Payback Time

Julian: ‘Wah. He bought this skirt for you?’
Layla: ‘No lah. Someone just left this on my doorknob and Jay saw it. Then he wants me to wear this today. So I just wear lo.’

She was chatting with their good friend when her boyfriend had fallen asleep next to her. The three of them had gathered at Julian’s place to drink and play cards, with the loser having to drink till he dropped. Julian had offered them his bed while he sat on the pull-out mattress, right beside the thin girl who was wearing the white skirt that was so short she had flashed herself countless times. The sight of her smoothly waxed pussy had kept him hard throughout the games and his friend did not bother to protect her either.

Layla: ‘I am feeling drunk too. I go sleep first.’

Julian turned off the bedside lamp and waited for her to close her eyes before kneeling next to her body. Placing his hands on her boobs, she was still awake and held him down, before warning him that he should not be doing such things. Seeing his good buddy was stirring in his sleep, he pulled his hand away and Layla knew he stopped.

Suddenly, Jay turned to his Layla and hugged her arm and thigh, spreading and holding her down.

Jay: ‘Let Julian have his fun with you tonight can? He has been taking care of you when I was in lockup.’
Layla (shouting): ‘Huh! I can’t!’

In an instant, Julian reached under her skirt to feel her bare pussy and massaged them while he held her hand down, feeling the struggle slowly disappear as she got turned on. Jay’s unspoken permission drove him wild and Layla knew she had to listen to him too. True enough, Julian had been the one giving money to her while Jay was in jail, and it was time to return some of that favour.

Julian rolled Layla over the edge of the bed and on top of him, before flipping her skirt up to her back.

Julian: ‘Sit over it.’

Seeing that she had only one way out, she sat herself upright and pointed his dick at her pussy, before sitting over his throbbing cock. Slowly, she lowered herself and it pierced into her, filling her pussy with the thick piece of warm meat.

Jay: ‘Be gentle with her ah. I go sleep first.’

With that, he turned himself away from the both of them and let the juicy slurping sounds of her wet pussy milk his friend. Riding Julian mechanically, she was moaning as he toyed with her boobs, bouncing in his palms as her body slammed downwards.

Julian enjoyed seeing how the small girl came whenever he rammed his hips at her and it was a dream come true for him. From the numerous times she had came to him for financial help, she was always wearing those skimpy short skirts or translucent dresses, tempting him to cross the line of betrayal. Tonight, he was allowed to fuck the girl he had showered with care for the longest time and he wasn’t going to waste the chance.

As she slowed down from the tiredness, it was time to switch to a position where his friend could have some fun as well. Bending her over the bed, she was placed facing her boyfriend’s groin, while Julian struggled to insert his dick in the darkness.

Layla lowered her boyfriend’s shorts just enough to let his dick free and took it straight into her mouth when Julian finally found the sweet spot. Jay’s dick entered her mouth at the same time Julian shoved his dick into her. Starting to feel her pussy being mercilessly overwhelmed with pleasure, she sucked Jay excitedly knowing he had fantasised about a threesome for a long time. Soon, Jay was kneeling on the bed with her head thrusting at his balls while his friend pounded her from the rear. Like a symphony in perfect harmony.

The two guys knew the perfect method to switch places and rotated her around, making her lie on the bed while her head protruded out of the bed frame. This time, Jay was slapping his hips on her butt, sinking his dick real deep while she was lying chest down and her mouth was Julian’s, who was groaning as she tried her best to use her tongue to push him to the limit.

The three of them spent a good twenty minutes turning her around a few times, finally getting back to the initial position. Jay had found a nice spot to sit with his girl’s head bobbing over his cock while another dick was thrusting behind her.

Julian: ‘I am cumming!’
Jay (shouting): ‘Eh! Don’t shoot inside her! Pull out pull out.’

Julian was aware of how ‘accidents’ might happen and extracted his dick immediately. He had no plans to impregnate his buddy’s girl anyway. He joined Jay to sit on the bed and let Layla sucked him off, shooting all of his load into her mouth while her hands continued jerking Jay. Next up was Jay, who held her head before his groin and rammed into her mouth for the last lap till every bit was emptied.

With the double load splashed in her mouth and some on her lips, Jay closed her lower jaw and let her swallow all of it. Giving a bro-fist to Julian, he went back to the bed where Layla joined him, letting Julian sleep next to her.

Through the night, Layla was kept awake by the two of them who took turns to finger her till she was so horny that she went on to fuck each of them, alternating between the two guys till they were too tired to continue. The next day, the couple left his place after a round of morning orgy and Julian was allowed to find her if he ever needed ‘help’ to release.

As for Layla and Jay, they went back home for more sex. Turning her into a sex-addict with the toys and bondage equipments he had surprised her with.

Buddies triumph love, or the other way around? That’s for you to decide if you were ever in Jay’s situation.

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