Two Girls, One Dick

Nico and Luna were at Vivocity shopping for clothes on their off day and feeling a little lethagic after their meal. Both of them were in knee length dresses that day as good sisters would match their clothes, checking out shops selling accessories of all kinds. Halfway into their window shopping, Nico’s body suddenly picked up something in the air and she felt her pussy leaking a bit of juices. At first, she didn’t think much of it as such things would happen occasionally. But soon, she was feeling warm and a little horny, while Luna was hugging her arm closely on her boobs.

Nico: ‘Did you smell something?’
Luna: ‘Nothing eh. Why? Your face is blushing eh. Saw 帅哥 (handsome guy) ah?
Nico: ‘No lah. Just feeling a little weird.’

They continued walking to the end of the huge mall where buses would pick up staff working on Sentosa. They took a rest on the oval shaped seat and Nico was breathing faster to whatever was causing her to feel frisky.

Luna (whispering): ‘Nico, I think I know what are you talking about. I am feeling weird too. It’s getting wet down there.’
Nico: ‘Yeah! Me too. How now? It’s dirtying my panties le.’
Luna: ‘Maybe it’s the food? Let’s go to the toilet to check it out.’

They walked hand in hand hurriedly to the toilet next to them and went into a cubicle each. Nico then raised her skirt and lowered her panties, to see her pussy reddened and moving as if asking to be touched. Placing her finger on the clit, an unknown force drove her fingertips to circle around it and made her masturbate on the spot.

Nico: ‘Luna, are you okay?’
Luna: ‘I can’t stop touching it. It’s like itching.’
Nico: ‘You want to come over and let me see?’
Luna: ‘Okay. Wait ah.’

The two of them gathered in one cubicle and Luna squatted down in front of Nico to see her pussy, that was looking as juicy as hers. Not knowing what to do, Luna placed her fingers on her friend’s pussy and explored her genitals, sliding her nails along the folds of her labia. Nico then held Luna’s hand still as her body shivered, slowly building up to a stronger tremble and came right before Luna’s eyes.

Nico: ‘Shit. I think I just came.’
Luna: ‘Help me too eh.’

Luna stood with one feet on the toilet cover between Nico’s thighs and let her pussy get felt up by her BFF, rubbing and massaging till she came all over her fingers. Still horny and unsatisfied, they turned to masturbating themselves in the toilet and came another time before realising this wasn’t the solution.

Luna: ‘We spent too long in here le. And it’s not going away.’
Nico: ‘Yeah. I feel like having sex now.’
Luna: ‘Haha. Me too.’

Suddenly, a male voice was heard in the ladies and they went silent to let him speak.

Man: ‘Anyone in here?’

The guy then knocked on their door and the girls brought their dresses down.

Luna: ‘Yes?’
Man: ‘Cleaning time.’
Luna: ‘I am not done yet. Can give me a while?’
Man: ‘I know something is happening to your bodies right? Feeling warm and wet?’
Luna: ‘How did you know?’

Nico pushed opened the door fully and saw the guy decently dressed in jeans and a brown jacket, taking out a brown bottle. After he explained how he dabbed some onto Nico’s bag, the girls were made known that the chemicals would turn them on. To end his ‘visit’, he asked if they needed a dick and Nico immediately cried out ‘yes’. Seeing that the girls needed his help, he locked the main door and went to them, standing in the open ground where the basins were.

Dropping his pants, his erection was like a magnet to them, making them go over as though they were hypnotised. Luna stood behind him and wrapped her hands around his waist, holding onto his dick and stroking it while Nico squatted before his feet. Luna then pointed his dick at her friend’s mouth and it went into Nico’s lips. Being a good girl, she licked the tip a few times before devouring the rod, sucking it as she moving her lips along his shaft.

Man: ‘You can sit on the basin. I’ll help you out.’

Luna climbed onto the basin and sat with her legs opened, back against the mirror. His hand dived under her dress and went to finger her pussy while his dick was being pleasured by Nico, who was eager to feel him inside. After three minutes, he had enough of the blowjob and carried Nico effortlessly to the sink, bending her back over to get her into doggie.

Man: ‘You can lick your friend here while I fix you up first.’

Nico’s face was in front of Luna’s pussy and she went down on her without hesitation, licking with her tongue running all over the juicy wet hole. The initial entry of the man’s dick made Nico groaned, and the rest of his shaft simply took her breath away as it filled her starving pussy with warmed and pleasure.

The man did not waste any time and proceeded to pound Nico violently, throwing her face into her sexy friend as he fucked her hard. Feeling the full effects of the aromatic drug, Nico kept moaning and orgasms came without much stimulation, causing her small body to shiver to the non-stop climax that hit her waves after waves.

As her body wear out from the backdoor pounding, the man decided that she was done and went to the next sink, where Luna quickly followed to sit in front of him with her legs apart. Taking a step forward to inviting girl, Luna’s legs went around his waist and pulled him in, sticking that juice-covered rod into herself as she hugged him tightly.

Being skilled in sex, the man kept the rest of his body motionless, moving only his hips against her hips, slapping onto her pussy that was tightening as a wave of orgasm flooded her mind. He could tell that Luna was much tighter and hornier, with juice dripping onto the floor. Raising her knees high in the air, he rammed harder at her and made Luna scream a few times when he triggered her climax with her g-spot. It was getting so wild and crazy in the toilet with him fucking Luna and Nico leaning against a wall and getting herself off.

Man: ‘I am shooting. You girls want to take it together?’
Luna: ‘Yeah.’
Man: ‘Go over to your friend.’

The girls stood side by side and used the wall to glide down to the floor, where the man stood and let Luna suck him off. In just a minute or so, he pulled out abruptly and held the two girls’ faces together, mouth opened for the incoming load. Luna and Nico interlocked their fingers and pumped his dick faster, till a powerful jet hit their faces and flowed down their smooth complexion into their mouths, opening and closing their lips to catch every drop of it.

The man, satisfied with his share of fun, helped the girls up and wore his jeans back on. The ladies then took their panties from the cubicle and went up to him.

Luna: ‘You can have these. It’s too wet for us to wear it anyway.’
Man: ‘Thank you ladies. And.. I will put a few drops on both your bags for you to have a smooth journey home.’

He let a few drops of the brown liquid land on their bags closest to their faces when they carried them and left, picking up the ‘Closed for Cleaning’ sign along the way. The girls returned to the sink to wash their faces and reapplied their make up, before hopping on a bus for their long trip home.

Of course, still turned on by the drug, they fingered each other throughout the whole journey, and headed for Nico’s home, where a double headed dildo was waiting for them. Time to try a bottle yourselves?

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