Plain Car Sex

Sandy: ‘Can I take it out now?’

Sitting beside her boyfriend, Kim, who was driving, she had a day of shopping with a wireless vibrator buzzing in her panties. It was a surprise for him when she handed him the controller to the wireless toy she bought overseas and he had his fun disturbing her when they were in public, clicking on the toy whenever she least expected it. Now, they were in the privacy of his car and they were on their way to his place, where a night of sex would begin.

Kim: ‘Yupp. You had too much fun for today.’
Sandy: ‘It will be your turn soon k?’

His car slotted into the empty space between two vehicles and she unclipped the seatbelt, leaning towards Kim to unzip his pants. The vibrating bullet was out and kept under the dashboard after a brief wipe. It was finally time for the toy to rest. She took his dick out from the opening in his underwear and fondled it in her hand. Twitching in his seat, she knew how much he liked blowjobs and did not hesitate when his hand went behind her head, lowering her mouth to his dick and dropping some saliva on it before taking it down her throat.

With the lights turned off, they lowered the risk of being discovered and Sandy felt safer this way too. After a few minutes of sucking him off, Kim returned her to the passenger seat and walked over to her door to move to the backseats. Sandy was wearing a bustier tube top and short skirt that night, making it easy for them to do anything they wanted.

Seated at the back, he went straight for her pussy and placed his fingers on her clit, circling it so ever slowly to make her beg for him. With their hands on each other’s privates, the car was steaming up as they entered a little competition to turn each other on to the max. Sandy was wet from the shopping spree earlier with the toy inside her and Kim was about to move to the next phase too.

The little space in the car did not give them much choice when he asked her to bend over. Sandy kneeled on the seat with her butt at him and he was still thinking how could he enter her comfortably.

Kim: ‘Dear, I go outside and do k?’
Sandy: ‘Do I have to go outside too?’
Kim: ‘No no. Just move yourself to the door can le.’

He opened the door and stepped out, bringing her body back till she was just at the edge of the seat. Giving his dick a pre-rub, he teased her by flicking his dick up and down her slit, till she shifted her butt in response to his torture.

Watching his girl plead with her body was so arousing he couldn’t wait anymore. Standing right behind her, he pierced into her with one swift move and made her groan into the car, while he immediately went all out at her juicy, wet cunt. Their bodies slammed against each other hard but her soft ass cushioned most of the noise, successfully hiding themselves among the cars.

It was one of those plain normal sex just to relieve their urges. It had been this way since they were together and he was a happy man to have found such a girl. After ten minutes of the robotic sex, Sandy grew tired from the orgasms that came easily from that position, and Kim was tired from the tightness of her pussy that was having no effect on his stiff rod.

Kim: ‘I cannot move le. My legs are tired.’
Sandy: ‘Why can you last so long today?’
Kim: ‘I don’t know too. Tired maybe?’
Sandy: ‘Come inside. Don’t let others see us.’

He went into the other door with his dick dangling and sat before Sandy, who laid on his lap and continued sucking his juice-covered dick. Going into a semi-asleep state, her mouth was milking it like a baby sucking on a pacifier and he was zoning out in his own world as well. The build up of his climax kept him aware of his surrounding but his muscles were sleeping soundly.

The two of them remained in that position with her mouth on his dick and he awakened to the timer counting down to his ejaculation. Seeing how well his girl was sleeping, he did not wake her up and just squirted into her mouth, stirring her sober just to swallow his load.

Sandy: ‘Done already?’
Kim: ‘Yeah. Go to sleep baby.’

They slept in the car for a few hours after he opened the windows a little, and woke up to the noises of car driving off. Upon clearing his vision, he saw his dick still in her mouth and she was lying with her legs opened, showing her pussy under the skirt at the window.

He carefully placed her head on the seat and sat below her groin, sticking his dick in slowly as she awakened.

Kim: ‘You can continue sleeping.’
Sandy: ‘Sure?’
Kim: ‘Yes.’

With that, he pounded at her pussy in the wee hours and came inside her, like a breakfast but served into a different hole. It wasn’t much excitement for them, but they got their share of pleasure in the tiny space of his car. Do you guys have similar experiences too?

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