The Other Happy Ending

Walking pass the quiet shops under the block, only one remained open and it was those new ‘tui na’ parlour that was quite discreet. Stopping to throw some rubbish into the green bin outside, a young girl walked out in a translucent pink dress and put her empty beer can into the bin which I held opened for her.

Girl: ‘Sir, want massage?’
Me: ‘No thanks. No money.’
Girl: ‘Haha. I asking if you want to massage me. Boss went home already. Cannot pay too.’

Her strong Thai accent had perfectly created the ideal tone of seduction and she disappeared into the shop covered with curtains, leaving the door for me to close. Since I was having my off day tomorrow, there was no harm in finding out more about such places and I entered and shut the sliding door behind me.

Dumping my bag on the couch in the waiting area, I went to where the moving shadows casted from and saw her tying a black trash bag in the corner of the cubicle.

Girl: ‘Wah sir, you really want to give me a massage ah? I left the door open cause I need to throw this away.’

Smiling at her embarrassed, I grabbed the bag from her hand and took out the trash before returning to the room. She was sitting on the bed and patted on the empty space next to her, inviting me to join.

Girl: ‘You know, work is so tiring. People ask so much but pay so little.. ‘

She went on for another minute about her work before I hopped off the bed, lit the candle on the tiny desk in the corner and stood in front of her. At the short distance, she still smelled fresh and the strawberry aroma was filling the room up slowly.

Me: ‘Come, lie down.’

I told her that as I took the candle in a porcelain cup, ready to pour the liquid into my palm.

Girl: ‘You know what it is?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Massage candle.’
Girl: ‘Wow. Many customers were shocked when I put it in my hand. They don’t know.’
Me: ‘Haha. But I know. Come, lie down.’

She placed her face into the toilet seat-like hole and I lowered her shoulder straps, where she adjusted her body till it was off. All that was left was her panties, pale yellow in colour. I went on with the oil on my hands and pressed hard on her stiff muscles, moving slowly from her shoulders, neck, and hovered around her lower back.

Me: ‘Turn over.’
Girl: ‘You know how to massage the front too?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. Haha. Can I find out myself?’

She covered her nipples as she laid on her back and I moved my hands upwards from her belly, hitting against her hands as I hinted at her to remove them. Soon, the oil was over her fingers and she did not like it, so, her hands went to the sides of her hip and her boobs fell sideways.

I cupped them with both my hands and brought them to her chest, kneading them as my nails scratched painlessly around her nipples. In no time, I could tell she was getting hornier when she crossed her feet, nipples getting harder with my constant teasing. After her boobs, I glide my slippery palms down to her hips and pulled her panties off her feet, causing her to close her legs tightly together.

Me: ‘Don’t hide it. Here is the best part right?’

Instead of trying to spread her knees, I went below her legs and aimed straight for her pussy, squashed by her legs into a pie. She immediately opened her legs and I used my elbow to keep them open, while my fingertips ran along her slit. The resistance died off and I was rubbing her clit, sticking a bit of my finger into her pussy to turn her on even more.

Girl: ‘You do massage for ladies at work is it? Why are you so good?’

A pinch to her clit sent her moaning and she tapped on my thigh hurriedly.

Girl: ‘The door! Lock lock.’

As all sliding doors were designed, there was a push-pull tab at the handle and I locked it in place, before dashing back to see her standing, with a towel around her chest.

Me: ‘I’m not done with you yet you know?’
Girl: ‘I don’t care. Your turn now. Take it off first.’

It was more of a mutual massage in a fun mood now when she said that she didn’t care. If she was into my money, there was no way she would be so lively about it. I laid on the bed bottomless and she scooped some oil from the cup, before covering my dick with it. In the narrow space, she was about to climb on top of me before I stopped her. There was no way I was going to make her feel like she was working.

Me: ‘Don’t get up. Let me do the work this time.’

She resumed her standing position until I got off the bed, and leaned on the edge of the bed, pointing to the small rolling drawers. I opened each one of the three till I saw a box of 3-condoms in the last one, knowing that she placed ‘safety’ before pleasure. Did she only require so little at work? Or did she finished most of it?

In less than a minute, the condom was on and she was bent over the bed. I stood behind her to put my dick in and she proceed to place one knee to spread herself wider. Slipping the rest of my dick in, she held on to the bed frame on the other side and moaned. With little patience left, I rammed into her mercilessly and she was jerking her body backwards for me to go deeper.

One hand pinning her body down, I was fucking her at full speed and her contracting vagina wasn’t helping at all. Both her knees were on the bed after a few minutes and she looked like a frog from my angle, but it didn’t mattered as long as she kept moaning in pleasure right?

After some time, she stopped me by stretching her arm at me from the back and I slowed down for her.

Me: ‘Is something wrong?’
Girl: ‘I want to sit on the bed. And you in front of me.’

I let her got into whatever position she wanted and her arms around my neck brought me closer, till I was back inside. Thrusting lovingly, her eyes locked with mine and we stared as each other as her mouth moved with her fast breathing. As she squinted her eyes to give me a little squeeze, the final moment was approaching fast and I was gradually slowing down too.

Girl: ‘Shooting soon?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

She made me pull out of her and unrolled the condom off, before making a three-point shoot into the new trash bag behind the door. Wiping whatever oil she could get off her body, she jerked me with her hand while remained seated, and I had both hands caressing her breasts as she finished me off.

Right then, as gracefully as it could get, my cum shot out of my tip into her palm and she kept stroking to get every bit out. Of course, I lost my cool when my dick was overwhelmed with sensitiveness and had to hold her hand still.

Girl: ‘Nice?’
Me: ‘Super.’

Girl: ‘I never let anyone shoot on me before. Safer. But today, just for you.’

She went to the basin in the same cubicle and washed the sticky load off, before coming over to clean me up. The way she ruffled the towel over my dick was so comfortable that I wished she could do that for me after every shower. Spending the next fifteen minutes with her, we folded the towels into a neat pile with her disturbing my dick and left in the silence of the night.

Girl: ‘Oh ya. My name is Joey. Boss say it’s easier for customers to find me.’
Me: ‘And I am J. I think it is easier to pronounce than my Chinese name.’
Joey: ‘Haha. You want to give me your number? Then you can massage me after work. You got strong fingers.’

We exchanged numbers and she headed up the block while I crossed the road to where I lived. I still occasionally bump into her, and she would wink whenever we saw each other. It did not take long before her boss recognised me and learnt about what we did after she left the shop.

Boss: ‘You know, she only does clean massage? No hanky panky here.’

Oh my, that was surely shocking to me who thought it was those sleazy ones from the start. The way Joey reacted seemed like she had been doing it for a long time. But nonetheless, the lady boss allowed me to enter after closing to keep her girl happy at work. In the end, I was the one making the shop into a kinky massage parlour.

Free service? Or should I start charging Joey for the massage? ;)

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