Sister’s Love for Me

Melody (shouting): ‘Kor! Wake up! You are going to be late for work!’
Me: ‘Okay okay. Go out first. I’m shocked awake by your voice le.’
Melody: ‘No! You will go back to bed de.’

My morning wood was as stiff as diamond and wouldn’t go down no matter how I tried to divert my attention. My younger sister was standing right next to my bed and the hems of her dress was just inches below her waist. No matter what, I am still a guy and she just would not leave without making sure I was up.

Well, I was surely ‘up’. Melody then kneeled on my bed and dragged me to sit up, without half realising what was happening. Thankfully for the blanket that was over my body, her unsuspecting mind did not notice the awkwardness but she wasn’t someone who would just give up so easily.

Suddenly, she pulled the blanket onto the ground and I sat closer to my knees, almost hugging them to hide the hard on.

Melody: ‘C’mon, don’t waste anymore time!’

She shifted beside my shoulder and hugged me across my chest, in an attempt to carry me. How could she lift me up right? Her groin pressed harder into my ribs and I could feel her panties under it rubbing on her dress.

As harmless as I tried to make it looked, I grabbed her arms and threw her onto my bed, spurring her to tickle me under my armpits. Dear oh dear, she pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me, kneeling at a safe distance from my cloth tower and continued to tickle me awake.

Thrashing my body around to her playfulness, my hard on unintentionally found its way under her dress and poked right at her pussy, where she sat down once she understood what was happening.

Melody: ‘So it’s working?’
Me: ‘What’s working?’
Melody: ‘I put some Viagra into your cup of Milo last night and watched you drink it all up.’
Me: ‘It’s not that k? It’s just morning wood.’
Melody: ‘Whatever. It’s working!’

She remained kneeling above me when her hands went to grab my dick, rubbing it in every direction in my underwear. She was wearing one of those silky nightgown that I saw on Qoo10 and upon looking closer at her chest, I realised she wasn’t wearing a bra.

A few more seconds of cock-rub later, I grabbed her wrist and stopped her from the incestuous act that she was triggering.

Me: ‘I am really going to be late.’

The clock was showing 2pm and I knew I had to take a cab already. I could not remember what I was supposed to wear (I have a fixed shirt for every work day) and it was driving me irritated.

Melody: ‘Today is Thursday.’

Silence broke out between us with her sitting on my hard on and me seated while leaning back on my hands. It was my off day and she had to do this to me? I jerked my hips to throw her onto my bed and I quickly took up my position on top of her.

Pressing my dick head on her panties, her hands slithered down her tummy and pulled her panties to the side.

Melody: ‘Kor, what are you waiting for?’

I could sense her wetness even at the tiny contact area and lust was battling in my head, opponent being my sanity. Her legs went around my body before I could react and she pulled me closer, sinking the first inch of my diamond drill into her body.

Melody: ‘Kor.. I can’t take it anymore. Put it in.’

I took both her hands and held them on the bed next to her shoulders. My hips automatically thrust forward, dipping the rest of my rod into her pussy. Her younger orifice was much more tighter than my fantasies but it was still manageable. It was unbelievably fitting when I felt her vagina relaxing to take my size, and it had a pulse like her fingers were around it and squeezing me lightly.

Me: ‘You’re so warm inside.’
Melody: ‘You look so hot in this position.’

Her thighs relaxed and I could move more freely, bringing my body closer to her waist as my dick slid easily in and out of my younger sister. Her hands were running over my chest, feeling every bumps and curves, as though I am toned (which I am not).

After what seemed like the most sexy wake up call ever, she softly asked me to stop and pick her up so we could sit facing each other. Once we were in that position, she made me lie down and mounted herself, without breaking contact between our genitals.

Melody: ‘Kor, I try to ride k? Tell me if I am doing it right.’
Me: ‘Why do you want to know if it’s right? Going to try it on someone else ah?’
Melody: ‘No lah. I can ride you when you’re tired. But you should be doing most of the work as a guy.’

She rested her calves on the bed and began rocking her body, gliding my dick along the underside of her vagina. I could tell she was enjoying herself as her moans got louder, signalling to me she was going to cum as the pitch went higher.

Once she was done riding me, I brought her boobs onto my chest and stabilised my hips by placing my feet flat on the bed. Raising my lower body quickly, my dick slurped noisily in and out of her while she buried her face in my pillow, right next to my ear.

Her voices were muffled by the pillow and it was for the better too, or risk our neighbours imagining things. I went all out at her till I got tired and her pussy was leaking non-stop as orgasms hit her waves after waves. The light squeezes of her pussy did not overwhelm me and I could go on for as long as I wanted.

Finally, she got tired of cumming and could not move anymore. I did not question if she really had to stop despite I had not had my fun, she was my sister after all. I rolled her over to sleep on my bed and she got hold of my arm before I walked away.

Melody: ‘Kor, don’t just leave halfway. You haven’t even shoot. It’s still so hard.’
Me: ‘Nevermind ah. Wake up then say?’

Her tired eyes stared at me for a while before she adjusted herself to lie near the edge of the mattress. She then opened her mouth and pointed at it, before poking my dick on the tip.

Me: ‘You sure? It might choke you.’
Melody: ‘It won’t. Remember last time I always make myself vomit to keep slim? My throat cannot gag anymore.’

That little secret of hers was in the past, and she was no longer using that method, keeping herself in shape with frequent gym visits now. I placed one of my knees on the bed and lowered my body enough to fit my dick into her mouth.

Her cheeks remained loose as I sank my rod in and a little vacuum caused her cheeks to collapse whenever I pulled out. Seeing that everything was in place, I pinned her head down with one hand and held onto the bed frame with the other for support.

Thrusting my dick slowly at first, I went deeper each time to see if she really would not choke, and it was true. In no time, I was plunging my dick into her throat as her saliva drooled all over my shaft, covering it in a slippery lube that helped me to go faster.

I was ramming into her wet mouth that had a slight suction and groaning non-stop from her tongue that was forced everywhere by my fierce entries. Her eyes remained closed as I went on and it was close to five minutes before I felt the moment coming.

Without a word, I stopped myself at her lips and felt my muscles tightened, flushing out my semen into my very own sister, lasting as long as needed to get every drop out. Her head moved on its own down my shaft as I came and drew every bit out, wasting none of it around her mouth or on the bed.

As soon as I was done, I squatted down next to her face and was ready to bring the bin to her. Instead, she swallowed the load effortlessly and parted her lips to lick them clean.

Still with her eyes closed, her wandering hand pulled my head in and planted a kiss on my lips.

Melody (whispering): ‘Goodnight.’

I went straight for another round of make out that led me to her nipples, nibbling on them till they were erected under her thin nightgown. Pecking her head, I brushed her hair away from her face and left the room quietly.

Like brother, like sister. Our lust did not stop us from fucking whenever we had the chance, from the kitchen to the bedroom, public toilets and in her poly. Not even the presence of our parents in the house managed to slow us down from teasing each other clothed.

Will we ever be exposed?

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