Cousin’s First Book Out

Jacqueline: ‘How’s the two weeks in camp?’
Jason: ‘Tiring. Thanks for having lunch with me.’
Jacqueline: ‘No worries. Who asks you not to get a girlfriend before enlisting?’
Jason: ‘Haha. Having a girlfriend is stressful for an army boy.’

They made their way to her place where her mum greeted her nephew happily, seeing the toned guy becoming a man through National Service. Jacqueline is Jason’s cousin and he had occasionally spent nights at their place when his mum played mahjong with the family. That day, his whole family was in Malaysia and there was no one in his home, so he decided to sleep over at his aunt’s place.

Aunt: ‘Make yourself at home k? You know where is everything. You deserve a good rest for protecting the nation.’

Jacqueline went into the guest bedroom and tided her clothes strewn over the bed, packing some of her lingerie into her arms as Jason took the other clothes away. Falling onto the bed, he couldn’t wait to catch his nap after the ‘tekan’ (a term for intense workout similar to punishment) session in the morning.

Jason: ‘I’m going to sleep for a while. Call me when it’s time for dinner?’

He removed his top in the watchful eyes of Jacqueline who was admiring her cousin’s firm body, with a 6-pack almost forming at his waist. He couldn’t be more tempting for a 20 year old guy in the presence of the 18 year old poly student, who was single at that time too.

Lying with his face down, Jacqueline sat next to him on the bed and ran her fingers along the scratch marks on his back.

Jacqueline: ‘What happened?’
Jason: ‘Oh that. My bag scratched me when I was carrying it in a hurry. It’s not painful anymore.’

She shifted her hands to his shoulders and squeezed them, massaging the stiff neck and muscles that drove her mind even wilder. Gliding her long fingers across his back, he was turned on by her as well but did not want to have the wrong thoughts about her. Flipping over on his back, he grabbed her hands and stopped her from feeling him up.

Jason: ‘I think I am fine. Don’t want to keep you from doing your stuff.’
Jacqueline: ‘I don’t have anything to do now ah. I feel like giving you a massage.’
Jason: ‘It’s ticklish. Really don’t need.’
Jacqueline: ‘Shhh.. ‘

She ran her hand over his eyes to close them and continued working on his shoulders, but this time, she was looking at his jeans where a bulge was building up. He was peeking at her from under his eyelids, at the petite girl in a white tank top and short shorts, a figure he would die to fuck if she wasn’t his cousin.

After the relaxing neck massage, he felt her hands going to his jeans, and undoing his belt. There was no disturbance from his aunt who was still busying with the house chores, and so he laid still and let her remove his pants.

Jacqueline: ‘They always say army boys are horny. Looks like it’s true.’

She held his bulge outside his underwear and squeezed playfully, making Jason groan as he held her wrist still.

Jason: ‘Eh.. cannot lah.’
Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Why cannot? It is saying yes what.’

Her other hand pulled his underwear down and her fingers went around his rod, stroking it skin-to-skin. Lust was driving him wild and he let go off her hand, giving her the freedom to pump his dick while his balls were being fondled.

Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Keep quiet k? If not mummy will find out.’

Jason did not answer her although he heard her and simply kicked his underwear off his ankles. Her hair brushed on his thighs and a second later, he felt her lips on his dick. Slowly, her mouth went down his shaft as saliva gathered along his rod and she began sucking him quietly.

While she was busy with the dick in her mouth, she reached for the pile of clothes next to the bed and picked out a short skirt. A few minutes after he was at his maximum length, she stopped and leaned back on her arms.

Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Jason, wake up. Help me change into the skirt.’

He sat up and pulled her shorts off, slipping on the skirt in a seamless transition. She then hopped off the bed to remove her panties and left it in the basket of dirty linens. Lying next to Jason, she continued jerking him to keep him hard and he guided his hand under the skirt, rubbing on her clit that was slightly wet.

Jason (whispering): ‘You are so wet!’
Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Don’t make me blush can? I was already wet when I saw you at the bus interchange.’

So she was that ready even before reaching her place. Such a lucky guy huh? With his fingers rubbing violently on her clit, she was moaning with her mouth closed, making Mmm sounds. Once she had enough of his strong fingers, she held his waist and brought him on top of her.

She held her skirt to her tummy as he looked at their hips, trying to let his dick into the right hole. It took him only a while to figure out the opening and the sudden grab of his arms told him he was at her door. Pushing his way in gently, his hard on couldn’t be happier to have a pussy on the day of his book out. There was enough cum in him to go for as many rounds as he wanted.

Gradually, his thrusts at her went faster, to a point her legs were tightly wrapped around him and pulling him deeper. Her pussy stretched to its maximum width with that elongated meat stick and her juices were just leaking out of control to smoothen the ride. As one orgasm hit her after another, Jason could tell how much she wanted from her finger rubbing on her clit as they fucked.

Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Let me ride you.’
Jason: ‘K.’

He collapsed on her body and rolled over, before she picked herself up quickly and grinded on his abs. The slurping sounds were so arousing with the girl lying on his chest and moving only her hips. Slamming hard on his groin, his dick was driven as deep as it would go, filling her up with warmth and love.

Jacqueline grew tired in no time and she sat atop him, turning herself to face his feet and changing into doggie position. Jason went on to kneel behind her and held her small waist firmly, before ramming ferociously into her sore pussy. Taking her to the next level, his cousin buried her face in the bolster and moaned loudly into it, scaring him whenever he thrust hard and she picked her chest up.

After five minutes of mindless sex, he could not hold it in anymore and slowed down to a stop. Asking his dear cousin where would she liked him to cum.

Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Inside me. Please please.. I want it.’
Jason (whispering): ‘Is it safe?’

Jacqueline replied with two words ‘don’t care’, and slammed her butt backwards on his dick. Seeing how enthusiastic she was, Jason continued pounding her ass till the last moment arrived, where his cum pumped into her like a broken tap. She took over the rhythm and pushed her body backwards, fucking his dick as he was trying to compose himself.

By doing that, his dick was milked dry of every drop and the persistent girl forced his huge load out as his dick continued to dip into her. Only after he went crazy, he fell on the bed and Jacqueline fell forward with her legs shut.

Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Can see how much you came?’
Jason (whispering): ‘It’s overflowing.’
Jacqueline (whispering): ‘Take a picture for me to see eh.’

He snapped a poorly framed image for her and showed it to her after she got off the bed. Tapping on his phone, she sent a copy to her phone and slipped her panties on, before pulling the blanket over his sweat-covered body.

Jacqueline: ‘Let’s go to your place after dinner k? My turn to sleep over at your place.’

A twitch stirred his dick awake upon hearing that and he smiled at her, nodding as he closed his eyes to catch a well-deserved rest. Just right before dinner, Jacqueline went into his room again, stroking his dick under the sheets to wake him up for the meal. Seeing the girl now wearing his S size BMT shirt that was so short, ending right below her hips, he jumped off the bed excitedly for a short make out before heading for dinner.

Under the table, you could guess which two feet were rubbing against each others’ privates while they ate, hidden from his aunt who was asking about his army life.

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