Taxi Buddies

Mandy opened the door to the frenzied knocking to see Kai, with her husband drunk, arm around his friend who had sent him home after some drinks at the coffee shop under their block. She let them in and Kai brought him to the master bedroom, dropping him off before collapsing on the sofa to catch his breath.

Mandy: ‘Thanks for bringing him home. He drinks every night and I have no idea what to do with him.’
Kai: ‘Don’t worry. Being a taxi driver is not easy nowadays, I get scolded and fined so many times till I am numb now.’

She placed a cup of water in front of him and he stared at the beautiful wife whom his friend married recently to quickly settle down. Kai had been a frequent visitor in a sense who sent her drunk husband home and even dropped off cakes and foodstuff during festivals. Mandy knew Kai as a good friend and she was just glad someone like him took care of the sole breadwinner.

Mandy: ‘Working tomorrow?’
Kai: ‘Nope. Rest day. But he is driving.’

She took up the seat next to him and continued reading the magazine where she had stopped at. Kai couldn’t help but admire her long legs that her shorts could not hide, along with her ample boobs that protruded from under her slim fitting shirt.

Kai: ‘I will rest for a while before going home. Can’t afford to be caught drink driving.’
Mandy: ‘Take your time. Actually you can sleep here if you want. Just hope the sofa is comfortable enough.’
Kai: ‘I can really spend the night here? Cause I am still a little drunk.’
Mandy: ‘Can can. I bring out a spare blanket for you.’

She stood up hurriedly and he watched her sexy ass shake as she disappeared into the bedroom, before appearing with a thick blanket that held her boobs up as she walked.

Mandy: ‘Here.’
Kai: ‘Does he hit you when he is drunk?’
Mandy: ‘Nope. He just.. goes super wild.’
Kai: ‘Wild?’
Mandy: ‘Yeah. On bed.’

The sudden realisation of the topic he had stumbled into quickly quietened him, and he felt his dick twitched from the fantasies of how his buddy fucked her in a way she called ‘wild’. Once he finished his cup of water, he asked if he could remove his top to dry his sweaty shirt and she gladly took it to the kitchen to hang them dry.

Kai followed her to the windows and stood behind her silently, before she bumped into him and was held in his strong arms.

Kai (whispering): ‘You know, I have been fantasising about you for some time now.’
Mandy (whispering): ‘I can’t do this. I am married.’
Kai: ‘Shhh.. ‘

His hands went to her boobs and squeezed them gently, working his way around her braless chest he was surprised at. Her initial response to struggle went away after his hands went under her shirt and touched her nipples, pinching them lightly while rolling them around.

Mandy (whispering): ‘What if he hears us?’
Kai: ‘I’ve been drunk with him before. He sleeps like a pig.’

His hard on was poking at her thin shorts painfully and she knew it was her job to ease the tension. She kept herself looking out of the window and reached behind her back for his bulge, rubbing over it as he continued fondling her breasts.

After he saw how cooperative she was, he paused for a moment to remove his pants and dragged her a few steps from the window sill. Standing in front of her, his long rod dribbled a strand of pre-cum and he guided her face to it, watching her smooth complexion glow in the lights from the neighbouring block.

Kai (whispering): ‘Suck me.’

Obediently, she opened her mouth and his dick found its way in, jerking shallowly and flooding her senses with the salty scent from the long day of work. After he had enjoying his time with her oral skills, his dick was thicker and longer than before, and he quickly helped her up to stand in front of the window once again.

Pulling her shorts down with her panties, she automatically spread her legs and bent lower, waiting for something to happen. Kai then held her shoulders and let his dick auto dock into her pussy, where she moaned softly as it split her vaginal walls wide.

It was bigger than her own husband and her body was fighting to accommodate his size. A minute passed and he was all the way inside her, triggering a gradual build up to a higher speed. Pounding her ass in the most gentle manner, he could not hold himself back after a few thrusts and went faster, sliding his cock along the bumpy walls that was stimulating his rod.

As the night slipped by, the two figures moved faster and faster, moans kept to a minimal volume as his dick went deeper. The two of them did not change their positions and kept going like that for another ten minutes, giving Mandy three orgasms in total that spilled juices onto the floor between their legs.

Her mind was no longer on her husband but was yearning for more, squeezing uncontrollably at Kai’s dick to make him go all out at her. For the last two minutes, he was groaning and pulling her body back on his dick, reaching to the maximum depth her pussy could contain.

Kai (whispering): ‘I can’t hold it in anymore. I am shooting.’

She did not mention a word and simply let him hold her waist, slamming loudly on her ass as his dick throbbed wildly before the end came. After another minute, he froze inside her and she reached for her clit, rubbing on it furiously till she climaxed.

Kai came with her and his load flushed like machine gun into her body, milked by the instinctive waves caused in her pussy. They held in that position for some time before he stepped away, listening to the globs of cum that leaked out of her as his dick unplugged.

Mandy turned herself around and hid behind the wall, while holding onto his dick and guiding it into her mouth. Starting with a lick, she combed his foreskin and took his dick into her mouth to suck the last bit out, before teasing his cock head with her tongue. Kai could not take anymore of her mouth and lifted her up gracefully without offending her.

Mandy: ‘Actually, my husband ask me to please you if you come over the next time. He trusts you a lot.’
Kai: ‘He comes to my place often as well, and my wife.. I didn’t mind him fucking my wife too. I just couldn’t tell you until I knew he allowed me to do it with you.’
Mandy: ‘You two are indeed best buddies.’

She led him into the bedroom where her husband was on the TV, watching the surveillance cameras he had placed in the house. The smile on the guys’ faces were priceless and Mandy went between them, keeping them satisfied for the rest of the night before her husband took a nap before work the next day.

And for Kai, he stayed for another few hours to have lunch and another round of sex with the hot wife, before returning home to prepare for his buddy’s visit after work.

Kai: ‘I’m going to give Joo a surprise. I’ll tie you up for him k?’
Kai’s Wife: ‘Okay. Just be around when he comes. I want you to join in too.’

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