Wearing a short dress, Alyn was in a fix when she dropped her books on the floor where many passengers were waiting at the bus interchange. I saw what she was wearing and immediately knew she would be giving those guys a free show if she had squatted or bent over to pick them up. I walked towards her and picked up her stuff, before whispering to her to stand up before more people saw her white panties.

She gave me a killer glance and stood back up, waited for me with her hair covering her face in shyness. I handed her the books and she took it from me, before whispering ‘thank you’ in the sweetest voice ever, filled with embarrassment and shyness. After she walked away, a girl came up to me with a wallet and told me she dropped this and I was the best person to return it.

Quickly scanning in her direction, she was out of sight and the next thing I did was to open her wallet, to see her address so I could return it. Seeing that she did not live far from me, I thanked the girl and made my way to her place, spending a good fifteen minutes to locate the exact block.

After reaching her floor, I double checked on the unit number before knocking on the door. A minute later, the same girl opened the door and saw me with her wallet in my hand. She popped her head into the corridor and dragged me in, before I could even say a word to her.

Alyn: ‘Thanks for making the way down! I thought i have lost it.’
Me: ‘Don’t mention. Why did you pull me in? I can just give it to you at the door.’
Alyn: ‘My boyfriend is a crazy control freak. He will surely hit me if he sees another guy at my house.’
Me: ‘But I’m in your house right?’

She thought about what I said for a while before realising it was as silly to pull me in. One thing that caught my eyes were her shoulders that was glimmering in the light with her sweat over them. It was so alluring that I could not stop looking at her until she asked if I wanted a drink. Still in a blur mind, I nodded and she walked to the kitchen in that same short yellow floral dress, leaving most of her legs exposed.

Alyn: ‘Here. What’s your name?’
Me: ‘You can call me J. I just live around here. So it’s not far for me.’

She sat down next to me and each time I looked at her, she would turn away shyly to avoid any eye contact. I couldn’t help it but asked why she did not dare to look at me and her reply made my heart melt.

Alyn (whispering): ‘Cause you look like a nice guy who wouldn’t hurt anyone. And you came all the way to return me my wallet. I like people easily.’
Me: ‘And I guess that is why your boyfriend is so possessive?’
Alyn: ‘Yeah.’

I shifted myself nearer to her and brushed my fingers across the bruises on her shoulders, trailing down to her chest where her dress covered the rest of the injuries. Knowing what a bad person she was with, I pitied her and could not bear to leave her in this state, not especially when I can do something for her.

We spoke about her leaving him and the usual method of threatening with suicide made her fear breaking up with him, and could not come up with another way. The two of us spent a good thirty minutes talking and she was getting more comfortable with me, and sat facing me, with a bit of her panties showing.

As our conversation came to an end, silence filled the living room and I was ready to try something silly but daring. Placing my hand on her knees, her skin warmed up to my touch and she quickly held my hand with hers, preventing me from going anywhere I shouldn’t.

Me: ‘Don’t worry k? I won’t hurt you.’

Her head tilted downwards to look away and my hand continued its way into her dress, stopping right on the part of her panties where her pussy hid under.

Alyn: ‘Can don’t? What if he finds out?’
Me: ‘I’ll let you feel how it is to be loved in the right way. Not through pain and guilt. Trust me k? I will take your pain and suffering away.’

A small nod came from her and I sat closer, wriggling my fingers into her panties that was closely sticking on her groin. Having not much space to move, I pushed her knees to face forward and tugged at her panties, where she helped by lifting her butt slightly and taking the other side to properly remove it.

Once her panties were out of the way, I parted her legs and she buried her face in my shoulder, breathing in my scent as my fingers worked its way around her pussy. Her moans came in the most gentlest tone into my neck and her hands clenched around my forearm, appearing so ever shyly to a stranger touching her.

Once her pussy was wet, I led her hand to my hard on and she casually rubbed on my pants, without stimulating it too much.

Me: ‘Want me to take it off?’
Alyn (whispering): ‘Up to you.’

I stood up and stripped my pants off, before returning beside her and continued fingering her. Holding my raw dick, she was just squeezing it and I knew she was that awkward to be anymore initiating.

Me: ‘Can you lick it?’
Alyn: ‘Don’t want.’
Me: ‘Okay. Then don’t.’

She looked up at me with a puzzled look and swallowed hard.

Alyn: ‘Really? I thought all guys want it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. But only if girls want to give it.’

Her eyes suddenly swelled up with tears and she placed her opened hand on my chest, pushing me down on the sofa.

Me: ‘You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.’
Alyn: ‘It’s okay. I don’t mind doing it for you. At least you didn’t force me like my boyfriend.’

She wrapped her fingers around the base to keep it upright and slowly sank her mouth over it. I could sense the fear when she kept still, only moving her tongue around. The thought of being forced held her back and I wasn’t going to let her continue for long, not when she was scared.

