Executive Room Service

*knock knock*

Yanling inserted her access card into the guest’s hotel room after hearing no sounds from it, responding to a report by the guest that some items were damaged upon checking in. He had explicitly given permission to give it a look when he was out and she made her way to the study desk next to the window.

Going on her knees, she was about to check the legs of the table when all of a sudden a strong push sent her hitting against the wall under the desk. A pair of strong hands then grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her out, carried to the bed and thrown into the headboard. There was no time to react to the assault except shouting for help but the unknown man went to her head and covered her mouth along with her nose, suffocating her till she went silent.

Man: ‘Don’t you dare make a sound. If not I am going to scar your pretty face.’

The silver letter opener in his hands reflected the sunlight into her eyes and she knew she had to make contact somehow. The door was shut and a stopper was stuck under it. Her blazer was violently removed, followed by her white blouse and a standard black knee length skirt that was tugged off her legs.

Her black stockings couldn’t be more flimsy as it tore apart easily in his strong hands. Pinned helplessly on the bed, she watched in horror as his bathrobe came undone and his dick was as long as her palm’s length.

Flipping her on her chest, Yanling could only move her arms around, feeling the weight of him on her legs. He fell over her back and his dick immediately went between her butt cheeks, poking at her panties surrounded by the ripped stockings.

Man: ‘In your pussy or ass? You choose.’
Yanling: ‘Get off me! You can’t do this.’
Man: ‘So it’s your ass?’
Yanling: ‘No no!’
Man: ‘Then it’s your pussy.’

Her panties went to her knees and she felt the tip poke into her entrance, hurting from the initial stretch to fit him in. The rest of the length was forced into her slowly as he thrust shallowly to get her wet. Her body responded to the rape in the most unwilling manner and got her juices leaking, coating the rod that was about to torture her.

He could sense her readiness and began ramming deeper as her pussy got lubricated. Fucking her poor, aching cunt behind her, he was groaning as soft moans came from her, part turned on and part disgusted. Her hips raised itself to let him angle better and ease the pain, allowing him to go deeper at the same time.

As tears flowed down her face, she was looking sideways at the bedside table and noticed something. The blinking red light from a camera couldn’t be wrong. She was being filmed. Right then, the man lifted himself away from her and lifted her waist, making her kneel in doggie style. His dick then tore its way into the tight vagina mercilessly and Yanling kept her body lying on the bed.

Halfway into it, he carried one of her legs to his chest and she had to turn sideways under those circumstances, looking at the windows that were wide open with birds chirping outside. How ironic it was to be raped in her line of work, while everyone went along their job right outside the room. Moaning louder at the stimulation of her g-spot in this pose, he went faster, slamming his groin at hers non-stop.

He was so strong and had such good stamina she was going to cum despite telling her body not to do so. After a minute, he felt her pussy squeezing and more juices were leaking.

Man: ‘You liked this don’t you bitch?’
Yanling: ‘No! Get off me!’

The climax approached and she was biting her lips hard to prevent anymore moans. For a natural moaner, it was especially hard for her but the orgasm was making it worse. As her body turned cold from the climax, she straightened her neck to face the bed and groaned loudly as her pussy contracted around the thick rod.

The sensation of her small cunt around his dick was too much even for him and he rammed harder, sending her into a convulsion as he neared his climax too. She could feel every veins on his dick as his pulse throbbed along it, knowing he was about to cum with the enlargement of the size.

Man: ‘I am cumming!’
Yanling: ‘Please please.. not inside me.’

It was too late. The thick pile of cum fired deep into her, warming her vagina and causing it to tighten even more. Still jerking from his thrusts, sobbing sounds came as she knew what mess she got herself into. His cum kept pouring into her for about thirty seconds and it was overflowing out of her as he pulled it out.

Panting in a satisfied look, he threw her clothes at her and went into the shower for a quick rinse. Appearing in under two minutes, Yanling was wearing her clothes back without the stockings nor the soiled underwear.

Man: ‘Your hotel really provides great service. This is for you.’

A few pieces of green notes landed before her, USD$50 to be exact. Not knowing what to do, she gathered all three hundred worth of it and tucked it into her uniform pocket. The man went over to the camera and stopped it, before sitting next to her and wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

Man: ‘So it is clear that you provided sex for money. The camera caught it all.’

Damn, how she wished she could have left the money and just dashed out of his room crying for help. Having no other business in his room, she straightened her clothes at the door and left, feeling dirty and used. She went straight for the staff changing room to put on a fresh pair of panties and stockings, before returning to her post at the front desk.

As much as she was trying to appear normal, the squishing of his cum in her pussy constantly reminded her of the ordeal she just been through. She never saw the man again, and avoided going to rooms on her own no matter how urgent it was. One thing for sure, she never regretted joining this industry as she was still hopeful that there are good guests out there.

Slightly more gentle I guess.

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