Drugs for a Lusting Love

Not being 18 sucks for Sarah who had been wanting to go to a club for the longest time. Around her were friends who weren’t exactly good, having taken drugs and sneaked into clubs and pubs to get drunk every other day. They had invited her along with her crush to patch them up at a chalet they rented for a night, where barrels of beers were bought to provide a free-flow drunken party.

She arrived in the late afternoon with Ryan, to start off with the barbecue that would supply food for the night. A few other guys and girls were already there, drinking as they played with the food on the grill. The group knew Sarah liked Ryan and left them alone after they took over the cooking, going into the chalet to the loud blasting music.

As night fell, the food and drinks were prepared and the soon-to-be couple were offered hard liquor with mixers in it. Ryan was those guys who preferred to be quiet in his own world but occasionally hung out with those rowdy friends, trying his best to integrate with them without success. He was the type that girls would like as he does not club, smoke but allowed himself to drink on such occasions.

After the clock strike midnight, the party began officially and the bedroom upstairs served as a place for their bags and a changing room for the guys who threw their shirt around to relieve the heat from the alcohol they were taking. The guys then rounded Ryan in a corner and made him took a puff from their drug laden e-cigs, a step in technology that should never have taken off. The girls did the same to Sarah against her wish and then placed them together on the wooden floor, where they danced uninhibited and she was grinding him as the group intentionally squeezed them together.

Suddenly, one of the guys grabbed Ryan’s arms and held him in a cross, and another friend yanked his shorts off. The girls then gave Sarah’s knees a push and she fell on the floor right in front of Ryan’s hard on.

Blowjob blowjob!‘ kept repeating around them and her head was forced closer to his erection, where Ryan was murmuring in a drunken state to stop them. Sarah had wanted to do this for a long time but not with her friends around! It was so awkward to be blowing her crush in ‘public’ but there was no way around it. She opened her mouth and took his dick in, gliding her tongue under his shaft.

The group then dispersed around the room and they got naked as well, not fully naked, but removed just enough clothes to get on with each other. The girls brought their partners to every corners and went on to please them, filling the room with moans and groans and cheers.

As Ryan was being overwhelmed by his admirer sucking him off, he could not keep himself sane anymore and went along with it, holding Sarah’s head still as he thrust at her mouth, forcing her to take him deep throat. Despite the discomfort, she was sucking him willingly and her hand was going to her pussy without any instructions.

The bikini she had changed into had a halter neck design and for her bottom, was micro-skirt alike of course with protection around her privates. As the guys around them started fucking, Sarah wanted more from Ryan and went on her fours, turning herself to let Ryan have a look at her ass. She then lowered the detachable bottom and she felt Ryan running his fingers along her slit, that was getting wetter from his touches.

The next thing she felt was his dick, at her entrance and he made his way in carefully, afraid to hurt her with the lust that was bombarding his mind. In no time, he was going all out at her and joined in the moans that was echoing, and the guys clapped for Sarah who got her wish. She was going crazy from his huge size and the rest of the girls were awed by his speed as well, ramming the poor girl mindless as her body shook violently to the machine-like dick of Ryan, which went non-stop.

Probably due to the drug, he had a killer stamina while inside her and she had already gotten five orgasms without tiring Ryan a bit. After fifteen minutes of fucking, he flipped the exhausted girl over and he was getting sober enough to see how worn out she was to continue. Just as he stood up, another girl went to them and climbed over Sarah, making out with her to keep her awake.

Ryan saw the two girls getting it on and he could not just leave his dick unsatisfied too.

Guy (shouting): ‘Ryan! Go for it!’

He went on his knees and plunged his dick into the new girl, who screamed as his dick ripped her pussy apart. Sarah’s hand went to her friend’s pussy and rubbed on her clit as Ryan’s dick went all out at her, till she crawled away to her partner that was sitting in a corner smoking. Ryan then placed his dick into the rightful hole and Sarah pulled his neck down to kiss him, while his hips rammed into her slurping pussy.

Ryan (whispering): ‘I am about to cum now.’
Sarah (whispering): ‘In my mouth then.’

They separated from the missionary and she went on her hands, getting into doggie style once again to let him fuck her mouth. The guy whose girl was ‘accidentally’ fucked by Ryan, went behind Sarah and shoved his dick in, sending her mouth over Ryan’s dick from the force behind.

Groaning for the guy behind him to stop, Ryan did not let that bother him and held her head at his groin. Thrusting with all his might, Sarah was taken two way and the pleasure in her pussy slightly made the deep throat more bearable. The three of them went on for a full minute before her head froze in Ryan’s hand, and a huge load gushed into her mouth.

The guy behind her pulled out once he saw that they were locked in position and went back to his girl who was rubbing herself in the corner. Sarah swallowed as each waves filled her mouth and let him go after he was done. Falling onto the floor, they joined the few couples who had expended their energy and sperms into each other and panted while still smoking their e-cigs.

Ryan got a few mouths of it as a treat and Sarah was on top of him after she took them, riding him for the next round while the rest of the guys were still recovering. The two of them were the stars of the night as they performed for their friends whom had too much of such sex to continue. Some of the girls were jealous at Ryan’s stamina, and went for a short ‘test drive’ with him when their guys had fallen asleep.

By the next morning, none of them had energy to clean up and they gathered money to extend a few more hours at the chalet for the mess they made. Imagine a group of guys and girls naked, rushing around to clear the rubbish and juices on the floor. After that night, Sarah and Ryan got together, and hung out more with the group for more mindless gangbang while on drugs.

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