Sex Life Improvement

Unknown (email): ‘Hey bro. I got something to share that might interest you. I think it will turn you on with just this email.

My wife and I have a laptop each but we usually use mine when we are at home. Last night, when I use my laptop after showering, I saw the history and noticed my wife reads your blog too. We had a good chat over your stories and she confessed that she will read it to get her in the mood. We ended up fucking non-stop to the bondage stories you wrote.

After that, she was hinting to me if we could meet you for a threesome. I was like, ‘what threesome? Why don’t let J just have you as a reward for improving our sex life.’ She was thinking of that too but didn’t want to be so.. initiative. So that explains this email. How bro? When free?’

I replied him immediately in a short email and he started a group chat on Whatsapp to link his wife and I up. His wife, Cherie, and I were the main chatters and he was just looking at the details of our conversation. After a day of messaging, we planned to meet in one of the hotels along Geylang after my work but she clearly stated that it would be just the two of us. Why not right?

The anonymous emailer said he would love to get a video of us fucking and I agreed since he was making a bigger ‘sacrifice’ than me. On that day around midnight, I went for the hotel that we decided on and waited for a few minutes before a car pulled up in front of me. A lady in a laced white dress walked to me and shook my hands, while I looked behind her at the guy who winked at me before driving off.

Cherie: ‘So you’re Staplerman?’ I can call you that for the night?’
Me: ‘You can just call me J.’
Cherie: ‘I prefer J. Let’s go.’

She was in her late 20s but her figure was more like a teenager. I could tell why her husband appreciated my bondage stories from the scars on her wrists, and she kept asking me to bring some toys from home.

We went into the assigned room and opened the windows to let the humid air out. The slight smell of cigarettes could not be helped but it did not bother us much. The 1.6m girl then let the straps of her dress slip off her shoulders it fell to the ground silently. After she tied her hair into a sideway-ponytail, I laid the messy bondage straps neatly on the bed, before I went into the shower with her to give my little brother a wash.

She peed in front of me and washed her kitty clean, before walking to the bed and stood before it. I placed the camcorder on the side aimed at us and went behind her to turn off the bathroom lights.

Cherie: ‘Now Mr. J, what would you do?’
Me: ‘Hmm.. ‘

Well, that was all she heard from me as I gave her a hard shove onto the bed. Jumping on top of her, I pinned her hands down one at a time and slapped the restraints on, spending just eight seconds to secure each wrists. Another loop went around her knees and she could still smile when I did not successfully opened her legs. Truly a well-experienced girl huh?

While she was figuring out how to free her hands, I went to the side of the bed and pried at the lever of the mountain climbing device I installed to tighten the straps. It was one of the most expensive items on the straps and was intended to fasten tighteners to an impossible tension. Her knees opened as the jagged metal ring locked in place and she understood how serious I was when she realised there was no way she could undo the loops around her limbs.

Cherie: ‘It’s hurting my wrists, can you loosen them a little?’
Me: ‘Nope. I was given instructions not to let you escape.’

I shifted myself next to the pillow and she turned away to no avail, as I forcefully grabbed her hair and faced her mouth at my dick. Seeing how hard her lips were pressed together, I pinched her nose and waited for a minute, before she finally gasped for air and my cock took some of the oxygen away. Unlike a normal blowjob, her jaws were wide opened and it wasn’t pleasurable at all.

My hand then let go off her nostril and I bent forward to reach for her pussy, giving her a hard pinch on her clit.

Me: ‘Suck me properly. If not, I will do this.’

An agonising groan came out of her mouth as I rolled her clit between my fingertips, causing her to succumb and work her tongue on my dick till it was hard and feeling nice. With her mouth busy, I did not torment her anymore and rubbed her aching clit, causing her to suck me harder. Knowing how obedient she became, I took my hands off her and held her head, thrusting my dick into her mouth as her body squirmed around.

Me: ‘Good girl. It’s time to let you have some fun too.’

I went to my black backpack and took out a pair of nipple clamps. She was looking at me as I clipped them over her nipples and pulled along the wires connected to it.

