A Little Girl’s Walk

Seated next to my 13 year old little girl in the bus, there wasn’t anyone else around us and she was stroking my thigh. We had just gone for a walk in the Hort Park and was on our way home, in the bus that would take us at least an hour and a half.

Gigi: ‘Daddy, pull it down a bit.’

I lifted my butt and lowered my shorts, smelling of sweat from the hour long walk we just went on. She laid on my lap and stroked my dick a few times before taking it into her mouth, sucking it gently as she enjoyed the cold air blowing over her tiny body.

Gigi: ‘Daddy, can touch me there too?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Put your feet on the seat.’

I reached for her thin cotton shorts and wriggled my fingers into them, going straight for her pussy that she maintained clean by shaving it every two days. As my fingertip rubbed her clit, she took my dick deeper and was licking it like a lollipop, understandable since it was considered big in her little hands.

Once the few drops of pre-cum was hungrily licked up, she positioned herself upright and sat between my legs where my shorts stood by at my ankles in case anyone appeared. She hugged onto the headrest bar of the seat in front as I aimed my dick blindly at her pussy, letting her descend over it once the tip was in.

My obedient daughter let of a moan as her pussy went down, filling my mind with pleasure as she bounced on top of me.

Gigi: ‘Daddy, it feels good. You’re so big today.’
Me: ‘Just today?’
Gigi: ‘Everytime we do it.’

Holding onto her waist, she was fucking herself with my dick and I enjoyed the little work done, feeling how her pussy sealed around my cock and milking it. Despite the singular pose we took throughout the next five minutes, she was moaning as her hands clenched around the headrest tightly, still hopping on her feet over my groin.

In the next few minutes, she came once and the new tightness totally drove me out of control as I felt my cum building up. A pity that it had to end so quickly, but time was of the essence then.

Me: ‘Daddy is shooting.’

She swiftly stood up and let my dick twitch for a moment as she laid by my side again. Taking it into her mouth, I held her head and pushed her mouth downwards, shallow enough not to make her choke.

It lasted for another two minutes before my mind went blank, and she sucked hard for the last time as my deep voice groaned into her ear. The hot load of cum shot into her mouth as I sank her head into my groin, feeling her tongue twirl around the head to make me more sensitive.

Well trained, I must say. She only stopped sucking when I patted on her hips, signalling to her the end of our little after-exercise-exercise. Wiping her mouth with her sleeve, she looked at me with a smile and I knew it was all worth it to see my girl happy.

Gigi: ‘Daddy, I was thirsty but not anymore.’

I wore my shorts back and my fingers remained in her panties, fingering and masturbating my girl for the rest of journey home. Mummy saw how she held my hand as we entered the door and came to give us a group hug.

Mummy (whispering): ‘Still got energy for sex? I have been horny the whole morning.’

Gigi could hear what she said from the other side of my head and quickly excused herself to her room to finish her homework. Back in our bedroom, mummy stripped herself naked and went on her knees before me, tugging my shorts off and licking the cum-scented dick.

Mummy: ‘Someone is already smelling horny.’

She took my dick into her mouth and feasted on it, unaware that the slight sweetness came from our daughter whose juices had dried on my dick. The next hour was spent fucking our minds out on bed, while Gigi listened at the door and fingered herself for another few rounds of orgasms.

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