have that much stamina to go for another ten minutes. After they had their fun and the carpark was filling up with more cars, it was time to decide where to cum.

Doe: ‘How? Where would you like?’
Jessica: ‘The second time won’t be that much right? Let’s try inside me?’
Doe: ‘You’re not worried if you get pregnant?’
Jessica: ‘I have you right?’

He turned her on her back and leaned on top of her again, taking his time to plug his dick at the right depth. Thrusting gently, he was truly loving the second time as she did not hurry him, pecking on his lips as he drove his cock faster.

Once he whispered his last minute warning, she wrapped her legs around his waist and brought him in real close, and felt his tiny load warming her pussy at the deep end. It took him about thirty seconds before he was done and the exit of his dick accidentally lined her vagina with cum to the opening.

She put her panties back on right after he was done and secured his sperms around her pussy lips, soiling the panties with a juicy wet patch.

Doe: ‘Let’s get you home.’
Jessica: ‘It’s getting late too. I love you baby.’

The car started and he made his way back to KTGS, dropping her at the private estate along Mountbatten Road.

Jessica: ‘Thanks b. Pick me up again tomorrow?’
Doe: ‘Will do. I had a great time today.’
Jessica: ‘Check your phone when you get home k? I’m going to snap some photos to keep you thinking of me.’

Doe did not consider about the consequences about what he did, but she was a girl who did not betray him either. In fact, they were still together and were having sex, letting me listen to their little after-school activities through his phone.

Needless to say, Jessica turned naughty in the ways he preferred her to be and went panty-less and braless after some time being with him. She had became addicted to blowjobs and fucking in public areas especially with the thrill she could never find doing it in private.

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