Shared Interest

Standing awkwardly at the condom section of Guardian, I was glancing between the stomachache pills and the bright coloured boxes, deciding to go for a new brand to try or to stick with the old one. Walking around the shelf was a girl in her teens, possibly around 20 years old, stopping right beside me at the boxes of stomachache pills too.

Girl: ‘Umm.. which brand is good?’
Me: ‘For stomachache?’
Girl: ‘This.’

Pointing at the condoms, I was as puzzled on which brand to recommend since I was in a fix too. Holding up the more expensive Durex Featherlite, she took it from my hand and turned to the back, reading the details about the product.

Me: ‘I always use this. But it’s slightly expensive.’
Girl: ‘Any cheaper ones?’

I squatted down to the Okamoto level and she followed suit, positioned right beside me to showcase her gapping shoulder gap that clearly exposed her black laced bra.

Me: ‘This is as good. Okamoto Crown. Cheap and not bad.’
Girl: ‘Thin?’
Me: ‘And cheap.’

I grabbed the box behind and got back up, with her taking one and walking behind me to the counter. Tapping on my shoulder, I turned to her and she handed me eight dollars, held on top of the box.

Girl: ‘Can pay for me?’
Me: ‘Yeah sure. Wait outside?’

I got my purchases and went out of the store, to the shy girl who was waiting for me. I took my box out of the bag and handed the plastic bag to her, along with the change.

Girl: ‘Thanks. My boyfriend is too shy to even get it himself.’
Me: ‘Haha. It’s quite tough for me too. But no choice. Safety first.’

We walked in the same direction through a shortcut behind the shophouses leading to the newer blocks and she politely asked me if I could help her once more. Seated under a block, she took out one of the condoms and asked me to demonstrate to her how to use it. Seeing that there was no one around, I felt more courageous to dare her into trying it herself.

Me: ‘You want to try it yourself?’
Girl: ‘How?’
Me: ‘Put it on for me?’
Girl: ‘Huh. Not here ba. Let’s go up.’

We went to the fifth floor where the doorsteps were filled with shoes, a sign that everyone was home – hopefully. Seated on the steps, I lowered my shorts and she stretched the rubber to try understand how it worked. Holding onto her hands, I guided her to cap the tip on, keeping the reservoir pressed and she got the rest of the picture.

Me: ‘You must make sure your guy is hard before you put it on. I’m already hard. So it’s easier.’
Girl: ‘Why are you already hard?’
Me: ‘Cause of you?’

Giggling to herself, she extended the rubber along my shaft and continued stroking it, till it was thick between her thumb and middle finger.

Girl: ‘Will the rubber tear?’
Me: ‘If you are not wet enough, it might. Or you use the wrong lubricant.’
Girl: ‘Oh. Then it won’t tear le. Cause I am wet enough.’
Me: ‘Haha. How wet is it? Want to test the condom?’
Girl: ‘Tsk, you very playful leh. I know I am wet enough lah.’

I got up to her surprised look and sat one step higher behind her. Reaching for her groin, she leaned backwards on me and wanted to unbutton her skirt, before I stopped her.

Me: ‘You know skirts have another opening right?’
Girl: ‘Oh ya! Wah. My boyfriend and I are as stupid to see it man.’

Pulling her hemlines into a V shape, I ran my fingers to her black panties and felt a wet patch right below her pussy. She willingly stretched the elastic band of her panties and let my hand in, as though she was not thinking about what was happening.

Right on her clit, she was right about being wet enough. Her juices coated around my fingers tightly and I went on to rub on her clit, making her moan in the isolated stairwell. Continuing for another few minutes, her head fell on my shoulders, looking up at me with her watery eyes before whispering in her cutesy voice.

Girl: ‘I thought we are going to test the condom?’
Me: ‘Don’t cry eh. Almost forgot about it.’
Girl: ‘Ya right. You forgot. And don’t make fun of me lah. My eyes are always watery one.’

I guess that was what attracted to me when we bought the condoms. She turned herself around kneeling on one of the steps and I went behind her, raising her skirt out of the way to her waist. Tugging her panties down her butt cheeks, her pussy was too dark to be seen but I knew she was ready for it. Sticking my rod into her piehole, I pushed my way in slowly and she kept still without making a sound. Was she well trained or just well disciplined?

Once I felt her heartbeat pulsing in her vagina, I went increasing my pace and she finally let off her moans, softly but intense. As the clock ticked away, we were going faster and deeper, testing the condom in all aspects from being wet enough, to going fast enough. Her orgasms came shortly after and the gentle tremors through her body did not collapse her at all.

Holding on to the handrails, I helped her on her feet while inside her and resumed thrusting my rod into her wet cunt, dripping juices loudly on the concrete floor. The new position triggered her sensitive areas and she was whispering something I couldn’t make out, unsure if she was still sane with my hips slapping hard on her ass.

We spent a good ten minutes in that place till I finally felt my urge arriving, signalling to her by whispering into her ears when she stood upright against my drenched shirt.

Girl (panting): ‘He likes to shoot in my mouth. Will it have the rubber taste?’
Me: ‘Let’s give it a try to find out.’

She used the handrails to seat herself back down on the steps, before rolling the condom carefully off my rod. In an instant, my dick disappeared into her mouth, engulfed in the most soothing warmness and wetness. Her slippery tongue roamed around as she slid her lips along my shaft, sucking lightly as she fondled my balls in her palm.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m shooting!’

She plunged her head down into my groin and took it down her throat, where the hot lava erupted without touching her mouth. She gagged quietly as it flowed down her throat and the tiny contractions clicked on my buttons for more. She remained in that pose for a short five seconds before pulling herself away, letting the rest of my load pour into her jaw.

Swallowing instantly, she cleared her throat and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, before facing the ground between her feet in case she puked. I stroked her back for a little while before she adjusted her panties straight, pulling her skirt back to its original height.

Girl: ‘I think I know how to use it le. Thanks.’
Me: ‘I should thank you instead. For helping me out. Take my box. It’s unopened. If not your boyfriend will suspect.’
Girl: ‘Actually, I don’t have a boyfriend. I broke up a few days ago le. I bought this just to find someone to fuck to drive those sadness away.’
Me: ‘Don’t do that k? Guys out there will take advantage of your loneliness and even film you secretly to blackmail you.’
Girl: ‘So you will keep me company for this period?’

I nodded silently and placed my phone in her hand, where she gave herself a missed call and she got up in preparation to go home. Walking up the stairs, she took her keys out of her bag and kept her opened box of condom, to my astonished look that almost scared me away. We were fucking just right at her doorstep!

Waving to me with her hand out of sight from her house, I took my leave and she texted me seconds later, along with a photo of her panties that was covered in her thick wetness.

Girl (Whatsapp): ‘I really enjoyed just now. Can’t wait to have you inside again.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Tomorrow. 12am, same place.’
Girl (Whatsapp): ‘Deal!’

I went home in a happy mood from the unexpected session, still vivid in my head with scenes of me doggie-ing the sweet, young thing in the darkness of the staircase. Let’s hope this dream will last for a long time.

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