Cherie: ‘What is it?!’
Me: ‘It is going to give you a little shock.’
Cherie: ‘No no.. I can’t do those.’

I clicked on the trigger and her waist arched upwards as her nipples hardened to a concrete state. The clamps were holding up and she was soon begging for me to stop.

Me: ‘Don’t worry. I won’t torture you much. Just a bit.’

*Arghh..* came as I pressed on the button again to let her know who was in control. Angling my dick at her, I shoved it into her pussy and realised it was wet beyond normal. Whatever I did earlier turned her on so much she dare not tell me about it and I had to find out myself. *click* – punishment time.

Slowly, I dipped my meat into her hole over and over again and her struggle was useless against the well-placed straps, holding her down as I took my time with her. That position was the only one I could afford to execute without risking her escape. Suddenly, her phone rang and I placed it on loudspeaker next to her face.

Guy (phone): ‘Dear, is everything alright?’

I hovered the controller over her eyes and she swallowed before answering him that everything was going well and she was enjoying herself. After making some arrangement to pick her up, the line went dead and I left the controller alone, rewarding her for the compliance.

Having no intention to unload my cum on her, I went to sit beside her and took the corner of the blanket, running it along her body to amplify her senses.

Me: ‘I don’t feel like cumming today. So I’m going to make you cum in my place.’

Taking a rarely seen set of clit clamp out of my back, she could not see where I was putting it and felt it going over her clit and spreading her labia apart.

Cherie: ‘What is it?’
Me: ‘Just something to help you cum.’
Cherie: ‘How?’

I took a few seconds to twist the wires connected to it to the controller and she made a little sense of how it worked. Giving it a short click, her body trembled violently as her pussy leaked juices continuously.

Cherie: ‘I am cumming!’

Right then, I stopped pressing on the button and she was begging for me to let her climax. Seeing that everything was working fine, I went on to tease her for another five minutes before resting my phone on the red button, triggering a non-stop electric shocks into her body.

For the next minute or so, she was moaning louder than ever and the straps were put to the test to hold her still. Her pussy was moving on its own like an oyster out of its shell and the camcorder was filming how the hot wife was being tortured.

The second phone call came and I picked it up, behind the background voice of his wife moaning.

Me (phone): ‘Hello?’

Man (phone): ‘Hey bro. Is she done? I am downstairs.’
Me (phone): ‘Yupp. I’m sending her down in a while. Just need to get dressed.’
Man (phone): ‘Cool man. Hope you enjoyed yourself.’
Me (phone): ‘I did. Will let the video tell you what happened.’

The line went dead again and I freed the poor girl, still twitching from the sensitive clit and nipples. She had no choice but to go braless and panty-less as it would hurt her sore private parts and left them for me as a gift. We packed our stuff up and she simply rested on the bed till I was done.

Leaving the hotel to the lusty eyes of other guys, I walked her to the car and handed the camera over. Cherie sat quietly with her legs opened and held her dress open to let her nipples rest from the pleasure they received earlier.

Man: ‘Thanks man. I’ll edit the video and see what you can post on your blog.’
Me: ‘Take good care of her. This is for you.’

I placed the plastic bag containing the clit clamps and she threw it on her husband’s lap after seeing what it was. Waving goodbye to them, I made my way home in the most delightful mood despite not shooting. It was all worth it to make a couple happy.

Unknown (email): ‘My wife said she couldn’t stop thinking about that night when you really went all out at her. As I was typing this email, she is still sucking me on the bed – for the third round tonight. I have to salute you for making her so horny. Now, I am slightly regretful that I let her meet you cause she kept asking me to fuck her.

Now, whenever I mention J, she would get wet and the little present you gave me, I made it wireless and she will volunteer to wear it whenever we went out. Ended up fucking everywhere we go. Kudos to you bro!

Here, I shall get back to giving her another night of crazy sex. Here is the small clip I cropped out. But it contains my wife’s face, so you have to keep it private.’

J did not reply to his email and went to the bathroom with the video, jerking myself off to the sight of his wife wriggling like a fish as I clicked on the controller over and over again.

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