As I tried to lift her chin away, she held my hand down on my thigh and went deeper, sucking it in the most heart touching manner. Her saliva was leaking from the sides of her mouth and tears were flowing as well. It was partly painful to watch her push her own limits but the pleasure was too addictive coming from a girl who was trying to break out of her own fears.

Soon, she was going all out, bobbing her head up and down and listening to my groans. Fondling my testicles, she really drove me crazy with her mouth and I was about to unload when she suddenly stopped.

Alyn: ‘Going to cum?’
Me: ‘How did you know?’
Alyn: ‘My boyfriend sort of trained me I guess. I had to find a way to know he was cumming before he shoot inside my mouth.’

I sat up and hugged the sobbing girl tightly, while she brought my hand to her pussy that was still soaking wet.

Alyn (whispering): ‘Will you show me how it is to make love properly?’
Me (whispering): ‘Yes. Just for you.’

I wrapped one arm behind her back and let her down gently on the sofa, before positioning my legs behind. She held my dick in her soft hand and guided me to her pussy, where she pleaded for me to go in slowly. Taking my time, I dipped my rod carefully into her and she was facing sideways to avoid looking at me.

Me: ‘I’m in.’
Alyn: ‘It’s not painful at all. Unlike the times my boyfriend just force it in.’
Me: ‘I am going to move faster. Hang on.’

She straightened her neck to look at me as I moved back on my knees, still inside her throughout the whole time. Grabbing her boobs over her dress, my hips thrust automatically at the demure girl who was moaning as she placed her fingers in a V shape around my dick, ramming gently but intensely into her.

Her arms then reached for my neck and I lowered my chest for her, to pull me down to her face and making out passionately as our privates friction against one another.

It was so touching to see her tears of happiness roll down her face as we had love, it was unlike anything she experienced before. I was soon moving at full speed to her digging her nails into my back and it was only a matter of time before I came.

Alyn: ‘You want to try doggie?’
Me: ‘Okay.’

I smiled at her and got off, watching the excited girl flip on her fours. I made my way into her and she brought her back to my chest, wrapping my arms around her waist as I pounded her from behind, sinking my rod into the depth of her soul. Occasionally, she would hold my hands over her boobs and make me squeeze them, enjoying the pleasure from both her pussy and nipples pinches.

Being squeezed by her ass cheeks and orgasmic pussy, I knew I couldn’t last long and told her I was about to cum.

Alyn: ‘You can shoot inside me. I am on the pill cause my boyfriend always shoot outside and I don’t want to worry about getting pregnant.’
Me: ‘You are too good for him.’
Alyn: ‘I am yours now.’

She bent forward to let me pound her hard for the rest of the session, and I was rewarded with a tightening pussy just as I came, filling her pussy up with my baby-making juices that was going nowhere thanks to the pill. I continued shoving my hips to push the cum deeper and she was moaning non-stop as I tortured her sensitive pussy.

About a minute later, I was totally emptied and pulled out of her, still on my knees when she sat back down on the sofa and took my dick in her mouth. Licking and sucking it clean, I was overwhelmed by the sensitive tip and had to stop her.

Thereafter, she led me into her bedroom, where she stripped naked and helped me get out of my clothes. Cuddling on her bed, she poured her heart out about her abusive boyfriend.

Alyn: ‘Don’t say anything till I finish k? *gulp* At first, we started out fine, and like most girls, I gave him my virginity after I felt it was time. But once he had a taste of my body, he demanded sex every time we met. We did it everywhere, from the stairs, to shopping mall toilets and changing rooms, I was obliged to give it to him anywhere he wanted.

He would beat me when we were doing it, and did not care even if we were spotted. I didn’t know what to do except to let him do what he wants. Cause he lived near me and will find me whenever he liked. I don’t want him to disturb my family.

Now, I am going to leave him but won’t ask you to be my boyfriend. I will be smarter and take my time to find the right one. Promise me you won’t leave me can?’

Me: ‘I promise I won’t leave you. You will be my sister.’
Alyn: ‘I don’t want to be your sister. We can’t have sex like that.’
Me: ‘Who says sister and brother cannot make love?’

Her hand went to my dick and stroked gently, assuring me she would be there for me whenever I wanted and in return, be there whenever she needed me. That evening, we went for dinner together and went for another round of sex at a stairwell she knew it was safe, and another round back at her room when she smuggled me through her windows facing the corridor. I guess her pussy will always be filled from now on.

Whoever her boyfriend is, I hope you are reading this and realises who did you lose your love, or rather, sex slave, to. Guys, don’t ever hurt your girls cause there will be someone out there taking all the pain away with their dicks. Karma? I don’t think so.

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