James’ Bond

As soon as James was out of the cinema, he pulled his girlfriend to the toilet around a corner that few people knew about, to hear some moaning sounds along with shadows in one of the two cubicles in there.

James: ‘Come, let’s take the other one.’

The occupied cubicle went silent for a moment until he unzipped his pants, and his girl, Trisha, whispering for him to take out his condom. Whoever next to them got the picture straightaway and resumed banging, echoing slapping sounds in the tiny washroom.

Trisha sat on the seat cover and unbuttoned her blouse, while her boyfriend stood with his dick aimed at her. Wasting no time, she took his dick into her mouth and sucked on it, shoving her head at his groin as her fingers continued working on the buttons, followed by removing her panties under the short bandage skirt she wore.

His hands were around her head and thrusting deeper as she began masturbating herself, rubbing on her clit to satisfy their raging lust that they endured for the whole show. Once he was done with her mouth, he tapped on her waist and she immediately moved to the next position.

Bending her body over the water tank, her butt stuck out with her skirt flipped over her ass, knees close together and ready to take her boyfriend’s dick.

Trisha (whispering): ‘Fuck me baby. I want you deep inside me.’

His dick head slipped into her pussy and his hands went to her waist, holding her steady before drilling his cock in. With just one stroke, his dick brushed against her moist vagina that wasn’t fully lubricated yet, but they could not wait any longer.

Pounding his hips violently against her soft butt, she was moaning louder than his groans and her arms remained strong to keep her in the perfect doggie position. His dick was growing bigger to her tight pussy and he could completely feel her pussy wrapping around him close.

The couple next to them got dressed quietly and left, before another pair of voices came to the empty cubicle. It seemed that this particular washroom was designed for sex, hidden away from public’s eyes.

The short five minutes Trisha had her mind fucked out was coming to an end when James called out to her, urging her to suck him off for the last part.

The plastic cover bobbed a few times as she sat on it, and took his dick into her lips once again. This time, her hands were on his butt and pulling them to herself, fucking her own mouth at a comfortable speed. It did not take long before he let off a gentle groan, leading to Trisha sucking him hard and wriggling her tongue all over his pee hole.

Warm gushes of cum poured into her like a waterfall, flowing non-stop onto her tongue as she continued to flick his dick in her mouth. After a few seconds, he was done and she pulled her mouth away, grabbing her underwear that was strewn on the floor.

Holding her panties below her mouth, she smeared some of it around her groin area and swallowed the rest, at the delighted face of James who loved to watch her gulp his semen down. They then wore their clothes back, and Trisha spread his cum over her pussy under her skirt.

James: ‘Let’s go.’
Trisha: ‘To your place now?’
James: ‘Yupp.’

Their door opened to another couple who was standing outside, making out passionately. The boys winked at each other before James gave his girl a squeeze on her butt, and went out of the shopping mall to catch a cab home.

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