Ah Lian Girlfriend

Vivian: ‘Hurry up, take it off.’

Derrick was rearranging her bag on the floor and she stood behind him, pulling his shorts down eagerly. She was those typical ah lian that were brought up in a low income family, having no one to guide her when she dropped out of school three years ago. Derrick came into her life when she joined his company that needed people for some packing jobs, and there was where he took a liking for the rough, uncouth girl.

He was hired as the supervisor working above her as he was educated in the human resource management sector, showing great leadership when it comes to welfare, making many of her friends liking him for his hardworking attitude and constant care for their well being. Everyone knew they were together, but none of those girls backed away from luring him into their panties.

His pants were removed and he was done with placing their belongings neatly. With the room filled with a stench from the cigarette she was puffing, he did not mention a word and even smiled at the impatience of his girlfriend.

She had already stripped her shorts and panties off when he took his position beside the bed on the floor, while she opened her legs and leaned back on his bolster. Knowing what she liked, his mouth dived into her crotch and gave her clit a lick, causing her to moan as she took another puff. Derrick obediently teased her pussy without any breaks and she was twerking her body to his tongue, running up and down her wet slit.

Vivian: ‘Rick, will you fuck other girls if I allowed you to?’
Derrick: ‘Of course not. Allowing doesn’t mean I should.’

His reply did not make a lot of sense to her but she knew there were girls out there more eligible for him. With a suck to her clit, she groaned loudly as a tingle shivered up her spine.

Vivian: ‘Promise me you won’t leave me?’
Derrick: ‘I promise. I won’t disappoint you de.’

She helped him up to his feet and grabbed his dick, stroking it in her hands as she watched his expression fill with pleasure. For a quiet man, he did not ask much from her and allowed her to do whatever she liked, even going to clubs and hanging out with her male friends. He knew she was so into him that she would not cheat, and he wasn’t doing anything that would risk her getting mad too.

Her mouth went to his dick after a while and she slurped his cock down hungrily, tasting his pre-cum as she rolled her tongue around the tip. Listening to his soft groans, she was glad he enjoyed her blowjob and it was time to move to the next phase.

Lying on his bed, he kneeled between her legs and laid on her body, feeling her hand around his cock as she guide him into her pussy. Once she freed his dick, he slid his manhood into her slowly and she held onto her knees as it split her vagina apart. As soon as he was fully parked in her pussy, he began thrusting faster into the 156cm girl who was giving him the innocent puppy eyes as her body jerked along the bed.

Vivian: ‘Shoot inside me today?’
Derrick: ‘As you wish baby girl.’

He pulled out of her suddenly and she flipped on her arms, bending down and sticking her butt out. With a shove, he sank his rod deep into her and a fierce devil took over him, ramming his hips deep into her as she turned sideways to give him the ‘how dare you’ look.

Derrick: ‘You are my girlfriend, better be good.’

She heard his command and knew she had to obey him or get tortured even more. As her mind was bombarded with orgasms shooting through her body, she gained consciousness amid the forceful thrusts and pushed herself backwards, sitting on her feet with his dick still inside. Very quickly, she placed her legs beside his hips and rocked her body back and forth, facing away from him.

In the reverse cowgirl, he no longer needed to do any work and let her ride him, rubbing his shaft along the tight hole she was bouncing on revengefully. As another orgasm made her moan hysterically, Derrick was getting a sense of achievement as he felt how she was pleasing him, like a slave to a master. The next five minutes, Vivian got tired and let him rammed his cock upwards, jamming her pussy over and over again without any breaks.

Derrick: ‘I am cumming soon.’
Vivian: ‘Can I change to my mouth? I want to remove the cigarette smell.’
Derrick: ‘Up to you.’

She lifted her butt and laid on his abs, where her mouth took over his slippery cock and she started bobbing her head up and down, thrusting his dick into her pink lips. After a few minutes, she felt his hands over her head and he held them in place. The powerful jerks from his hips shoved him in a few more times before the huge load pumped into her mouth non-stop, coating her mouth and tongue with the sticky cum.

She gave him one strong suck on her way out to clean him up and promptly swallowed his load in front of him. Bringing her head to his chest, he held her in his arms tightly while panting to the tiring ejaculation he gave her.

Vivian: ‘You know, my best friends asked if they could fuck you. I said no and they say they will find their own ways. I don’t know what to do.’
Derrick: ‘Just ignore them. I won’t be tempted by them.’
Vivian: ‘Why don’t I let them do it, will you agree?’
Derrick: ‘I will leave that up to you. But you must remember that I only love you.’

She texted her friends on her phone in front of Derrick and gave them the address they were at. An hour later, a noisy bunch of girls gathered at his door and he opened to see them in the most provocative clubbing wear, with a plastic bag containing a box of condom.

Girl: ‘You have the best girlfriend!’
Girl2: ‘We are going to have a fun time today.’

They walked into her room where she was still naked, body blushing from the sex earlier. The girls made him lie on the bed and did a striptease for him, to the watchful eyes of Vivian who did not know if she did the right thing. One of them then took her seat between his legs and another sat over his head. The third girl went to Vivian and sat next to her, touching her all over as the two girls proceed to fuck her boyfriend.

Girl3: ‘Don’t worry k? We won’t steal him from you. We just want to fuck him.’

Her fingers went to Vivian’s pussy and rubbed on her clit, turning her on as the groupie commenced to the wild evening they were about to have.

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